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Not true that Yishun is full of weird people or crime

Lee Bee Wah (Photo: CNA)

The Straits Times asked me about the perception that Yishun is full of weird people or crime.

I told them that it’s not true at all. People are cherry-picking incidents to fit the myth, including some that were not in Yishun or done by Yishunites, but victimised innocent Yishunites.

The people who are spreading this around probably think that it’s funny. But they might not know that their “shares” are affecting real people.

- Firstly, some residents have been telling me they are upset about it. Some have been the target of insensitive jokes because of this. Some did not read deep enough to realise it’s not true, and feel scared.

- Second, it will affect the morale of the hardworking police and other community partners in Yishun. If you work hard every day to make somewhere a peaceful home, but only the negative incidents get blown up, you would be a little discouraged too.

- Third, the myth often goes with words like “crazy”. This is unfair and distressing to the people in the incidents.

Actual Yishunites know that this is a peaceful place to live, like any other in Singapore.


Lee Bee Wah


* Facebook post by MP Lee Bee Wah.

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16 Responses to “Not true that Yishun is full of weird people or crime”

  • Authoritarianism is artificial:

    Authoritarianism in itself is an artificiality.

    Its by brute force. Total control.

    No opposition to replace ruling party.

    The outcome is predetermined.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Funny Ah Hua mentioned cherry-picking, it should be buah duku or buah rumbai. Typical of that party flipping prata all the time.

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  • clown:

    I am amazed by this FT Clown MP.

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  • Singapore is full of them:

    Actually, Singapore is full of “weird” people. Majority voted for PAP. Maybe because they are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome – feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor. If it is not this syndrome then the education system has failed – absence of critical thinking. Remember “Thinking Schools, Learning Nation”. Majority of Singaporeans do not think and have not learned anything from experience. All is lost. Migrate.

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  • Brush up yr english please!:

    Full of grammtical errors!

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  • KNN:

    Can anything coming out of her jamban mouth be believed?

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  • opposition dude:

    Yishun does not have weird people, only weird MPs who use taxpayer $$$$ to set up smoking booths for god knows what stupid reason(s) were cited.

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  • Another Useless Sycophant:

    Create some news to give oneself some airtime?
    Useless talk cock b*t*h.

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  • Bapak:

    LBW, don’t forget your dishonorable son boss told the whole world Singaporeans committed most crimes here, that means including Yishun. Don’t flip roti prata here. Go get a store at hawker centre to do it.

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  • RDB:

    Lee BEE WAH,

    If you are an ordinary Singaporean of a 14 years old boy called Benjamin Lim living in Yishun who jumped to his death there. Will you still stake your claim of Yishun being as you said of it? What did you do for Benjamin Lim’s parebts & family? NOTHING as during that outcome, you were complete not existent, transparent & totally SILENT! WHY SO? Do you after he death his unnatural death consoled his parents? NO NO NO right!!!

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  • Get real:

    Nothing to bring up plse just shut up will you LBW.
    Or is she afraid all these negative ‘rumours’ might bring down
    Property prices in Yishun?
    All they think about is $$$$!

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  • Blame yourselves:

    This kind of calibre also can become minister, no wonder PAP is in such dire state.
    Remember she’s the one who advocates buying medals and brought shame to all Singaporeans.

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  • Abcistirof:

    Love the way this lady speaks

    Skillful yet down to earth

    Soft But penetrating

    SHe is definitely a god sent gift to the people

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  • Realist:

    The Yishan people are no weirder than the MIWs.

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  • No hope left:

    To be honest , there are weirdos in every hdb estate n its becoming worse…cus of the influx of foreigners dwelling amongst us..with their ways n customs that are alien to us…plus they dun givd a flying fish how their negative actions affect us local natives.
    True or not.
    Im suffering from such circumstances..brot it up to hdb, they refered me to TC..who in turn refered me back to hdb who then told me to xall the police ..when i did they told me make a police report then apply for mediation..those foreign neigbors didnt turn up for the mediation session
    . no one else did anything else to help went back n forth few times..
    I dun want to go on complaining…now i fight back till ….??? Im sure im not the only one suffering like this..

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  • LBW is right!:

    If Yishun is full of shit, then the MPs there must be full of shit too!

    Tio boh?

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