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Kra Canal – What is Grace Fu going to do?

According to an article published by LaRouche PAC on Tues (17 Jan), the new Thai King Vajiralongkorn who ascended the throne last year is reported to be favorable to building the Kra Canal. It also said that several leading figures on the Thai Privy Council are fully behind the project.

Mr Lyndon LaRouche who is the man behind LaRouche PAC is an ally of Pakdee Tanapura. Mr Tanapura is the international director of the Board of Directors of the International Executive Committee for the Study of the Kra Canal Project in Bangkok. He’s been pushing for the Kra Canal project for the past 30 over years.

Of course, if the Kra Canal materialises, ships going from Indian Ocean to the Pacific and vice versa will naturally sail through the canal to cut travelling time and cost, by-passing Singapore altogether.

The project has been talked about by the various Thai authorities on and off for many years. In 2001, then PM Thaksin adopted a resolution to create a national committee for the study of the Kra Canal (Mr Tanapura was elected the international director of the committee). But Mr Tanapura disclosed that later, after being pressured from the royalty side as well as from Singapore side, Thaksin announced that Thailand did not need the Kra Canal.

Incidentally, while he was the PM, Thaksin sold his family’s share of telecom company, ShinCorp, to our Temasek at the beginning of 2006, making billions of dollars. The sale caused great controversy in Thailand as Thai law regarding foreign investments in the telecom sector had been amended just prior to the sale. And coincidentally, the law amendment was proposed in 2001, the same year that Thailand was convening a committee for the study of the Kra Canal.

Few years later, Temasek had to offload ShinCorp’s shares with huge losses to Singapore.

Coming back to the Kra Canal, it was also revealed by Asia Today International (2004) that the late Thai King Bhumibol, Vajiralongkorn’s father, was firmly against it because he felt that it would split his Kingdom into two.

By Sep 2006, the military, already fed-up with Thaksin’s excesses, got rid of him in a coup. However, the committee for the study of the Kra Canal continues to exist. Though the current Thai PM Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has said last year that Thailand has no plans to contruct the Kra Canal “during this government’s term”, Mr Tanapura and his cohort continues to push for Kra’s construction, as evidenced in this interview of Mr Tanapura by Financial Times last year.

“FT: What is missing for the Kra Canal to be developed?

Tanapura: Decision making in Thailand is very slow. The present government, led by prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, is aware of the project, but it’s such an ambitious endeavour that the government is still hesitant because of its consequences for the whole country. On the other hand, the government is having troubles in promoting economic development and it hasn’t got many options left. It has to go for the Kra Canal, we will hear about that soon.

FT: The required investment to build the Kra Canal is substantial. Who are the investors backing the project?

Tanapura: We are pretty much supported by a group of Chinese private companies (including Chinese tycoon Wang Jing’s telecom company) pushing hard to develop the canal, and now we are working with Thailand’s military government to make it happen.”

Now that King Bhumibol is no longer around and the new King Vajiralongkorn is reported to be in favor to building the Kra Canal, the situation may change drastically since there is no longer any pressure coming from the royalty side.

Furthermore, Vajiralongkorn is said to be a gambling addict. In a US diplomatic cable leaked by WikiLeaks, then senior Singaporean foreign ministry official Bilahari Kausikan asserted that Vajiralongkorn has a gambling habit which was partly funded by exiled former PM Thaksin. Mr Kausikan also said that Vajiralongkorn is “very erratic, and easily subject to influence

If this is true, convincing the new King to assent to the construction of Kra Canal would be a breeze for those rich Chinese tycoons, undoubtedly, with Beijing’s blessings.

So, given the gravity of the situation, what is our Minister Grace Fu, an ex-CEO of PSA doing? Well, she seems to be contented to engage students in answering their questions.

“At one point, the dialogue became almost like a revision for ‘A’ level Economics. But the students do care about issues apart from their imminent exams. They were keen to understand how we can develop our Singapore identity, engage Singaporeans overseas remain competitive amidst possibility of the Kra Canal, the new emerging industries and the relationship between exchange rate and cost of living. It is important for me to engage students at various levels and institutions to understand their concerns and preoccupations.”

*The above is a Facebook post by We want Minister Grace Fu to resign:

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27 Responses to “Kra Canal – What is Grace Fu going to do?”

  • SillyMe:

    Kra Canal will happen eventually.

    People can watch this video made by Mr Lyndon LaRouche.

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  • Sharon Ann Gabriel:

    The Kra Canal poses an existential threat to Singapore once it is constructed. Several private Chinese and Thai firms had expressed interest in funding and constructing it. The estimated cost is about US $28 billion and shortens transit journey by 1200km. The Canal has strategic value to the Chinese as the Straits of Malacca will be blockaded once conflict breaks out between Uncle Sam and China. It will be part of OBOR in peace time though.

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  • LIONS:

    a deliberate action ,in some ways,to punish the arrogant ‘party’???

    means some lost port business for tiny SG.
    ‘SMART’ scholars thought they could CONtinue with what have been built up when they took over and were completely complacent,ignoring domestic small businesses,;in fact,KILL THEM via TH’s vast stable of companies/businesses from telecoms to gambling???
    even supermarkets n ‘shop-keeping’???

    now,local businesses lack behind the CURVE as regional small businesses advance themselves and will soon take lead.

