‘All Singapore Stuff’ kenna sabotage again?

It appears that All Singapore Stuff (ASS), a blog that prides itself as a “collaborative community project by Singaporeans for Singaporeans” may have been the victim of another sabotage by its contributors.

ASS had, sometime last week published an article titled “Underaged Girl Tormented By Ex-BF In School, Report to Police Futile” (article has been removed), accusing the Singapore Police Force (SPF) of inaction even though the victim had lodged a police report.

In the article which ASS claims to have been submitted by one of its contributors, a 14-year-old female victim wrote that she has been constantly harassed by her former boyfriend (whom she had a sexual relationship with) in school, but when she made a police report, the police refused to take any action.

However, the article and allegations were dismissed by the SPF as “untrue”.

In a statement issued on its Facebook page, the SPF said that the “the article and allegations against the Singapore Police Force are untrue” and that is has requested ASS to furnish the particulars of the contributor of the said article.

SPF added that “the Police take a serious view of any allegations against its officers and will investigate each case thoroughly. However, if the allegations are found to be false, the Police will not hesitate to take action against the persons involved, in accordance with the law.”

Snapshot from SPF's Facebook

ASS issues apology again

Meanwhile, the editorial team at ASS has issued an apology today (March 2) to the SPF, claiming that it was unintentional.

ASS added that it does not have any details of the contributor as it was submitted anonymously.

Firstly, ASS would like to apologise to SPF for any unfounded allegations made against them as it was unintentional. The main intention was to help the victim get help from the necessary authorities to resolve the bullying she faced in school.

This article was contributed to All Singapore Stuff anonymously presumably to protect the whistleblower’s identity and a police report reference number was even furnished to backup the claims. As this complaint was submitted anonymously, we do not have any details of this contributor.

It is clear now after police investigations that this may have been a malicious attempt to sabotage the true victim of this case. As such, the article has been removed and this apology has been issued.

ASS kenna sabotaged twice

This is the second incident where the SPF took ASS to task for its articles.

In November last year, multiple police reports were lodged against ASS for an article titled  “Roof of Punggol Waterway Terraces Collapse”, supposedly from a contributor named “Bhagonwali” who claimed that the top floors of Punggol Waterway Terraces had collapsed.

Due to the publication of the said article, both the police and civil defence were dispatched to the area to investigate. Even HDB got involved and later issued a statement dismissing the article as a “hoax”.

The police confirmed back then that it was investigating, but there has been no updates to date.

ASS out of jurisdiction

The ASS website was rumored to be started by Alex Tan Zhi Xiang, who was a candidate in the Reform Party team which stood against Mr Lee Hsien Loong in Ang Mo Kio GRC in the 2011 General Election.

Alex left Singapore for Australia shortly after the duo of former The Real Singapore (TRS) website was hauled up by the police and had in subsequent email exchanges with TR Emeritus (TRE), vowed to never to return (to Singapore) as he believes that “the corrupted regime will definitely see to it my incarceration”.

Alex has since been granted permanent residence in Australia shared and reiterated that he will “never return to Singapore”.

From information gathered by TRE, Alex had handed over the ASS to an editorial team based overseas, effectively putting the team behind ASS out of Singapore’s jurisdiction.

Unless of course, a certain team member has a sick grandparents or parents to visit in Singapore (how duo behind TRS got caught).





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4 Responses to “‘All Singapore Stuff’ kenna sabotage again?”

  • vgbhuji:

    Close down all the feedback and complain 3rd parties sites for good better, let the problems become worsen and people go suicide from frustrations that unable to voice out. Just watch the show and let the country rot.

    GD Star Rating
  • Kai si hor fun:

    Irresponsible reporting will get anyone into trouble.

    ASS should have known better.

    Stop blaming IBs!

    GD Star Rating
  • Hhh:

    I believe some of these contributors are planted by white party to discredit and perhaps shut down this popular FB.

    So any website who wants to survive under this oppressive regime should tighten up and not let them succeed.

    You think pap is dumb? Stand there and wait? So better watch your backside.

    GD Star Rating
  • Tatman:

    PAP IBs like Jason Chua made the most fake articles to date and yet they are let off lightly after been caught.

    Kai si hor fun: Irresponsible reporting will get anyone into trouble.

    ASS should have known better.

    Stop blaming IBs!

    GD Star Rating
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