Unemployed Singaporean’s data so bad that it cannot be published?

I refer to the article “Two-track labour market emerging” (Straits Times, Mar 16).

It states that “Track one: Local unemployment rose last year. There were more local workers – Singaporeans and permanent residents – who want to work but could not find work.

Employment change last year – 11,200 ‘local’ jobs

But even as unemployment rose, so did employment. Employers added 11,200 more local workers to their payrolls last year.”

How many ‘local’ jobs to S’poreans – 30,000 new PRs and 20,000 new citizens granted?

With an average of about 30,000 new permanent residents (PRs) and 20,000 new citizens granted per year, in the last decade or so – how many of the 11,200 locals’ employment change went to Singaporeans?

How many of the new PRs and new citizens granted last year were working – and thus re-classified as “local” workers in the workforce?

No more non-seasonally adjusted unemployment data?

As to “Last year’s 3 per cent resident unemployment rate is the highest since 2010, when Singapore was hit by the global financial crisis” – why is it that the labour market report no longer contains the non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for citizens and residents, and the number of unemployed citizens and residents?

4.1% unemployment rate, 92,300 unemployed S’poreans in June 2016?

Since the non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for citizens was 4.1 per cent in June last year and the number of unemployed citizens was 92,300, compared to the average annual unemployment rate for citizens of 3.1 per cent and 67,300 unemployed citizens in December last year – you can see that there may be a very big difference between the non-seasonally adjusted (4,1%, 92,300 in June) and the average annual data (3.1%, 67,300 in December).

Now only recently newly invented “average annual unemployment” data?

Why is it that the narrative in the labour market report and media reports now only focus on the average annual unemployment rate which I understand was until recently – never used to report labour data in the past?

Data so bad that become “unpublishable”?

Is it remotely possible that perhaps the non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for citizens and the number of unemployed citizens, may have gotten worse with the worsening economic downturn – such that these statistics may have become “unpublishable”?

No breakdown for Long-Term Unemployed?

Since the unemployed data can be broken down into citizens and residents -why can’t the Long-term Unemployed (17,000 residents) be similarly broken down too?


Leong Sze Hian



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21 Responses to “Unemployed Singaporean’s data so bad that it cannot be published?”

  • Uncle Lim:

    Oppressive and ultra regime playing with words that’s all. They are gambling with our lives.

    They must show on paper impressive plans bad skewed statistics to please their political master.

    They hope nobody can poke holes in their claims or persist in pursuing the truth.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Alarmak this will make that Sia Suay Lim to cry more.

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  • Mr Leong Fan:

    Mr Leong never alleges but asks pertinent questions phrased intelligently with a tinge of scholarsticity.

    With Uber Grab, Foodpanda et al, jobless rate becomes very low.

    These are technically self-employed as they are not employees at all. Partners only.

    My point is jobless rate and unemployment rate is fully hacked and designed around using statistical methods.

    Their original intended meanings and purpose are now lost and gone.

    Many structurally unemployed have become delivery man.

    This statistic is unmeasured. This is the issue.

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  • Heart of glass:

    Where is uncle Redbean?
    No articles from him for some weeks. Miss reading his posts.
    Hope he is well.

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  • SG model is influx:

    The world changed since Brexit and Trump victory and the backlash experienced in the west due to mismanaged globalisation.
    But SG never changed and it cannot afford to change because it only has 1 solution for economic growth and that is MORE OF THE SAME. Same but MORE of the same.

    Its relying on the crutch of influx.

    We see its state medias advertising sg as the beacon of job opportunities and wealth creation.
    It wants to lure foreigners here .
    They need to paint a rosey picture.
    They have been able to because of total control of media and almost every other thing.

    They can say its for the love of the country they doing what they doing.

    Duterte can say the same for the tough laws and killings of suspected drug addicts.

    For my sake, i would say that everything the garment has done is selfishlessly for the love of the country.

    The world highest salaries etc, all for the love of the country. Its a sacrifice they make.

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  • Rama:

    Uncle Lim:
    Oppressive and ultra regime playing with words that’s all. They are gambling with our lives.

    They must show on paper impressive plans bad skewed statistics to please their political master.

    They hope nobody can poke holes in their claims or persist in pursuing the truth.

    You forgot the 70% intentionally gave them the mandate?
    It was all premeditated and they votted intentionally.
    You are outnumbered.

    In terms of statistics, who knows how many of this 70% are new citizens?
    Of course we are assuming no PRs got to vote.

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  • 1 simple question:

    53000 jobless singaporeans became self employed by driving uber n grab?

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  • chiak luck:

    Chiak lah …

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  • opposition dude:

    Remember the Rule of 3. Whatever the percentage given, multiply it by 3. Then you get just how many of us are unemployed.

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  • PAP "opaque" as ever:

    Not surprised. PAP lacks openness and transparency. That is why it has managed to stay in power for so long. Starting with the self-serving LKY it has brainwashed Singaporeans to keep quiet, do not ask questions and do what the PAP says.

    Bottom line: Singaporeans deserved to be screwed by PAP for being stupid.

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  • Ah Peng Kia:

    As Singaporeans become less apathetic and more analytical, the government has had to become more “creative” in how they are reporting and collecting data. Their objective remains the same, half truths and obfuscate, to protect their rice bowl and hang on to power.