    TH keeps collecting more money to plug the many holes they burnt in their overseas businesses while subduing the small bjusinessmen here.

    now,SG IS CORNERED in traditional businesses n REAL LOCAL TALENTS gone away to places like Silicon,London,wherever n happily living overseas with their families n probably wont be attracted back.

    the arrogant party is to blame for all this!!!

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  • Robert Teh:

    What is the current state of our diplomatic relations with China, US or other big players or even our neighbours one may ask.

    Frankly, there is no need for China to “bully” as may would allege or react to Sinkapoor as we do not factor in their perception of the world.

    On the other hand, there is a great deal for us Sinkapoor to factor in China, US or the rest of the bigger players and our neighbours for reasons of survival or relevance.

    Based on such a scenario we can well carve out a little niche for ourselves in terms of getting their support for trades, and economic development.

    This should have been our main pillars for carrying on our traders and economic cooperations with such bigger players instead of holding our nose so high and wanting to impress them all the time.

    Just do the necessary to be useful from a practical perspective. If you want to conduct such diplomatic relation with China you will be welcome and they will willingly accommodate you to have a piece of cake.

    If you want to conduct such a diplomatic relation with US you too will have them willingly accommodate you to get your wishes come true.

    So why must we raise our nose so high or want to play geopolitical kingpin with US or China. We will lose both of them as friends.

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  • Fuck China fuck longporn king:

    fake news.

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  • C'est la vie:

    The Kra Canal is an inevitability. It will happen.

    With that, it will see the demise and eventual collapse of PSA.

    What will there be left, for Singapore to “brag/boasts” about.

    Education, safety, graciousness, public transport, chilly crab, corruption free cabinet, ministerial salaries, free speech, Singlish …………….

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  • PAP Ministers & Co:

    It is actually very stupid to keep asking the PAP ministers about Kra Canal, Great Melaka Port, East-West Cargo Link Between Port Klang & Port Kuantan, Gwadar Port etc. They are simply not interested and they have NO answers. however,with their multi-million dollars salary, they would have been happily retired in some luxurious life in Australia, Canada, US, New Zealand etc by the time these projects start to have an impact on singapore.Now you al can see why regardless of their mediocre performance, getting multi-million pay is non-negotiable.

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  • Greedy and ugly:

    To date, what has ugly nose contribute to justify her $million pay after being uplifted to full ministar and taking pics with medal winners?

    Care to enlighten? Thanks

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  • Pinky Created The Mess:

    80% of the shipping that passes the Straits of Malacca are for the Chinese.
    By aligning very closely to US, Looney Long forced the Chinese to seek alternatives and strategic solutions to reduce their dependence on this route.

    It is not the Chinese but the PAP regime that has resulted in current dire straits and killing the future of Singapore.
    Looney Long is so cocky to have not realised this, but why would he care? He already stolen the billions and looking forward to checkout in a few years time.

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  • @ Kra Canal:

    Not even conrete yet, just speculation only ?

    So is there a point to answer ?

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  • pappies killing sg:

    The 3gen PAPs are ‘killing’ our SG.
    Sometimes i feel they dont know what theyre fumbling in the dark.

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    gong gong stinkies, these million dollars PAP clowns are enriching themselves and their relations as quickly as they can and when Stinkapore collapses, they will said “Thank you for all the fish”…..hahahaahahahah

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  • jaywalker:

    With the kind of qualit in the government it is next to hopeless we can get out of this catastropic development. Do we have a claw back clause to retrieve all the money we pay to them?

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  • Jefftan:

    In life, if there is too much talk on the subject,
    The subject eventually will not appear.
    It is like barking dogs. It would not bite.

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  • N.Jungne:

    If Kra canal can become a reality, PAP cannot re-invent itself, but to run-road.

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  • Jim:

    The problem is when Kara canal is completed
    Pinky is Long dead, his bone are dried
    He does not have to answer his folly
    It is the next generation that has to suffer because of his folly

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  • Donald J Trump President:

    She would say? Closed Shop work for someone else or Relocated To Thailand. This is the standard answer

    Singapore is a “Declining Economic Power” like USA

    What Singapore had lost to China

    She would said:” closed shop or relocated to Thailand as Singapore Govt. will find NEW Industry with BETTER PAID SALARY in

    (Time to pack up & closed shop)
    Mr Chin Kay Kian:” Singapore is a Declining Economical Power, a Sunset Country, its time the Citizen think about pack up & leave, when you cannot compete, Mr Surrender, you closed shop & relocated elsewhere.

