SDP Welcomes Govt’s Plan to Raise Smoking Age

The SDP welcomes the Government’s move to raise the minimum legal age to smoke, buy and possess cigarettes from 18 to 21. Smoking is without doubt a health hazard and measures to curb the habit especially among the youth is to be supported.

The smoking habit is picked up by many in their late teens and the prohibition for persons in this age group to smoke is beneficial for those affected as well as for society in general.

Singapore Democrats



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8 Responses to “SDP Welcomes Govt’s Plan to Raise Smoking Age”

  • special permit2 be issued:

    how PAP going to manage this? > Youths above 18 who are already smokers will not be affected by the change. these youths will be issued with a special permit? SDP how duh?

    and what is the PAP going to do to kids who pick up the habit after the ban is made into law. fine? jail? suspended from school? tell their mother father?

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  • tfvgybhunj:

    I would say ban smoking completely, ban it like chewing gums. Can buy from overseas, can smoke but cannot sell or buy them here. It is not right to earn from such vice business where one side be good, another side encourage and make money from it. We can still earning money from other vice businesses.

    If people want to bypass this, they can simply go geylang and buy. It might be even cheaper.

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  • Samuel S:

    Why it takes year to finalize the implementation? I thought this government is very efficient – they can ban alcohol consumption after 10.30 and ban sales in Little India with SPEED!

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  • Jerk Neo:

    I call for the raising of tariff on Cigarettes.
    In exchange for the lowering on electricity or water tariff.
    This means something like raising by at least 300% to 1000% , as long as sufficient to lower water bills.

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  • LIONS:

    SDP,but the gahmen are the worst “SMOKERS” lah!
    They are so good at “smoking” that keep CONNING 70 PXT OF “EDUCATED” VOTERS.

    Sometimes,they sent their jesters like Zorro;at other times,some PROFESSOR BOZO? …like DEMAND FOR WATER IN SG IS PRICE INELASTIC even as my water bill keeps creeping higher n higher despite my consumption remaining more or less constant.
    They smoke so often from telling us ,”Every sg counts” to “FTs will create more jobs for sgs” and NO SG WILL BE LEFT BEHIND?


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  • ITE Only:

    Well, the intention is good but nowadays young teen smokers are smart.

    They can get retirees or adults to purchase for them foc or for a small fee.

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  • Lye Khuen Way:

    I too support this long overdue move by our coverment.

    Perhaps, it’s the nitty-gritty details on how to implement and handle those say, aged 19 now who had already picked up the addiction that scared the shit, so to speak out of the Top Civil Servants and their political masters all these years!

    Anyway, good policy, PAP. Don’t say I never appreciate good work from the ruling party.

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  • NotSayISayHor:

    Haha! Love yr comment Lion!

    Gd intention I agree bt sad to say nt gonna do much change anywway..

    Total ban on smoking? wait long long lah..Govt wil NVR wana lose the rev fr ciggys & alcohol lah..

    Watever topics we discuss / rant / comment on all other websites..most impt is let yr vote do the talking ya..if nt, talk every 5 yrs bt in the end, balls shrieked & vote for Pappies again..proven b4 ya..

    I hv nvr been a part of the 70% cz SG wil NT DIE even if we have 30 more Opp MPs..Bt they will nvr say dat, u know I know lah..I believe SG wil truly become a Country again when we VTO..Change is always HARD bt dis is the only way..God Bless us all..Good week to All!

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