SPF looking into alleged molest and indifference of police officer

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has issued a statement on its Facebook page, saying that it is ”looking into” the alleged molest case involving two Portuguese tourists outside Mouth Restaurant and allegations of indifference by NPP police officers towards the victims.

A Facebook user, Amanda Lai had highlighted the supposed outrageous incidents that happened to two of her friends yesterday, saying that two of her lady friends were accosted by two Portuguese man after using the restroom outside the Mouth Restaurant. [ LINK ]

According to Ms Lai, one of her friends was forcibly carried off from the floor and molested after rejecting the molesters’ request to show them her boobs.

To run salt into the wound, Ms Lai claims that when her two friends went to lodge a Police Report, they were asked by the police officer if they were sure they wanted to proceed as it would mean having to testify in court. The police officer supposedly asked:

Are you sure you want to do this? If this goes to court, you’ll need to testify….

Are you sure they weren’t just trying to be friendly? You know, ang moh culture is different from ours…

Her posting has since sparked outrage among Netizens with many asking SPF what actions, if any, it would be taking against the molesters and the police officer.

In response, the SPF said that it is “looking into” the allegations.



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19 Responses to “SPF looking into alleged molest and indifference of police officer”

  • C'est la vie:

    As this is now in the public dormain, I expect the SPF to issue a statement after their enquiries, to the effect that it was all a case of misinterpretation and that the Officer concerned meant a variation of the alleged statement, and that the SPF will provide further training to Officers in contact with “victims”, to ensure that there’s no such repetition, in order to avoid further stress to the complainant. The Officer in question will not be sanctioned, suspended nor sacked.

    This is how it always plays out in S’pore. Did anyone expected anything different ………. seriously !!!

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  • rukidding:

    There must have been a couple of CCTVs installed in this building.

    Especially so, when it is near Ladies toilets or toilet’s entrances in general !

    If SPF CANNOT SOLVE case by next week….then sori to say SPF must be really “fcuk up” !

    To add more insult….I think PM LEE’s “SGSECURE” movement must have been a “shit suggestion”…so much so that this Management of this building where Mouth Restuaraunt is situated didn’t even bother to installed what was considered relatively “small and affordable” cctv system.

    So,…we hope to see and hear some Good news from SPF by next week….otherwise, PM Lee’s call for “Sg secure” would probably “suffer” another “slapped” !

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  • my $8 heart bypass:

    The ang moh tua kee will be let off with a little tap on the wrist and given a friendly warning, if they can be found.
    The laws here does not apply to all these Ang moh tua kees here.
    They are especially good at arresting boys .
    Remember the clowns at SPF have yet to bring back the guy who robbed the bank at Holland V.
    As for the officer who attended to the case, he’ll also be be conveniently given a friendly warning, “to be more sensitive when addressing cases like this”. typical template reply from these stooges.

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  • Uncle Lim:

    What do you expect from a cardboard SPF?

    No active policing in public places. Puts our security at great risk.

    But Ah Long can be escorted by a troop of security people.

    Our security is secondary to SPF.

    In Japan, you see active policing day and night. Ours wait in office for calls or reports.

    Handling reports brings in zero revenue. Besides they have to write a report in English and their English is sub par.

    It’s PAP police at the end of the day is it not?

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  • Ho Lee Sheet:

    Many people say sg is a safe country.
    Our womenfolk need not worry.
    But so sad and so sorry, it’s now no longer the same story.

    Sg is now filled with foreigners of all countries that safety in our country is a far cry from it once was previously.
    When our pap cheng hu so fancy and is so lenient with their beloved FTs, safety has become an issue even for our uncles driving the taxis.

    Our once trustable MIB have also lost their reliability and efficiency.
    Their priorities now is sadly, to protect first the pap, the FTs then the daft sinkies.

    Street protests is illegal says the ruling party.
    So thank God for the social media which enables citizens to come together in unity.
    Otherwise, innocent victims of bullies would not be able to seek justice no matter how they kpkb.

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  • will angmo kana jail + cane?:

    It was reported that the angmo was arrested by sg police and is now under investigation for the molestation.

    However there was no mention of the assault on the victim’s male colleague who was headbutted by the angmo. He should also be charged for assault. Headbutting or rather the “head” can trained and to be use an assault weapon to cause serious injury!!!

    Recently the 39 year old Saudi Arabian diplomat was sentence to 26 months jail and 4 strokes of the cane for molesting a sinkie female intern in a Sentosa hotel. What will this angmo get for his crime? For molest and assault? A token small fine, a slap on the wrist? No jail time and the cane?

