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IMD report: Singapore high in attracting talent but poor in developing home-grown talent

In the latest ranking released by Swiss business school IMD, Singapore has slipped 5 places to 15th in its ability to attract talent.

Using 3 key factors – investment and development, appeal, and readiness, the report ranks economies in terms of how well they develop, attract and retain talent.

While Singapore has ranked highly in terms of its ability to attract foreign talent, it ranked poorly in the investment and development of home-grown talent at 38thplace.

Director of the IMD World Competitiveness Centre Arturo Bris said that while Singapore manages to attract the “very best talent from abroad, this isn’t enough to compensate for the lack of development of local talent”.

In response to media queries from the Business Times, he also noted the “paucity of public-sector investment in education” where Singapore spends 2.99% of its GDP on education, which ranks 56th in the world.

Additionally, Singapore came in 41st place for the ratio of teachers to students at the primary level and 35th place at the secondary level.

In addition, the costs of living – which the Professor described as “incredibly expensive” – was also cited as “a major concern for those working here or thinking of doing so.”

Hong Kong remains the only Asian economy to be ranked in the top 10 spots.


* Editorial by The Singapore Daily

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16 Responses to “IMD report: Singapore high in attracting talent but poor in developing home-grown talent”

  • Absolutely Useless Dickheads:

    High in attracting talents means any Tom Dick Henry cheap workers can come and go. Failed to develop own talents means many able and willing citizens are emigrating while those who can’t are left without decent jobs and left fend for themselves.

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  • White Idiots:

    We have a FAILED garment. Only the 70% still in the dark not knowing what damages they have done to this small dot. We are sinking.

    These idiots just don’t know how to improve the economy from external. (We are in trouble with CHINA and US) They only care is the GDP so they develop internally by building more apartments and one fine day these apartments will be valueless because of over supply.

    They are absolutely blind not knowing that the railways that China is building to connect to the West, the Kra Canal and the Ports in Malaysia.

    Believe me that many of the new citizens have migrated with our PINK IC. They know that this PINK IC given by PINKY is of great value that enable them to migrate to USA, Canada, New Zealand etc…

    So these new citizens when move to other countries gave us a bad image because of their brought up and culture.

    WAKE UP we need more oppositions to debate and improve the economy. We don’t need them to tell us what to do. We have to tell them what we want. We want a good President disregard of their race. We don’t care if he/she can be Malay, Chinese, Indian or others.

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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    Not surprised with these rankings. SG always put foreigners first while local native Singaporeans (Male) have to serve NS and another 10 odd years in reservist training and by then, in our 40s, already too old to catch up with these foreigners, on scholarship and fully paid for everything and a job in waiting.

    Singaporeans ended up with lower paying jobs with ever escalating costs of living due to the massive importations of foreigners to become citizens, PRs or on work pass here.

    No other countries in the world take care of foreigners better than its own born and bred locals

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  • Middle Finger:

    We can justifiably point our fingers at our bunch of incompetent but self-serving and self-enriching millionaire leaders and ministers for our sorry state of affairs.

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  • Express Train to KL:

    The express train to KL. You all know that this rail will be connected to Thailand and most don’t know that China Railway is in discussion with the Thai government to connect this from Bangkok to Laos and Kunming in CHINA.

    Our garment just so blur and stupid of not knowing th the Kra Canal is a real threat to us and this Canal is financed by CHINA.

    We are in real trouble as the GREAT GIANT is killing us after LKY is gone and the new Paper Generals are really good for nothing.


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  • hhh:

    You mean those from Malaysia, India and China are talents and not cheap labour? And very best? Are you sure? Would silicon valley want them at all?

    Next if the best are here, why our economy is deteriorating?

    Why productivity is negative?

    Did Pappy sponsor the survey?

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  • Jman:

    While all the above may be true, talent development requires sustained time and effort in any given endeavour. And this is at odds with the armies of serial job hoppers in Singapore, the butterflies who flit from one place to another and who are fond of scratching the surface just a little everywhere they go.

    What kind of talent do we expect to become if we have this mentality?

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  • Express Train to KL:

    The express train to KL. You all know that this rail will be connected to Thailand but most don’t know that CHINA Railway is in discussion with the Thai government to connect this from Bangkok to Laos and Kunming in CHINA.

    Our garment just so blur and incompetent of not knowing this. They are only interested in receiving their million of dollars and maybe they will migrate soon. Countries around us will be doing much more better than this tiny red-dot.

    What about the KRA CANAL? Most of us does not know that the GREAT GIANT is killing us. After LKY is gone, our Paper Generals does not know how to govern this red dot. They did nothing to improve our economy as most know that we are falling apart. This Kra Canal is is a REAL THREAT and it is financed by CHINA.


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  • PAP has the mandate:

    PAP and their daft stinkies think that Cheap, betterer and betterest exist in this world…hahhahahahahah

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  • Never a PAP voter:

    MNC companies wont train local talents of 70% because they see them so stupid for still keep voting PAP. They prefer to train foreign talent, who will freely abandon this island when time to move out.

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  • Anti PAP pro Nationalist SG.:

    Oh my oh my fiaking goodness.

    Where are the 100s and 100s of $$$$$$$$$$$$ of scholarships awared free to so many foreigners plus free employment (COMPULSORY JOBS BOND) went to, and ended up where?


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  • The 70:

    We must never criticise or paint sg in bad light.
    We must support authoritarianism.
    Got Food to Eat, Job to do, can alreadys!
    We Voters of democracy should abstain from politics.
    Voter and politics is mutually incompatible.

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  • LIONS:

    Frankly,mostly FAKE FTs choose to come here as the govt closes both eyes to fake degrees n credentials or offer kickbacks.

    The givt thinks they are the only LOCALTalents Sg has,the rest are merrly lazy DAFTS ?

    They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating n so it is.
    With more FAke Talents dumped here since 15 years or more ago,the NATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY has gone down in the sane period. WHAT IS THERE LEFT TO DEBATE?

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  • William C:

    Employera are smart too. Who wants to hire a local who cannot think for the future and voted for a dead man.

    I will hire a foreigner. No reservist to disrupt work schedule. Foreigners also know how to think for survival. They are here is showing they can think.

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  • Korra:

    Korea dont sign TPP. Yet their products are selling world wide.
    In SG, PAP keep bragging TPP. Yet no product selling worldwide.
    Got pride?
    We spent 10 billions each year on education, yet our graduate are losing jobs faster than ever.
    You believe keep on pumping in money to IHLs to allow them to keep on spending
    on latest equipments are the way to go.
    Till now there still no results from IHLs
    No break through.No Nobel prizes.
    Stop the BS

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  • Ah Peng Kia:

    MSM would never pick up this piece of news. They only pick up news that report Singapore is tops, or mostly, they manipulate news so that Singapore looks like top (e.g. limiting comparisons to 3rd world Asian countries). We grew up being fed news that Singapore always number one. Now with internet providing free flow of information, we realize that those news are always manipulated to make Singapore look like number 1.

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