Got to Pay and Pay for personal safety

It’s seldom that I get to know a anti-PAP cybernut in the flesh. But there are exceptions.

Recently I read a headline in ST:

Woman shot 6 times while driving in Penang: 5 other deadly incidents in Malaysia.

12.20 pm: I juz read that yesterday, two men tried to swim from  Johor,  and earlier a number of monkeys ran across the Causeway into Johor.

Only monkeys don’t want to live here.


It reminded me know a real cybernut who only feels safe here.

Three years ago, he told me he was moving to Malaya. Since then he sounded uncomfortable whenever I asked him when he was moving. In December, I met his wife and she told me that they didn;t move because he didn’t feel safe in Malaya. So he decided to stay here.

Btw, she was laughing at him getting all worked up and ranting about the PAP on social media. She said why get worked up but not bother to try to do anything?

He has complained before that she votes for the PAP.

Well with a hubbie like that, God be praised. He’s so bad that when she came into some money recently and I told my mum the fact, my mum said “Hope she keeps the money from him.He’ll squander it.”

She is.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.




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7 Responses to “Got to Pay and Pay for personal safety”

  • LIONS:

    seriously,why is SG safe STILL?

    there are still good n gracious sgs amongst us.
    they are the UNACCOUNTED FOR ‘GOODWILL’ in our national balance sheet.


    IF NOT,WHY DO UNCOUTH N CHEATING aliens still love coming here?

    the PAP is the reason?
    tell you,my foot!!!!

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  • rukidding:

    Stupid article !

    I guess “Bo Pian”…..TRE had to “entertaint clowns” like Cynical , otherwise those PAP “nuts” will say TRE is baised .

    Anyway, its good to let people know that PAP supporters are “damned stupid” !

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  • Hank:

    Wow Malaysia is so unsafe! So all Malaysians should leave their country too huh? Oh btw, crime rates are higher in Australia, UK, US, South America….

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  • Ah Peng Kia:

    CI’s articles are often pointless and make little sense. This is another one of those.

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  • zika:

    Malaysia is so big, which part is exactly unsafe? Didn’t Uncle Leong earlier wrote about visiting a sinkie who retire song song in Desaru?

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  • RDB:

    With the PAP latest 30% water tariff increase before Water Conservation Tax, Water Consumption Tax & GST added on top, hasn’t PAP_PUB self proven to all their some 40 years reputation nicknames as Pay And Pay_Pay Until Broke!

    Thus, can CI also vie in as Clinical Investor like that husband character he shares about. Likely someone he knows too.

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  • MarBowling:

    Talk to few badminton kakis who are Ah Neh and PRC FTs and all say they chose RD NOT because they like the PAPigs…they come or later may become SPR or citizen because of SECURITY meaning SAFETY! Back home, they face all sort of uncertainty….esp couldn’t walk the street after sunset, have to pay to certain people to get things done! Here, if they have deep pocket, they can also walk sideways maham like Crab!

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