Alleged molester arrested by police

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has confirmed in a new posting that they have arrested a man who allegedly molested two ladies outside a restroom in Mouth Restaurant at Cross Street.

SPF also said that they are looking at “some inappropriate comments” made by a female Police officer to the victims when they went to lodge a report.

A Facebook user, Amanda Lai had highlighted the supposed outrageous incidents that happened to two of her friends, saying that two of her lady friends were accosted by two Portuguese man after using the restroom outside the Mouth Restaurant. [ LINK ]

Her posting sparked outrage among Netizens with many asking SPF what actions, if any, it would be taking against the alleged molester and the police officer.

In response, the SPF immediately issued a statement saying that they are “looking into” the matter.


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14 Responses to “Alleged molester arrested by police”

  • Uncle Lim:

    Today Shitty Times bragged about the Low crime rate in SG.

    If SPF discourages reports of crime of course the crime rate will be low.

    SPF loves to brag on cardboards outside shopping Malls about so many people arrested at such places as if they are actively policing the Malls.

    Who doesn’t know it’s the mall security who detain shoplifters and then call SPF who are pushing papers in their office.

    SPF nowhere to be seen. But LTA foreign mercenaries seen everywhere 24/7. Ridiculous.

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  • Python 5:

    let that lady police officer go investigate the 2 angmos AMDK lah.

    they can get very “friendly” with her in the investigation room.

    you guys agree??

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  • N.Jungne:

    This episode led me to recall some years ago, a lady in distress somewhere at Thomson Road. She called for help, but the (SPF) answered her call, requested more help to locate where is the famous Prata House. OMG.

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  • Scholar:

    Has SPF completed looking into the matter? It’s time to take action n publish results, right?

    Don’t keep on procrastinating? It is so unlike a scholar?

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  • C'est la vie:

    Everything is under reported in S’pore.

    Crime rate, retrenchment, dissatisfied commuters, “pissed-off” citizens, ………….

    What is the real situation. On anything. Nobody truly knows and the majority aren’t bothered.

    Happy days …………..

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  • Sillypore Is For Everyone:

    The useless wayang SPF is a private force on taxpayers expense.
    Their existence is to serve only their political master and pay lip service to the dafts.

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  • clorox:

    Uncle Lim:
    SPF loves to brag on cardboards outside shopping Malls about so many people arrested at such places as if they are actively policing the Malls.
    SPF nowhere to be seen.Ridiculous.

    uniquely singapore!
    paper pee-ayam
    paper generals
    paper police

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  • rukidding:

    The trouble with Sinkapore is b’cos it is having a “weak & lousy, yet arrogant Leedership” who only knows how to “Bragged & give excuses” !

    That is why we are “sinking” and “going backwards” each and every other day !

    So much so that True Blue Citizens are being “Marginalised” and “become 2nd Class Citizens” …having to “fight” with “New sillyzeans” which everybody knows that this Leeder is doing it …just to “further marginalised” and “drowned off” those who kpkb and he keeps and gets to sit on the “throne” perpetually !

    It is NO LONGER a “tight ship”, “No nonsense” type of “governing its Civil employees” ( incidentally also called our servants )

    When “Top Crooked”…”Bottom Crooked” also !

    My recent trip with my brother to SGH for a CT scan ( suspected Cancer) is actually entitled to a “larger Medisave” usage. The admin staff in charge of scheduling told us that we could apply for this “higher withdrawal”.

    On the day of CT scan”…the Cashier initially asked us,for CASH Payment
    outfront…we then told her that her Colleague says that we could use this “Special higher withdrawal” due to Cancer case.

    She then “lan, lan”…”kwai, kwai” proceed to “processed” under this scheme.

    Want to know why this Cashier didn’t “offer” at initial stage to do this ?…..

    Answer was b’cos…she needed to do “extra work” by going into another “system” and “file a step by step application” ,…which took an approximate additional time of “probably 3 minutes” and “many extra steps” as opposed to just “collecting outright CASH” from “innocent patients”.

    Same thing happen here lah…this Lady Police Officer was “trying to do less job”….just HAPPY, HAPPY…every month collect Iron bowl salary.
    Why do more job ? …after all the LEEDER didn’t “demand nor care”…infact…the Leeder always “find excuses” himself !

    That is why,….the WHOLE of SINKAPORE Civil Service people now become “arrogant, lazy…and tries to abuse their power & frighten you”…hoping to do less work…and yet collect Obscene pay !

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  • an0n:


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  • Hhh:

    The FT will get very light sentence.

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  • angmo whack taxi drier:

    a hero is born (the on who intervene) but since he is local, for standing up to the barbarian he will not get his moment of fame on main stream media.

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  • see angmoh lick feet:

    Sillypore Is For Everyone:
    The useless wayang SPF is a private force on taxpayers expense.
    Their existence is to serve only their political master and pay lip service to the dafts.

    these spf wayang with wp foreigners only… see angmoh lick feer liao
    angmoh perception is all sporean chinese gals are potential pros and easy waiting for white dik… wel cant blame them too, cz our local ah moi also too much, see wite open up, feelin inferior ovr their own yelw skin, then blame ang moh for fxx

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  • Pointers...:

    Note the time.
    Train bound for and which station molest took place.
    Molester’s description: weight height, hair color and type and dressing.
    Get down nearest station and report to control room with the details.
    They can track the guy easily from CCTV.

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  • education tips:

    Hi there, just turned into alert to your blog through Google, and found that it’s really informative. I am going to be careful for brussels. I will appreciate if you happen to continue this in future. Lots of other folks might be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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