Water price increase by 453% from 1990 to 2018?

Big thank you to ES.

My regular insider ES sent me the following link

Water: $0.53 per cu m in 1990?

– which indicates that the price of water was only $0.53 per cu m in 1990.



Water: $2.93 from 1 July 2018?

The price of water is now $2.25 ($2.10 + 7% GST) and will be about $2.93 ($2.74 + 7% GST) after the 30 per cent increase from 1 July 2018.

Water price increase by 453% from 1990 to 2018?

So, does it mean that the price of water may increase by about 453 per cent from $0.53 in 1990 to $2.93 from 1 July, 2018?

Water price increase by 396% in real terms from 1990 to 2018?

Since inflation was about 57 per cent from 1990 (CPI 63.058) to 2016 (CPI 98.932) – does it mean that the price of water may increase by about 396 per cent (453 – 57, assuming 0 inflation from 2017 to 2018) in real terms, by 1 July 2018?

P.S. You may like to watch this 90 seconds video on the Water Price Increase




Leong Sze Hian



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14 Responses to “Water price increase by 453% from 1990 to 2018?”

  • oxygen:

    CREEPING INFLATION in water price escalation now going for the BIG UPLIFT.How many of the 70% daft peasants are aware of or bother to keep tab – having been bogged down by the grinding crush of day-to-day living pressures including cost of living brought about by runaway housing costs and other public services?

    Retirees without an income means AND LOCKED OUT OF THEIR CPF SAVINGS and the low income households are going to live WAY BELOW POVERTY LINE within a few years.

    A lot are in for the BIG SHOCK triggered by a FAILED MAXED OUT ECONOMY which had been mismanaged for decades now.

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  • Uncle Lim:

    Thanks Leong for your tireless efforts in raising questions.

    The culture of greed of the regime is driving people mad.

    Everything is double or tripped taxed.

    For instance, there’s the Additional Registration Fee for cars. If you renew your COE, the regime pockets your PARF value. Then imposes a tax surcharge on your road tax. What the F*** for?

    In Msia, the lower income groups pay ZERO if their utilities bill falls below a certain figure.

    A backlash is overdue.

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  • HHh:

    Not sure why pap supporters say yes to everything from PAP, can anyone tell me? They make millions? Or they are very rich?

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  • LIONS:

    Leong kor,tell that to that Professor ,Winsemus Chair at NTU.
    That guy says WATER DEMAND in Sg cannot be PRICE INELASTIC?

    Think he better go n read PROF LIM CHONG YAH!s humble book on ELASTICY before he comes n TCSS next time.

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  • MacRitchie:

    Whenever I travel along the reservoirs, I notices earlier in the morning, tons of water will be released into
    the drains.
    All this are waste water. NO. CLEAN WATER.
    Yet they keep increasing water prices. THese PAP Ministers are useless especially MASANGO.!

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  • opposition:

    Hi Mr Leong,

    How about you show us what is the median salary increase of an average Singaporean from 1990 to 2018 to make a better comparison of water affordability.

    While you are at it, why don’t also show us the median property price increase from 1990 to 2018 to make another comparison.

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  • oxygen:

    I KEEP WONDERING ALOUD IN MY MIND these two possibilities – the water price hike escalation will be followed by similar escalation soon on power bills on grounds of carbon tax. By riding on both, there will be further escalation in water price hike in 2018 with the view to these possible outcome

    - public listing of PUB on SGX or

    - sold to foreign investors at a huge premium based on ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED BUT DURABLE EARNINGS (since the new buyers are not stupid to lower price of water after that given the captive base)

    PAPpys NEVER TALKED SH*T ABOUT ”STRATEGIC, EXISTENTIAL SURVIVAL, OR NATIONAL SECURITY RISKS” when they sold our power plants to foreign investors and they also SOLD Singapore Petroleum Company to PetroChina. They were sold like unwanted orphans to the highest bidder in the market-place.

    Now with PUB, they talked CAWKED of strategic, existential survival or national security risks ON EVERY POLITICAL STAGE, PLATFORM AND THEIR APPROVED MEDIA F*RTING THE SAME ECHO except talking about revenue, profit and cash flow.

