The True Benefits of Singapore and Philippines Economic and Business Cooperation

Through its trade promotion agency, International Enterprise Singapore, and with the support of both Singapore and the Philippines governments, Singaporean companies are being encouraged to expand their trade across the Philippines, beyond the boundaries of Manila. The cooperation is set to allow Singaporean companies access to more resources and opportunities.

This is an unprecedented move that can bring a lot of benefits, not only to the companies involved but to investors as well. What are the true benefits of this cooperation for investors? That is what we are going to review in this article.

More Projects in the Philippines
One of the direct benefits enjoyed by companies is access to more projects in the Philippines. IE Singapore has been helping companies in various industries gain their first projects in the partner country. Companies operating in industries such as renewable energy and retail are said to be the ones gaining the most advantage.

Back home, these companies are also showing an increase in share prices. This translates to plenty of investment opportunities for investors. The growth in value and the fact that these companies are shaping a much better outlook for 2017 simply make these investments too good to miss.

Tourism and Other Specific Industries
Companies who are operating directly in the Philippines are not the one enjoying the added benefits. Singapore and the Philippines have a long standing relationship in tourism and other specific industries. Singapore, for instance, is visited by over 500,000 Filipino tourists each year. In return, a lot of Singaporeans visit the gorgeous islands of the Philippines.

Tourism and its supporting industries will enjoy a nice boost in performance next year, too. These are the industries you want to look into if you’re looking for direct investment opportunities, as well as shares to invest in on the market. Both President Duterte and Dr Tan are showing strong commitments towards further enhancing both countries’ tourism and cultural cooperation.

Changes on the Market
Let’s not forget that the new cooperation agreement between the two countries will also shape the market in general. The foreign exchange market is already showing signs of change, with certain pairs involving the SGD reacting to this latest development. Their respective stock indices will also likely reflect positive developments from the cooperation.

Since most of the best-performing companies are those whose businesses are benefiting from the new agreement, it is easy to predict future market movements. You will be able to stay profitable without having to bear a lot of risks along the way. Pair that with the fact that indices are relatively safe and less volatile, and you have a good investment instrument to use.

There is no doubt that this new cooperation between the two countries are good, both for the economies as a whole and for businesses who gain new opportunities to explore after the recent economic downturn. It is just a matter of time before these benefits start affecting the markets even further and presenting more opportunities for investors to make a healthy return on investments.


by Marcus Turner Jones



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5 Responses to “The True Benefits of Singapore and Philippines Economic and Business Cooperation”

  • LIONS:

    The co-operation is to benefit TH N PAP LAPDPG$.
    As far as sgs are concerned,the impact will mostly be negative in terms if LABOUR “TRANSFER”?

    Same as that with India;soon,the peenoise govt will demand the daft SG GAHHEN to “open” their legs wider to absorb more of their unemployed.

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  • PAP Contempt of Citizens:

    One thing i believe the writer is off the mark bigly – Pinoys has benefited so hugely from PAP so lax immigration policy of allowing them to work one month visa free in pubs where their takings easily avg $2000 monthly,and a second month extensio, so, $4000 for 2 months probably they can get in a year back home.

    Of course Bedok police conduct raids once in a while for showy purposes.

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  • Spurm:

    Some maids are suspected to be doing freelance prostitution at hdb estates almost blatantly.

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  • Bapak:

    Did the writer knows IES is the most jiak liow bee organization? Once, l attended an international trade show overseas in the Singapore Pavilion supported by lES iMAP Scheme. Other trade country representatives were busy helping their country participating companies arrange business meetings, IES people never even show up because our PAP appointed Ambassador never even attended the Opening Ceremony.

    Another incident went to SG Embassy in one country to look for IES Officer. Sitting there was a foreigner giving lip-service but actually she was preparing help Master Degrees. That job to her was a gift from PAP G.

    So what help are we talking about?

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  • Damn funny:

    “The True Benefits of Singapore and Philippines Economic and Business Cooperation” – benefitting GLCs and more Philippine nationals in Singapore.

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