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SPH fights property fat cats

But first,like this description of ST’s owner

The company enjoys a relatively favourable position as the sole newspaper publisher in the city-state, and while it is not government-owned, the content of its publications is heavily influenced by the authorities, effectively making them a semi mandatory read for civil servants and businesses seeking insight into policymaking.

A running dog of the PAP.

Valuers make a good living by doing almost bugger all, so it’s good that SPN is suing their trade union.

SPH-linked Streetsine Singapore* is taking the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) to court for not recognising its technology-based automated valuations as valid, and claims the lack of recognition led to business opportunities being lost.

Streetsine alleged that SISV failed to fully assess the programme’s capability – which offers property valuations at a fraction of the cost and time incurred by manual valuations – before issuing a press release in April saying it did not recognise computer-generated valuations.

It claimed SISV neither conducted nor commissioned any expert evaluation, investigation or audit of the two services at issue or any automated models in general.

*60% owned by SPH


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5 Responses to “SPH fights property fat cats”

  • DOOM:



    WHY ???




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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    Why newspapers publisher, especially a monopolistic one, should not own other businesses other than just newsprint as they will end up with direct conflict or news reporting that will hurt its other businesses.

    Just right here in Singapore, our monopolistic newsprint own a mirage of businesses from property developing, shopping mall owner, near-monopolistic in owning major magazines, exhibition organiser, e-commerce, etc

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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    SISV is not really a fat cat, but Redas is. The former is representing valuers but the latter is representing developers.

    In my earlier post, as mentioned, will newsprint report news ethically that is detrimental to their subsidiaries?

    And with its heavily cross-subsidised and unlimited newspapers advertising, it can cause unfair competition

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  • Traditional Media No Business:

    Print media like magazines and newspapers are seeing a lack of advertising income as advertisers tap into free social media.

    Major magazines like the Singapore editions of Cosmopolitan and Maxim have already folded.

    Recently, the Straits Times have said that anyone can advertise. Pay one or two hundred for an ad space and put your personal message.

    And mediacorp has trotted out their radio DJs and celebs with big smiles asking people to advertise.Times are indeed bad. They never done this before.

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  • Elkay Whye, dragon got slap le:

    It so great it defeat all competition as sg top news paper?

    Wow, no wonder singlians all read it and feel shiok everyday.

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