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How to find a job in this bad economy

Guys, just want to give anybody out there some hope and advice. I worked and studied part time after NS. After graduation I’ve worked for a few years already. Don’t be so hard up about the starting pay. The few hundred dollars difference doesn’t make a fucking difference. Just go for it if you like the job / opportunities.

1) If you are concerned about pay, just make an effort to jump often. i.e as soon as you get hired, make an exit plan/goal and think about jumping by the next year. Make sure you know your shit in and out. It’s totally cool to make a jump “for the money”. Friend worked as a financial analyst (prolly accounting related) jumped from 3k to 4K+ within 2 years. So if you are concerned about money, the strat is to get in for new experience – get out for the pay. then rinse and repeat. No secret sauce in that.

2) Interesting jobs doesn’t mean good pay. Fucking boring jobs can get far better pay down the road simply because not many people do it/it’s a growing problem. Case in point – compliance in financial institutions is damn routine and I could feel my mind draining away. quit after a couple months during my student days. I seen job postings requesting people with a few years of experience offering 5k+. The work’s complexity doesn’t require a degree but it does pay.

3) HR is not your friend, cos it’s in their kpi to keep labour costs low. Hence point 2.

4) In a lot of industries, the guys who drives sales are more important than those on the computer. Sales jobs in banking can pay quite well. Starting pay for graduates about 3k excl commissions. tough though. Sales jobs in other industries can be rewarding down the road too. Most directors I knew in a conglomerate had sales/marketing/business dev function.

5) Job pool in banking is shrinking cos deal pipeline has been quite dry and the stock market is horrible. I would advise you not to waste time applying to IB/corporate finance/equity research unless you have a solid overseas degree or connections to get in.

6) Engineers are not properly valued in Singapore. Most jobs are in property, airplanes, oil rigs or computers. Real estate, oil and gas not doing well and likely to stagnate for the next 5 years. I would try to get into civil service for the pay if I’m an engineer.




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19 Responses to “How to find a job in this bad economy”

  • hhh:

    You are saying something so general that most people know… Thought you have some secrets to share.

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  • N.Jungne:

    This GoVermin employs only VOLUNTEERS, they may even called you FRIENDS of Singapore. Be a VOLUNTEER, to gain employment.

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  • Brutal_Truths:

    @ CMonger
    Your advice is only good for the short-term & on a strict condition that the Global Economy doesn’t tank soon. I won’t bet on that. Frankly, any job-centric view of the world is likely to end in tears. And a lot of what you said is already being disrupted by Technology. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE!
    Banks will be the next candidates for brutal disruption. Developments (in Fintech) in accelerated economies (the US, duh!) are rapid – Peer-to-peer lending; smart transaction payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Ali-Pay, Samsung Pay; non-bank (shadow) banking services, etc.
    Mainstreet Banks are likely to suffer from sudden death when technology bites. Also many Western banks are either highly indebted (high NPLs) or trading their equity in speculative ventures. They are destined to fall.
    Reboot that old fairy tales of sales, marketing & Business Dev experience as being relevant to the New Economy. Truth is with online retail & wholesaling, you don’t need neither salesperson nor marketing people. In the new economy, even cars can be sold online without using a dealer nor a salesperson. An online economy can provide necessary details about car’s specification, buyer’s ratings & so on – so why do I need a salesperson?
    Google, Apple & social media are capturing data at real-time & are using algorithms to predict consumer behaviour & habits – so why do I need a marketing person? The transparency of online info makes business development people redundant. The walls of the Old economy are crumbling – so why are you still stuck admiring sales/marketing/business dev people – their days are numbered & coming to an end.
    “For example I knew one senior sale director in a tier one consumer product firm who is in his 50s and does not believe in social/digital marketing (relying on the old ways of driving channel sales purely through incentives). Well he will be singled out to be replaced soon by the foreign management.”
    This was narrated by SinkiesAreBrainless in:
    Truth is S’pore is for FOOLS! You’ll be soon replaced by 3rd world ‘talents’ with fake, forged or bought qualifications no matter what comes up! Civil service is only for Meritocratic scholars groomed by the system. If you can’t accept my advice – soon you’ll realized!

