Founder of Singapore People’s Party dies at age 72

The founder of Singapore People’s Party (SPP) has passed away on Monday night (Feb 27) aged 72, from prostate cancer.

The late Mr Sin Kek Tong

The late Mr Sin Kek Tong founded the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) in 1994 and had contested in six General Elections spanning more than 2 decades.

Mr Sin garnered 41.2 per cent of the vote in his first election in 1988 under the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) banner, losing to Mr Goh Choon Kang of the People’s Action Party.

He subsequently left the SDP and formed the SPP with a breakaway faction, after a split in the party over Mr Chiam See Tong’s leadership.

The veteran opposition last contested the 2011 General Election, and stepped down as SPP chairman in 2012, citing health reasons and the need to refresh the party leadership.

Mr Sin is survived by his wife, two daughters, a son and three grandchildren.

His wake is at Block 9C, Boon Tiong Road, off Tiong Bahru Road, until today. He will be cremated tomorrow at Mandai Crematorium.

The [email protected] would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family.



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9 Responses to “Founder of Singapore People’s Party dies at age 72”

  • LIONS:



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  • Orang Miskin:

    Sin Kek Tong was part of that generation of opposition leaders fighting courageously against the PAP juggernaut at a time when there was no social media to counter the one-sided propapanda battle. It was unfortunate that he could not make it to Parliament – where he would have been a good voice for the common man. Like Png Eng Huat, for example, is.

    May he rest in peace. Here’s a heartfelt salute from an ordinary Singaporean.

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  • MarBowling:

    Mr Sin under SDP Flag should have won the Braddell Heights SMC in 1988 against the PAPigs’ candidate Boh Chu Kang(aka didn’t do his work). Because in the next GE, Braddell Heights SMC was swallowed up by Marine Parade GRC under Woody. Braddell Heights was nearer to AMK or Toa Payoh and yet the PAPigs did the usual dirty trick by putting it under Woody…macham Pow Chek! Mr Sin indeed is a nice person. Condolences to his family.

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  • 鸟龍的人:


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  • Sad News:

    Sad to hear this news.

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  • Condolence to his family:

    My condolence to his family members.

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  • rukidding:

    May GOD Bless him !

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  • FL:

    In the 1988 GE, Mr Sin Kek Tong lost by a very close margin at the then Braddell Heights single constituency. And everyone was hopeful came the next GE that Mr Sin would re-contest the same constituency, but the said constituency was “swallowed up” by you know who’s GRC then. Like many, I was very disappointed with this tactic by you know who. Nevertheless, Mr Sin was brave fighter against all odds. My heartfelt condolences to Mr Sin’s loved ones.

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  • Wong Swee Kiat:

    Few of the 70% and 30% know his contributions.
    Sad for people who sacrificed to fight for the rights of the 70% and the 30%.
    The people top in maths and science.

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