    They talked SEMANTIC & RHETORIC of mind manipulation BUT NEVER NEVER NEVER about finance/accounting numbers and INVESTMENT VALUATION.

    As it is, my research shows PUB is earning as a rate of return of 3.2% on accounting basis – same as the AVERAGE DIVIDEND YIELDS of utilities in the US over a 10 year period – this is roughly equal to the PUB bond yields of 2.8% to 3.6% range. Read my writing at this weblink.

    Water Price Hike – what the numbers means


    After the 30% price hike, the rate of return is 10.2% on capital employed on a pro-forma accrual accounting basis

    Since the earning rate of PUB (post water price hike) is 3X the average dividend yield on US utilities, the share price or valuation per share it commands must also, theoretically, be 3X the valuation of utilities listed in the US.

    Foreign investors will rush in to buy the shares in PUB and consumers in Sinkieland will from that point begging for water at slavery bondage ransom. The buyers who pay inflated price for PUB shares, assumed listing, wants to recoup its capital as soon as possible. They start from an inflated platform of elevated water price (after the 30% hike) and work the arithmetic of profit exploitation from that point of consumer trapped enslavement.

    THE PAPpys have been DIAM DIAM DIAM on accounting/finance numbers in this water price hike issue – I smell the dead rotten rat that SOMETHING IS DRASTICALLY WRONG and CONCEALED from the public mind.

    WAKE UP, this lot of 70% daft TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THEY ARE STUPID. Will PAPPys talk about accounting/finance numbers? DREAM ON!!

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  • hhh:

    Its a very strange country, citizens are more interested in Pink Dot than CPF or Water Hike.

    Recently, Netizens more concerned a breast than anything else.

    Are they called daft and stupid for nothing?

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  • MarBowling:

    The Bugger who gives the Order to increase everything(esp water tariffs) in the current bad economic environment which is experienced esp by the lower income and elderly folks, will Definitely Kenna Karma when he finally meets his Maker:NO ONE TO “CARRY WATER” for him during his funeral! Heaven and the Barn Owl are watching closely All his $neaky Move$$$$$$$$$$$ to fill up the Mother of All Big $hitHOle$ behind his Backside oops Backyard which was dug up by someone with an Extended Rude Middle Finger!

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  • C'est la vie:

    All of these “priceless” facts and figures will only be further embarrassment (assuming the ministers have pride to even feel this), to the already haphazard, hastily presented hike, by the Govt !!!

    Such stats and purposeful reporting, should be the dormain of the “papers”.

    Singaporeans truly and factually do not know what they have and what they are missing !!!

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  • singapore cowboy:

    some smart guys shud go check on TH n see if there are hidden losses on overseas investments.
    many times,they collect more money after they lose big overseas.

    make money from poor sgs n squander away big time on foreigners.

    this is the real KPI of PAP ministers.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Singapore Cowboy

    GIC is a substantial shareholder of Australian nuclear energy stock – Paladin Energy.

    singapore cowboy: some smart guys shud go check on TH n see if there are hidden losses on overseas investments.
    many times,they collect more money after they lose big overseas.

    And guess what Paladin Energy told its shareholders in January this year? Here you go

    Paladin Energy:Paladin Energy wishes to point out that the Restructuring Proposal remains highly conditional and in the absence of alternatives (e.g. LHM Stake Sale) its failure could have grave consequences

    Paladin Energy is now in voluntary suspension of its share trading.


    How many shares GIC holds in Paladin despite official denial in Parliament?



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  • RDB:

    And so One & All,

    Isn’t it now proven by themselves that PAP_PUB IS Pay-And-Pay_Pay-Until-Broke!

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  • Multi-Tier Water Pricing:

    The 2-tier water pricing is inadequately reflecting water consumption pattern
    Propose 3-tier water pricing:
    0~30 cubic meter, 30~60 cubic meter, more than 60 cubic meter
    Majority household with 4~5 persons would not consume more than 30 cubic meter per month, esp HDB residents, they therefore should not be penalised and subjected to any water price increase
    5~6 cubic meter per person per month is basic human necessity, esp for Singapore climate

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