    As the PAP is letting in so many foreigners into the country, our courts must take serious view of such crimes by foreigners and must impose heavier jail sentences plus a few strokes of the cane to sent a message across to these foreigners.

    Remember the drunken angmos who went on a sinkie bashing spree in the suntec area? They did not receive heavy sentences and punishment that was enough to sent out a strong deterrent message to foreigners especially angmos who come into SG for leisure, work and business.

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  • Taleban:

    ‘Are you sure they weren’t just trying to be friendly? You know, ang moh culture is different from ours…’

    If the Ang Mo came from a culture that fucking other people wife is ok, so they can come to Singapore and fiack your wife.
    When you come to Singapore, you follow the culture, custom and laws of Singapore or face the music. We have laws to protect our woman folk from Singaporean and non-Singaporean alike.
    SPF!!! Wake up your fucking ideas.

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  • Useless spf:

    Nothing will happen to ang mo or police dogs. They are both special protected species of the regime. You are wasting your time on these canine species.

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  • Boh Tai Chee:

    From past observations on SPF, the 2 suspects being ang moh will be boh tai chee one.

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  • Trust only myself:

    Why didn’t bring the ang mo back to station with 5 men like in Ben Lim’s case?
    Because the big boss said all crimes are committed by locals?
    One country two systems?
    Disgraceful action worst than running away like in the LI riot.

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  • an0n:

    Good start by our SPF. Hope that justice will be served. Such brazen thuggery cannot be allowed to take hold – it is not what I want the country to become.

    But better secure the exits. I’m sure some people are planning a “selamat jalan” ASAP.

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  • Disobey d PAP 4 better Future:

    Looking in reality mean a dozen of things to a dozen of people, or even to one single person.

    Looking from afar is one. Looking with EYES CLOSED is another.

    Looking with eyes towards said direction, BUT MIND IS UTTERLY LOCKED, is also looking.

    Looking with CLOSED MIND, or looking with PREJUDICE is ALSO looking.

    Endless realistic application of looking.

    LAST ONE – I am looking at A NAKED PAP CB, BUT I CAN’T SEE clearly !!!!

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  • Confused:

    Didn’t the Minister said, “Protect the minority (angmo or victim or both are minorities)? Now what?

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  • TigerBeer:

    no understand why like temasick review like to post this type of news

    trying to exactgerate problem

    like making a mountain out of a mole hill

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  • Septic:

    “Looking into” is to window dressing as to window shopping is to lodging police report. End of the day, NOTHING will happen. Tourist will be gone. Either criminal tourist in Sinkapore or outside Sinkapore. So Simple. No need Visa from ICA. Zzzz.

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  • Python 5:

    indifference by NPP police officers towards the victims.

    what is the rank and name of those police officers???

    list them out in the internet. that’s why some Sinkies are that stupid!!!! kpkb but do not know to take action and hit back.

    btw, the victim, who she voted for???

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  • too much angmo comedy:

    as far as the sinkie policewoman is concerned, she must have watch too much angmo movies, or should i say too much angmo comedies…..for example…honey! show me your puss* and breast jokes on comedy central.

    the victim do not know the angmo attacker. they never met and do not know each other.

    even if they knew each other, for example as coworkers, the angmo is going to be charged for sexual harassment for asking the victim to show him her breast.

    yours truly lives in angmo country. some of them (angmos) might be rowdy as compared to asians but sexual harassment/molestation is still harassment/molestation and it is an offence.

    look at what is happening to trump who was caught talking about grabbing pussies. even though he is now elected president of usa he is still facing the music for his puss* grabbing statement.

    so dont be stupid to say “angmo cultures is like that”.

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  • she voted for SDP:

    Python 5:
    indifference by NPP police officers towards the victims.

    what is the rank and name of those police officers???

    list them out in the internet. that’s why some Sinkies are that stupid!!!! kpkb but do not know to take action and hit back.

    btw, the victim, who she voted for???

    she is a SDP voter. is she stupid?

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  • Hannibal:

    What is happening to the NKF’s ex-CEO’s police case? 3 months already still no picture no sound from SPF and NKF. NKF is famous as a wayang organisation. All their CEOs are selected becos of their Christian background as if Christians can do no wrong. Don’t trust NKF when they ask for donations. All their past and present CEOs are tainted. TR Emeritius and some blog-writers should do an investigation on all their CEO-appointees. The public have a right to know their dirty background.

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