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Another fallen tree

News reports indicated that yet another tree has fallen, and a woman is seriously injured after the tree fell on her. This time, the tree that fell was at a carpark at Yuan Ching Road, and the tree appeared to have fallen on to the open passenger door of a lorry.

The carpark is located at block of student apartments, and it was understood that the woman was visiting one of the tenants. She is understood to be Ms Cher Hwee Hwang, 48. No further details of her injury were given, although it was understood that she was transferred to the ICU for treatment, and her condition was reportedly stable. Yet another case of tree falling on unsuspecting people. Brings the question on whether all the trees we have on our roads, carparks and even the Botanic Gardens are really safe anymore.

Bear in mind that these trees could have been there for ages. So what have the authorities been doing? Are regular checks done? The safety of road users should be paramount, trees should be checked to make sure they don’t fall unexpectedly.






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9 Responses to “Another fallen tree”

  • Another tree down another omen:

    This must be another omen that PAP will get karma soon.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Aiyah, NPark is scheduled to check on those trees, but too bad they fell before we can do a proper check

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    So in future, the excuse is “All fallen trees happened before they get the time to check”…hahahahhahhah. There is no cure for stupidity.

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  • The Decline Continues:

    This country is falling apart, when the preoccupation is wayang and lip service, you think everyone will have the time to do the real work? You think those trees are truly checked regularly? HDB walls falling everywhere, roofs falling everywhere, waterfalls everywhere in lifts and trains, you think any real work is done? Cheap foreign workers conveniently sweeping the dirt into drains, water used excessively for spraying and run for hours without care, you think these foreign workers care enough about doing a job well?
    The crony contractors knowing the failure of the regime are just milking the system and toying the incompetent civil servants.

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  • Maxchewy:

    The horrific incident of the 240yo Tembusu tree at the Botanic Gardens on Sunday which toppled over KILLING the poor 38yo mother of 1yo twins instantly depriving the toddlers of their mummy brought grievous tears to me and I’m sure many others. Here’s a young successful family just starting out into the brave new world trying to enjoy a normal relaxing family Sunday like many others. So sad they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The whole family could have been wiped out but fortunately not. Was it an unavoidable act of God? Could it have been prevented by man? The answer is obvious!

    Here we have a very OLD aged tree 240yo, no less, rooted in a prominent public location near the popular music promenade of our World Heritage Botanic Gardens where hundreds if not thousands of people must have picnicked sat,stood and milled around esp when there were musical performances on stage! Must be countless people who have had been at that very spot where the tree fell directly on to. It’s not the same if this aged Tembusu were located elsewhere in a less public, less prominent site.

    My point : shouldn’t special attention be focussed on it in the interest of SAFETY of the myriads of daily BG visitors?
    I’m sure some BG official walking near the tree on a windy rainy day could have conjectured the What Ifs! What if gusty winds which are not uncommon these days cause it to collapse? What are the dire consequences? Well it has happened and all hell has broken loose. Who must answer for it? God?

    I empathise with the CEO of NParks Dr Leong CC who was running in circles trying to cover his back and that of NParks! At first he insisted that 6 monthly checks were adequate even for a 240yo tree. He should know as a PhD arborist! Later, as they always do, he mitigated that it’s what the rest of the botanic world also does….check very old trees only twice a year Kau Leow! C’mon man, never heard that 2 wrongs don’t make a right?
    So difficult and so inconvenient to check old aged trees regularly, say every other month, is it? Well lives are at stake. It has now happened and what
    you gonna do about it? The Status Quo must now change, and quickly before another tragedy strikes, mr CEO of NParks! Methinks You can expect a lawsuit of million-dollar compensatory damages coming your way. Maybe an Act of God insurance exemption can save NParks? This is a teacherble incident! Please Learn from the errors of your ways!

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  • rukidding:

    How many “local talents” we have that want to “climb” tree ?

    99% cock sure that the job was task to a Foreign Talent !

    Who checks on them whether the task was done ?…got web cam meh ?

    Top Leedership so “fcuk up”…you think , Mid level got Leedership meh ?

    Not surprise,…mid level mgm’t is also another “Foreign talent”.

    Nevermind lah….HEP C case already “no blame culture”…so what will you expect of this ?

    The “foreign talent” that was supposed to climb and check those trees will say “no enuff vitamin M$$$”….at least last time can get some “vit M$$$” from bicycle sales and tender mah…now cannot liow .

    Anyway,…my point is…its OK,…Ownself check own self…sure no problem…no blame culture…only once in 50 years..lets move On…don’t listen to those “noises”….end of day…we still get paid “obscenely”…don’t worry the sillyzeans are Daft…confirm 70% will support us !

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  • Dumb 70% Retribution Now:

    Deadly tree falls (killing foreigners ONLY) happen usually ONCE in 50 years BASED on PAP’s knowledge of Nature destructions. As such, ANYONE should NOT be SURPRISED, the PAP will NOT CEASE to blame Gods.

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  • Old tree:

    Time to review how to check old trees more effectively and take proactive action if pose any possible danger to people around.
    Save lives not tree !!!

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  • Bapak:

    Too much cloud seedings!

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