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  • Job hop often:

    Starting pay for grads 3k? Really? Yes you should job hop. Becos if you don’t, the employer will find cheaper people to replace you.

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  • William C:

    The cut and paste article from textbook,or echoing what the MIW are saying. Sigh!

    Anyway, good try.

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  • Good advice but dated:

    Some of your advices are good still for now but unfortunately the rest are pretty dated – really nothing new under our S’pore sun.

    Still thinking of hopping around like grasshoppers? Come the next few months, going by the way things are going economically, politically around the world, young punks like you would be lucky to keep your jobs. Better treasure it while you can – like learn your trade really well and really contribute to your firm and pray that they keep you around when the things take further while interest rate goes up. Deep recession expect to strike globally like you never see before. Ensure you save enough, no big ticket items that you can’t service in the next 5 years. Something big is coming. Seat belts on pls.

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  • KNN:

    1) If you got at least a 2nd Uppers from NUS/NTU/SMU, Ivy League, or Oxbridge — apply posthaste to civil service. You’ll get starting pay of at least $3,600/mth. Plus annual bonus and performance bonus of around 3+ months if you’re good at corporate and PAP-style working.

    2) If you don’t have the above, you’re pretty much FUCKED. You’ll be competing with Poly diploma grads, ahneh, cheena, peenoy, Burmese degree holders for $2+K jobs. Many employers will prefer to hire foreigner degree holders especially if they got 3-4 yrs experience since they are easier to control and are cheap. Local grads with average grades lose out coz (1) no experience and (2) need to pay employer CPF and (3) employers know you’ll fiack care about the sucky job and will leave 1st chance you get.

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  • Neo:

    The trick to finding a lucrative job used to be:

    Not what you know but who you know.

    Now the trick is no longer effective.


    Master this and it will guarantee you million dollars job.

    Suck it well and correctly you raise like a rocket.

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  • more FTs mean more jobs:

    //How to find a job in this bad economy//

    aiyoh. import 10m FTs lar. did not one white idiot say. FTs are here to create jobs for sinkies. going by the white idiotic rationale, more FTs mean more jobs created for sinkies lar.

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  • Sceptic:

    Bad advice to job hop. Job hoppers are the ones bearing the brunt of a poor job market.

    Best to identify a niche you want, an employer who is willing to teach some skills, and stick at it. It is important to have skills to show for your time in the job market, and this is something many job hoppers lack.

    Job hoppers have it good when the economy is booming. But during times like these, these job hoppers are paying the price. It is a deferred payment scheme. Enjoy now, pay a high price later.

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  • Now it is "life of careers":

    “Career for life” is for the “old economy”. In the “new economy” it is “life of careers”. Change jobs every 3 years for at least a 20% increase in basic pay. Due to the impact of compounding, everything else equal, your TOTAL income over your 30-year working life would be DOUBLE. Do not believe? Work it out on a spreadsheet to convince yourself. Do not believe the BS from HR dept.

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  • LIONS:

    Well,how to get a decent paying job in FT-filled Tiny Sg?

    There are 80 VACANCIES that pay $16 K per month if sone of the
    more capable young jobless are interested to take up.

    Join a good OPPO PARTY n BASH the LAZY WHITE PIG$
    out of their cu$hy jobs!
    That way,you can earn a decent income in arespectable job.
    Meanwhile,you can help to MAKE LIVES BETTERER for yoyr frlliw shs by CREATING MORE JOBS for them.
    This you can do by REVERSING WHAT THE WHITE PIG$ have done to you by taking your jobs n dishing them out to FTs.

    Well,are there any takers?

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  • Neo:

    Well,how to get a decent paying job in FT-filled Tiny Sg?

    There are 80 VACANCIES that pay $16 K per month if sone of the
    more capable young jobless are interested to take up.

    Join a good OPPO PARTY n BASH the LAZY WHITE PIG$
    out of their cu$hy jobs!
    That way,you can earn a decent income in arespectable job.
    Meanwhile,you can help to MAKE LIVES BETTERER for yoyr frlliw shs by CREATING MORE JOBS for them.
    This you can do by REVERSING WHAT THE WHITE PIG$ have done to you by taking your jobs n dishing them out to FTs.

    Well,are there any takers?