    ***Singapore Airline a sunset industry = lost customer, lost market share, cannot compete.

    ***42,000 company closed shop in Singapore

    PSA no longer No.1 Sea Port

    Japan to open CASINO

    Philippines CASINO overtake Singapore

    Singapore CASINO cannot lured China Gambler to Singapore

    Singapore Ship Repair & Building, Oil & Gas facing trouble

    Cannot compete, closed shop
    Govt will find new industry with better paid salary.
    But the mass unemployment will be a tough one

    Mr Chin Kay Kian:” cannot compete, Sunset Industry, you better closed shop. SIA, PSA, Keppel, Oil Rig Builder, CASINO operator, Hotelier, Manufacturing…….you should relocated to Thailand, where the business operating cost is so much cheaper.

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  • Greedy Evil Corrupt Shameless:

    Lazy fool is not going to do anything, neither can she do anything with her Zero experience. After a few years she will collect the money she cheated and live happily ever after.

    GD Star Rating
  • robert teh:

    Jim is correct, “The problem is when Kara canal is completed
    Pinky is Long dead, his bone are dried
    He does not have to answer his folly
    It is the next generation that has to suffer because of his folly”

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  • 克拉欧K:





    GD Star Rating
  • N.Jungne:

    Greedy and ugly:
    To date, what has ugly nose contribute to justify her $million pay after being uplifted to full ministar and taking pics with medal winners?

    Care to enlighten? Thanks

    Response: She can decide who to send to pick up the “fishball-stick”.

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  • Donald J Trump President:

    Grace Foo

    The way to look at it

    If you are a Towkay SME cannot compete
    1) Closed Shop
    2) Work for someone
    3) Relocated to Thailand

    SME feeling pain
    GST killing the SME

    A company import to sell to B company GST, B company sell to distributor GST, C company buy as sub contractor GST, C company sell to dealer GST, C company sell to End User GST.

    If you want to compete in price slashing, it absorb GST

    If you want to compete, GST makes you at a disadvantage

    If you are a MNC, Big Govt. Corporation
    Don’t expect Govt. to bail you out using Tax Payers money

    If you cannot compete
    PSA is no different
    Keppel, Sembcorp, Jurong, ST Marine, Ship builder anyone…
    SIA airlines
    Hospitality, F1 Formula, Hotelier, Food Outlets, Entertainment, Theme Park, CASINO operators, Bird Park, Zoo
    Taxi Operators out of fashion with Uber Grab Phone Apps

    No excuse, when you are a Sunset Industries, we had to shut you down
    Everyone the same treatment

    Govt. will bring in NEW industries, Higher Salary

    GD Star Rating
  • Daft 70% Sinkies:

    Grace Fool a non-scholar, NTU graduate in accountancy, ex-auditor whose father, James Fool was ex-political detainee of LKY, who crawled to LKY begged for mercy and for a job from LKY.

    What can she do for daft, dud useless Sinkies? She can go back to be auditor.

    GD Star Rating
  • Donald J Trump:

    You sell CHEAP can,
    I sell CHEAP you said cannot
    What is this nonsense ah?

    The European BBC love to criticize Donald J Trump

    Now the Europeans FEAR competition

    Now it our turn
    Let those Europeans had their butt kick

    Asia countries warn this warn that
    Donald J Trump, now it our turn

    Donald J Trump is going to SELL CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP
    The saying goes:”sometimes the best way, is to give you a bad dose medicine.” When you feel pain, you will wake up your ideas

    35% corporate tax slash
    Britian is slashing her corporate tax

    Let see how EU feel the pain
    French will be very angry she want EU out of the way

    Grace Foo will had a baptism of economic fire

    This amazing race just got started

    Those liberals push their luck to far,
    When a cat is push to a corner
    When will bite you back

    GD Star Rating
  • Dinners are just dinners:

    All kinds of people have been talking about Kra Canal for decades. It will probably never happen. Even if it is, Singapore will not lose much. Can they really develop a port and a city and airport like Singapore’s on both ends of the Kra Canal? Who will pay for it all? Who will want to move there?

    It is much like the talk about the Nicaragua Canal. Even if it is ever dug and the ports built, the Panama Canal is not going to suffer that much.

    And even if Kra Canal and ports and cities built, Singapore companies might invest there.

    Still, many others will prefer to invest in Singapore. They will rather trust Singaporeans than Thais. They will worry about crime in Thailand and other issues like corrupt politicians, rogue cops, poverty and the like in Thailand.

    This does not mean Singapore leaders should rest on laurel leaves. Singapore has other issues, not least the issue about personal freedom that people in Hong Kong and Taiwan and when Thailand reverts to civilian rule generally enjoy at high levels.

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  • What Kral Canal?:

    This was much talked about more than 50 years ago. Whether it will materialise or not is anyone guess!

    Look, the chinese are investing in building a great port in Malaysia to rival Singapore.

    Singapore is a smart nation and is already planning ahead to ward off these challenges.

    Singapore will Survive!

    GD Star Rating
  • PAP is the BEST:

    Singapore got best XO Chai Tow Kway and Mee Siam with/without hum Malaysia don’t have cannot win.

    What Kral Canal?:
    This was much talked about more than 50 years ago. Whether it will materialise or not is anyone guess!

    Look, the chinese are investing in building a great port in Malaysia to rival Singapore.

    Singapore is a smart nation and is already planning ahead to ward off these challenges.

    Singapore will Survive!

    GD Star Rating

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