Civil servant Aleksandar Duric cast a slur on academies but had no coaching licence

The Government’s ActiveSG Football Academy is not only killing Singaporean livelihoods, but it has also employed a Principal who was not qualified as a coach when he was employed.

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Aleksandar Duric, who is the Principal of the ActiveSG Football Academy, was appointed last year and it was reported on 30 January 2016 that he would be “taking a managerial role, in charge of assembling and managing a team of partners and coaches for delivering the academy’s programmes.”

However, he did not have a coaching licence then.

In fact, he only received his ‘C’ licence, which is the lowest grade of coaching, in February 2017.

TOC received a private message about Duric’s coaching credentials (or lack of) in a private message, which prompted us to check.

TOC posed the following questions to Sport Singapore about the appointment of Duric, who is a former national footballer.

TOC’s questions were directed at Sport Singapore’s Director Lee Huei Chern as follows:

  • What qualifications does Aleksandar Duric have in terms of coaching? Obviously not much, without much experience.
  • How many years has he been involved in youth development at the academy level? No one seems to know as he was an assistant coach and fitness trainer at Tampines after he retired from playing.
  • As Sport Singapore is a government agency, what process did it go through before appointing him as Principal? What was the open recruitment process and who were the other candidates? There was none.

Can Sport Singapore explain why?

To date, Sport Singapore has not responded to the queries.

What is also disturbing is that despite not having a coaching licence, Duric made these comments at the “Ideas for Change” discussion which was organised by Football Association of Singapore on 9 March, which was attended by the CEO of Sport Singapore, Lim Teck Yin.

Duric said “I really worry about Singapore football, where it is headed to, when you allow unqualified coaches who don’t teach the kids the proper way. There are so many so-called coaches in some academies who are not up to the mark and it’s a serious situation the Football Association of Singapore must address.”

The comments were made by Duric, a civil servant, without giving any evidence or facts to back his claim.

And his accusation about coaches at academies not being up to mark, without any examples or evidence is unwarranted from a civil servant as it casts a slur on people who are trying to earn a living.


* Editorial by The Online Citizen.



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9 Responses to “Civil servant Aleksandar Duric cast a slur on academies but had no coaching licence”

  • hhh:

    Anything that makes money, PAP wants to compete, thus this whole set up with Alexander as the manager.

    Who cares? PAP will do whatever they want and no one can stop them. 70% mandate and no one will even bother to read who is who.

    This is the pathetic state of this country.

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  • Bapak:

    Once upon a time in SG.
    Interviewer – Do you have a professional coaching licence?
    Candidate – No.
    Interviewer – Why you apply then?
    Candidate – I can say YES all the time.
    Interviewer – You are hired!!!

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  • LIONS:

    Well,everywhere in the GOVT,stats board or even TLCs n orivate sector,LAZY “BIG MOUTH” IDIOTS are taking charge.

    Wise men used to say you pay peanuts,you get nonkeys; in $in City,you pay MILLION$ ,you get worse than monkeys,you get IDIOTS!

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  • nizhemoshou:

    A pot calling a kettle black . Himself no coaching licence when he was lst hired sometime ago. Now only have the lowest grade coaching licence. Want to talk big and criticise other lesser ooaches .

    This bugger who mus b an eastern european judging from his name, mus be an economic refugee from there. Bet he couldnt earn his keep as a ftballer in Europe as his jftball skill not good enough for Euriopean football league std .and so he grabbed the opportunity to play in SG at the time where a Ftrash is called Ftalent. by Sg govt. Here he even enjoys fasttracked promotion to b coach managerr after retiring as ftballer. .

    SG ftball will get nowhere precisely bcos of trash like him is appointed by pap govt to b in-charge.

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  • AiYoYo:

    Please lah give me a break! Is there anybody from Singapore who is qualified to play or to coach football? Alex Duric might not YET be a professional coach but he knows more football than anybody from Singapore combined. The guy was representing Singapore into his 40′s. So you don’t want him to coach, you want him to play for SG in his 50′s?

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  • singapore cowboy:

    THOUGHT ONLY miw TALK COCK SING SONG,now,ang moh tua kee also same.

    sgs kena shit again.

    GD Star Rating
  • vtfgybhun:

    Singapore will never achieve anything with the current PAP leaders, this is what we called we voted for what you deserve. We can never make into world cup without the help of FT…

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  • durex:

    Who is this Durex? What did he help Sg football to achieve? What are his contributions to Sg?

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  • Failure In PAP:

    PAP leadership has FAILED.

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