    Wrong. To get sure win is to join the whites. Not Oppo. Join the whites and suck your way up. Millions waiting for the one who know WHO to SUCK and HOW TO SUCK it BEST. Nobody will support OPPO candidates. So don’t waste time.

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  • Trump Bill Clinton womanizer:

    Being laid off, retrenched, reengineer,

    Taxi Driver… had 5 years before Driverless Taxi comes
    Bus Driver… had 5 years before Driveless Bus come
    Insurance Seller…..consumers now buy online standard package
    Property agent……..tenant now go online to search for rentals
    Property agent……..landlord post their picture online
    Property agent……..closing a transaction will be able to be done by HDB online? HBD Mobile Apps?

    You option
    Hotel……..but Govt want to Automate this industry
    Food Seller……this Wet Marker Hawker is your Towkay best option

    Welcome to the real world
    Welcome to the virtual world

    Do your shopping online
    Waston? Why don’t you come to my Korean online market
    We are friends, come support us, I buy you coffee

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  • Kan The Poly:

    Lots of Lecturers I know basically know old technology. Not even up to industrial standard.
    Now they are still teaching or should I say keep on taking selfie and having kopi during office hour.
    No wonder so many of us are jobless after graduation while The Indian and Pino r despising us. Kan d Gahman

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  • Trump destroy five enemies:


    Sell food. Be hawker

    Upgrading WDA Course
    There was once they offer WDA courses for Taxi Drivers
    Learn English is a must, your salary will go up
    Learn how to load luggage bags, your salary will go up
    People really go for such courses

    Today, it is Driverless Tax

    Again, learning Wine? Learning to cook? Learning to Summon ticket?
    All these will be replaced by machines.

    PM Najib said:”Poor people go driver Uber Taxi
    What’s next, 5 years down the road, you will be unemployed

    Sell Food is the safest
    Everyone need to eat

    All others industry will be DEAD
    If you are an Engineer? sorry lah, Singapore is no longer a Manufacturing Base
    From infant, to child, to primary, to secondary big money
    From music class, art class, dancing class, language class, math class, science class, mandarin class, make big money

    1) Neighbourhood Dentist
    2) Neighbourhood GP Doctor
    3) Teacher, soft & hard topics
    4) Food seller, this is sure make money
    5) MP, PM, this one make plenty of money
    6) Malware Security For Computers, so many online transactions
    7) Computers Data Entry

    Dying Soon, you will be out of job, the ROI is peanuts cannot surive
    1) Insurance Agent can be done online
    2) Property Agent can be done online
    3) Bankers outdoors sales, indoor admin
    4) Lawyers can be outsource
    5) Accountant can be outsource
    6) Baby Products can be order online Taobao
    7) Garment & Textiles can be order online Taobao
    8) Bus Driver can be driverless
    9) Taxi Driver can be driverless
    10) School Bus Driver, Uber is making a kill
    11) Factory Bus Driver, factories relocated, MRT will be island wide
    12) Fighter Pilot, overpaid too much training cost, can be Drone
    13) Tank Pilot, waste time, can be 100% accurate, can be Land Drone
    14) Property Agent for Industrial Park, factories are relocating, shrinking demand, the old structure for middle is dead. All the hardware shops import their own sell MADE IN CHINA from Ali BaBa. Hardware Shops are promoting “COMMODITIES PRODUCTS” pretty soon CONSUMERS END USERS will buy DIRECT FROM Ali BaBa those “WHITE BOX PRODUCTS” with “NO BRAND NAMES”
    This is exactly what MRT is buying “BOLTS & NUTS” from Ali Baba

    Who to blame? All the Hardware Shops started to sell White Box with NO BRAND NAMES, you think END USERS is stupid, neh?

