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PAP cowardly dodged Tan Cheng Bock to avoid a straight fight

To all PAP leaders, watch the Hollywood classic High Noon and ask yourself:

Am I a coward?
A craven coward,
A coward till my grave

This is the refrain from the theme song. In this film, a sheriff played by Gary Cooper deliberates on his dilemma: hand over his badge and leave town with his bride (Grace Kelly) or stay and face four just released gunmen screaming for his blood.

He could have left office as planned, but he decided to face the challenge head-on, and only after despatching all four to the nether world did he go on his honeymoon.

The same question can be asked of the PAP leaders. When faced with a challenge from TCB, instead of taking up the gauntlet as our great departed leader would have done, they resorted to a cowardly dodge to avoid a fight.

Now, one after another, they come up with all kinds of rationalisation to make themselves look good.

But it will all be in vain. The damage has been done; multi-racialism and meritocracy have been sacrificed on the altar of political convenience and the disunity among the people and between and within each ethnic group will only get worse with time.


* Facebook post by ‎Ismail Kassim.




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15 Responses to “PAP cowardly dodged Tan Cheng Bock to avoid a straight fight”

  • Evil Tyrant and PAP Terror:


    EviI PAP … is nothing more than a feather of chicken !!!


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  • Robert Teh:

    The funniest part is when Dr. Tan Cheng Bock finally slipped by a pseudonym to attend the forum organized by Shanmugam on proposed amendment to the elected president law, he upon a query by Dr. Tan told the latter lawlessly that he (Dr. Tan) would not be eligible to stand for next presidential election even before this proposal was debated in parliament.

    Now it looks like the ruling after taking full control of all laws and truths PAP is no longer interested in persuading people to accept its policies by reasoning like the old man, but is interested in telling lies to run this country.

    When caught by Dr. Tan for telling lies, Shanmugam could have reasoned out to Dr. Tan why times have changed and it is not too late to correct an old oversight in not providing for racial quota at the inception of the elected president law rather than changing law to avoid challenge of Dr. Tan.

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  • Maxchewy:

    Desperadoes do desperate things just to win and survive in this political game of life. I suppose to the PAP leaders being a coward is no shame as their craven cowardice gets rid of their no 1 pesky presidential competitor Dr Tan Cheng Bock! But they also fear Mr Tan Jee Say should TCB be unavailable as a PE candidate for any reason. And what abt Mr Tan Kin Lian? With their Malay-only PE , they conveniently got rid of all the 3 Chinese popular PE candidates at one go! Must be the brain-child of a scholar civil servant! They are now trained to think deviously to ensure the survival and supremacy of the PAP Govt!
    But methinks the PE due in Sep 2017 may not go the way the PAP plan it to go, I.e.their preferred Malay candidate (Halimah?)to sail through easily. Likely to be a twist, .a wild card to challenge the status quo!


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  • Short and Sharp:

    Well said. Exactly what I thought of them and I absolutely have nil respect for them.

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    Yes, the PAP leaders are blatant cowards. They have no backbones and have lost their balls. They dare not pick up the gauntlet but will hide behind their mothers’ skirts. In times of war, they will be the first to pack their bags and disappear from this country. DO NOT TRUST THESE COWARDS. THE DUMB 70% HAD BETTER BEWARE.

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  • PAP is the BEST:

    PAP is best, they is no coward. This time Tan Cheng Bock will sure win one if opposition help to steal votes. Got Malay sure win is good means Tony Tan can retire, he very rich need to enjoy his money, i think he make more money than president, this one is call sacrifice for country, PAP is best one.

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  • no hope:

    these sg ‘Marshalls of Dodge City’ are cowards.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    That is how they “fix the opposition”. It is all done on a piecemeal basis without any thought to the development and growth of the country.

    You can see that with what happened to the CPF scheme. Tinkering around bit by bit with no overall plan. Simply to thwart opposition and reduce their opportinities.

    It is a shame that a party in power for so long still has to resort to such underhand tactics in order to feel secure.

    But still, 70% thinks that is fine. Or is the 70% also “fixed” as well?

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  • Like Father Like Son:

    …… The stakes are high. It is not just about ideology and governance. The evil pappies must find all ways to keep themselves in power forever. There are many dirty things to hide. It must not be discovered. Any person who hints about massive corruption and evil doings within will be severely punished and persecuted. These will be examples to drive fear into other bright sparks who muster the same devious thoughts and suspicion.
    Nothing will be left to chance.
    The truth once out will send their stack of falsehood cards crashing.
    Many of the brood will go to jail.

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  • C'est la vie:

    “instead of taking up the gauntlet as our great departed leader would have done” ………. yet another poor poor attempt at rewriting history. That scheming leader incarcerated all of his existing political opponents and over time, as usually is the case, he “won” over the judiciary with his “greatness” and bankrupted what little opponents he had left.

    Fast forward to today, what has changed ???

    Not one iota. The same “theme” exists.

    It wouldn’t have been so bad, if “they” were good.

    Instead, “they” do manipulation and mediocrity ……… greatly !!!

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  • KNN:

    Ismail Kassim is gravely deluded. High Noon is a feel-good low-brow flick to entertain the idiot masses. Any rich & successful person (or someone who wants to be one) will get out of town ASAP, and alert higher authorities to send in the army to blow the bad guys away.

    Just like what “our dear departed leader” & Prata Man did during WW2. They profited handsomely from their fraternizing with the Japs, ensuring preferential treatment, good salaries & access to critical items like medicines & meat for their own families. This is how the rich & powerful thrive and grow. Not like the stupid Lim Bo Seng & Lt Adnan & the angmoh commandos who were captured & had to pretend to laugh & joke while having their heads cut off by the Japs. Only know how to die & their families had to suffer loss of breadwinners etc.

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  • Jim:

    Pap is a bunch of crooks
    And liars
    Manipulate and play around with stupid Singaporeans

    They realised they could not win with tcb in the election
    And they shift the goal post to prevent he from standing
    Is this a party with honest leaders
    Definetly not
    A bunch of crooks who would go to any means to retain power
    And money
    Shame really
    Pure Alibaba.

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  • Monyet Hitam:

    Dear Malay Singaporean Brother,
    so you are also against the new Law that all ethnic groups take turn at the the bite of the Presidential Cherry, irrespective of multi racialism and meritocracy. So a preferred idiotic Ah Beng, Ahmad or Nadu could be President to suit their political convenience.
    So the cowardly son who has no guts to face a fight with TCB, prefers to dismantle his father’s legacy of multi racialism and meritocracy, next the PAP would twist the POHA law to use it to sue any person or Organisation who dares to cross sword as harassment, suddenly the PAP and its Institutions become a harassed human being.
    They think nothing’s wrong to do as they like, as they are mandated by the 70% daft electorate.

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  • nizhemoshou:

    Cowardice is in the blood of the so called great departed leeder. It still flows in the blood of his chosen one.

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  • Force of Indians:

    Tan Cheng Bock himself is a big coward.

    Only Indians can do better as president, that’s why Singapore has already 2 as Indian preisdents previously, no harm having the third, fourth and so on.

    Indians will take the lead in Singapore and Malaysia.

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