Double-standard by Tanjong Pagar GRC and LTA on Linkway

They took around 4 to 5 months to build the linkway between Blk 9 Gloucester Road and Blk 50 Dorset Road and from the picture you can see it is not linked. The work is incomplete. The incomplete linkway at Blk 9 Gloucester Road has rain poured in the linkway gap between incomplete linkway and Blk 9 Gloucester Road when it rains.

Just across the road where the private apartment is is a new linkway built, completed within a month or so.

It is puzzling as to why they cannot be bothered to complete the linkway between the 2 HDB blocks but was fast in bulding a new and complete linkway in the premises of PRIVATE APARTMENT.

There are 1 primary school, 1 preschool and a community centre with preschoolers, students, residents, users, participants of community centre using the linkway but they have no commitment like they had for the linkway in front of the private apartment to complete the building of the linkway between Blk 9 and Blk 50. The double-standard is clear like water.

The above was written to help an auntie who is illiterate voiced out the problem.


SwaZi Yang



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11 Responses to “Double-standard by Tanjong Pagar GRC and LTA on Linkway”

  • KNN:

    You forgot to ask that Auntie whether she voted for PAP or Oppo?!?! She live so old already still dunno You Die Is Your Biz haarr?!?! Let limpeh educate her!!!

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  • Bapak:

    There must be a lot of opposition voters living at the other blocks.

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  • LIONS:

    Ask the relevant ministry n see what their excuse is?

    Tell you,thry will come out with ten thousands reasons!
    The ONLY REA$ON i can see is IN $in City ,MONEY REALLY TALKS.
    It is not just a phrase,IT IS A REALITY,ya?

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  • private on weekday hdb w/end:

    This thing had been going on for many years. Contractor will schedule works on private project on weekday as the private sector have project officers to look look see see. Something wrong or delay in progress, they kpkb. But on those people living in hdb, nobody will care. Complain many many also no used lah.

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  • singapore cowboy:

    well,maybe the contractor got under-table money from private developer,so, quickly build?

    or,maybe govt officials took bribes process faster?
    anything possible in SIN CITY.

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  • Simple Reason...:

    The Linkway gap is not budgeted!

    Wait for next FY!

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  • APATHY at top and bottom:

    Dont know .. and dont care.. a cancer growing within the establishments.
    The income gaps and disparity is so wide that the bottom ranks are saying… dont know.. dont care.
    Those at the top are under hynoptic drugs to screw the bottom rank to work harder , this is groundswell reaction to shows the top are totally useless and a dressed up jaded cosmetics.
    What does it takes for civilians ot take to the streets? When they are evicted from their homes after water & electricty are cut off?
    or for linkway to be connected?

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  • C'est la vie:

    Singaporeans’ ability to take “crap” and then ……. “more crap” from the Govt whom they voted for and still believe in, and idolise ……….. will prove, beyond any doubt that millions can all be deaf, blind and rendered stupid, all at the same time !!!

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  • Where is the MP?:

    Not in Parliament!

    Not there to correct fault!

    Boh Chup?

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  • Next GE:

    Simple Reason...: The Linkway gap is not budgeted!Wait for next FY!

    No… wait when next GE closer..

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  • factotum:

    The new link bridge (with roof) over the canal behind the ICA Building was completed two years ago but till now I don’t know why there is still no covered linkway at both ends of the bridge.

    So when it rains people without umbrellas, etc. have to wait at the ICA Building corridor or at the HDB pavilion depending on which direction they are going, for the rain to lessen or stop.

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