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Sentient Beings? Time to Give a Voice to Animals in Court

  • You witness some stray animals being led away and taken in a van possibly to be culled – how can you prevent this?
  • You see some birds being fed poison – what can you do?
  • Do you as an individual or does an interested group or animal charity have a formal voice to act on behalf of these animals? Or to question the rationale of such activities before a court?
  • Cat ownership is not allowed in a HDB flat – does this violate your rights?

If you are passionate about animals, if answers to these questions interest you and if you want to hear more about animal rights in Singapore, this is a must-attend event for you.

Speakers include:

Ms Sharon Oh, Founding Member of Exclusively Mongrels

TITLE OF PAPER: Fighting for the UnderDog

Mr M. Ravi, Animal Rights and Human Rights Activist

TITLE OF PAPER: Protecting the Voiceless in Court

Mr Chan Ying-Kit, Passionate Animal Lover and Critic (will be joining in from Princeton University, USA via video-conferencing)

TITLE OF PAPER: Animal Rights as Event and Myth in Singapore

Food & Beverage, with compliments from TULASI VEGETARIAN

Event on 5 March at 14:30–17:30 at The AGORA, #03 -142 Midview City, 28 Sin Ming Lane, Singapore, 573972

Register here:

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