    Singapore had entry the “SERVICE HUB” this is the NEW MODEL
    The old structure is dead
    Ask Retail Shops, they are dying

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  • Trump destroy five enemies:

    Learn from Donald Trump, if you want to find a job in the NEW ECONOMY
    This guy is super streetwise
    Donald Trump is very ASIAN,
    Infact I think he is BORN ASIAN

    Mainland China characteristic
    1) Drinker
    2) Womanizer, KTV lounge groping like octopus Big Hands all over you, great muah, where the tic tacs.
    3) Wives Beater
    4) Give gifts, offer free golf course to his friends
    5) Highly jealous, envy, very vengeful person, don’t help me, your watch out, I will spend the rest of my entire life, hunting you down, my personal goal.
    6) Big Bully. I read this book, not the “Black Heart, Thick Skin” when you want to “Take Advantage of someone, check his personality trait.
    “Venom Snake with Long Memory Traits” you bite him, he will wait patiently for years to destroy you back, even it become his personal mission to give a payback. Very Asian Style.
    7) Cigarettes, chain smokers
    8) Talk bad about people more than forming business ideas
    9) Calculate, who is my friends, who had offended me, watch out. Are you part of my inner circle friends, or are you out. I am the Commander

    NOW learn about the NEW ECONOMY
    Is Singapore in Recession?
    Yes or No? Depend on the “VERY DISHONEST MEDIA”

    EURO SYSTEM = 6 months is consider Recession
    But we will Cherry pick another system
    USA SYSTEM = 4 months is not Recession
    Consecutive 8 months is a Technical Recession
    SG SYSTEM = 8 months is nothing, when you don’t report it?

    Lowering Currency to boost GDP?
    In the past, we used Real Estate, Cheap Labor from 3rd World Country & Immigration is boost GDP. Nowadays cannot lah.

    Can lowering currency boost GPD?
    Yes or No. Depend on your situation room
    3rd World Country, with Low Cost of operating business can work
    This is why USA, EURO, JAPAN all had become Currency Manipulator

    Shh…we did not CHEAPEN THE CURRENCY, we used QE Stimulus Package
    Did you know BBC is the most DISHINEST MEDIA, they complain Japan & USA will not work. But when it comes to their Brussel Bankers QE, they are very quiet.

    Singapore CHEAPEN the dollars, the PROFITS made, the EXCHANGE RATE, will OFFSET BY Singapore HIGH OPERATING COST of doing business
    There is a good chance Corporation is bleeding by doing Negative Business, when your Currency is cheapen.
    Unlike USA, Vietnam, the Profits “MATCH UP” with the local expenses, LOW COST DOING OF BUSINESS

    This is why it makes no sense to Cheapen Your Currency
    Besides, Japan, USA, China, EURO they produce their own food
    Singapore need a strong dollars to buy imported food

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  • Trump destroy five enemies:


    Learn from the very best job seeker guru
    Donald Trump himself, best job advice

    Why so successful emulate Mr Trump
    1) Don’t blink, we are anti-China, we built this mega hotel with Chinese steel, make more money this way
    2) Exploits Alien Workers, the last day of construction, THREATEN TO CALL THE POLICE, we are not going to pay your salary
    Good money, free of charge workers
    3)Country Of Origin Certificate, make in Trump La La Land.
    4) ABUSE THE LAW, he would sue any women that accuse him, you better shut up, or you receive my LAWYER LETTERS, we had a TEAM OF LAWYERS, believe me, when I said it, do you had deep pockets.
    5) ANY CHALLENGER, I will criminalize you, make sure you are going to jailed, I will put you in jailed. I had bad temper, very envious, very vengeful person, don’t make me YELL at you.
    6) We create a Nickname, it will STICK on the wall. DEMAN WORDS, VERY ABUSIVE, HURLS INSULTS, specialize in bad mouthing.
    7) Bully Tactics, I will call the police, throw you in jailed

    You will survive in your corporation, all your colleagues will be sacked. The fittest survive, the Darwin Theory
    This is self preservation, Attack is the best form of defense

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  • Trump dishonest media:

    Want a Dream Job in the New Economy

    Driverless Boat, it enhance Maritime Safety

    Technological Changes being in better paid salary
    Make the rich even richer, we own the Technology
    You work for us, Driverless Technologly

    Don’t make me YELL at you
    I am the Commander here, silly man
    I don’t like your work, you don’t get your salary
    You complain I going to send you to jailed
    I had more Lawyers around the table, you are out numbers 10 Top Lawyers is to one
    You don’t had deep pockets, only I played the Big Bully Role

    This is the transition from “Old Industrial Hub” into the “New Service Hub”
    Singapore had enter into the new phase

    GD Star Rating

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