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  • give your arse to PIGS:

    make yu feel the pain..AND THE PRICE
    1. use barrages of linggui water level is very low..do i look after nation wide water problems or a couple of misplaced pmets?
    2. Use barrages that we are facing threats from the IS extremists.. right at doorstep batam? feel the pain yet?

    when suharto fell, was indonesia doomed? make you feel without pap, singapore is doomed.. really?
    Did indonesia fall apart under megawati? under Habibie?

    Singapore in doomed in the hands of these million dollars apathetic suckers/ministers who are cueless on the plights of this country.. one passionate plea from a NMP – isnt it comical? In the old adage “The Greed over money exceeds all virtues”. This NMP plea can go to hell and falls on deaf ears. The YES-ministers knows they need tow the line in a military organisation. l

    Under this scenario – Who watches over /governs over the PM for correctness? Heis too occupied to make sure there is no competitor for pap-appointed president candidates.

    Let there be more PMET out of work before you feel the pain and the PRICE for voting for one party rule for the last 47 years. The cabinets are made up of YES-MAN Generals who understand an organisation is most effective with “YES SIR, Those who voted can offer their arse to be screwed.

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  • Taxi Uncle Lim Kopi:

    Do you guys know why so many 40-something PMETs are out of job now? I tell you why, in case some day-dreaming policy makers did not get it.

    Most of them (who graduated in the 90s from polys) were shut out of our own universities like NUS and NTU for a formal professional degree. Back then there was an industry boom on engineering and computers and networks. They were needed to work in these industries because a lot of investments were coming to Singapore at that time. They were actually sacrificed for industries.

    During those times, these PMETs took on these jobs and worked and worked like robots, only knowing one kind of skill, for example: mechanical is mechanical; IT network is IT network CCNA; software programming is software programming Java, etc. Back then poly education was to serve the industries; it was very difficult to get into NUS and NTU.

    When the industries changed, they were lost, because they did not get the much needed formal professional knowledge that would prepare them for innovation. That’s why they just stick to their own field for the rest of their lives, unable to jump out into the more integrated modern technology. They got axed in the end.

    So, don’t blame people for not upgrading. Don’t blame the PMETs. The PMETs are unemployed now because there was a serious flaw in university entry requirements in the 1990s. Singapore is not doing well in productivity and innovation now because you did not train up the Singapore core in the 1990s. Taiwan did, and they have Acer and all those electronic chips. We import too many FTs with no real skills. They are just here to make a better living. Do you see any Singapore Dell, Google or Huawei since we opened our floodgates in 2000?

    These PMETs are supposed to be the pillars of our core technologies. But where are they? They are jobless, sitting at home, driving a taxi like me, or selling noodles at MRT mini cafes, or lowering themselves to work in factories as operators instead of an engineer.

    Allow people to do a part-time degree as long as he has the basic requirements and as long as he wants to study (in any university). If ppl want to study for a Master’s, just let them study. If ppl want to study for a doctorate, just let them study. We have to open up our education more. Make these courses module form where he can stop and restart anytime if he wants. Don’t set a time limit for graduation.

    This is why we now have a big empty gap between these 40+ PMETs and 20+ youths. How do you bridge this gap of no technology transfer between generation? I leave it to the elites. They were paid millions.

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  • N.Jungne:

    //Data so bad that become “unpublishable”?//

    Response: No wonder the Sia Suay man pretended to cry.

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  • RDB:

    Dear Everyone and special thanks to you Uncle Leong Sze Hian.

    But why not as you Uncle Leong brought this up. Because…

    1. PAP + PUB is Pay And Pay to Pay Until Broke. A given and now proven truth by their water rate hike of the highest ever at 30%! And so they PAP has given credence to Singaporeans who called PUB as Pay Until Broke has never ever be wrong by agreeing to show with a 30% hike in rate charge!

    2. That said, how to trust their Shady Times that is so Shitty as 154th position for legitimacy reporting! As now MOM is helm by a minister who are these things:

    2.1 We will up the down turn economy!

    2.2 With “Cheaper Better Faster” (foreign talents of Lee Kuan Yew calibrations?). And than so too with “Cheaperer Betterer Fasterer” foreign workers after Lee Kuan Yew has declared in 2009 in support of his son PM3 he made, that “We need 900,000 more construction foreign workers”!

    2.3 Every morning at 10.30 I go to DTF restaurant for their Tim-Sum because their tooth pick packs tooth picks fitted his tooth gaps. Indeed as he boasted too as why he always took any used packs with tooth picks in then without any sense that he was indeed stealing or at least pilfering restaurant things provided for in house guest use. If this isn’t true, then he can so too take anything provided for his meals there too right! SUCH IS THE Mentality “QUAlity” of PAP’s ministers and 70% voted them as the best & only too? Not birds of the same feathers flock together meh?

    3. So there we have it straight from a past tense jack*ss’ mouth about growing GDP by population increase to build a PAP-Lee ConSumer EcoNoMy GDP and Et Cetera ETC!

    4. But then again, we have a 70% sanctioned Pee And Poo PM3 with self confirmed 20 years of apprenticeship, only to go that etc mile by further re-enforcing his personal moot point for Internet age media era to be certain that he meant that he will be as “I will most likely be the only PM with 20 years of apprenticeship”. And at September 11 class GE2011, 70% gullible Singaporeans gave him a n unashamed standing ovation for proving his metal to truly living up to his papa’s moot point of him being “very much a man of his own”. Papa was answering an investigating foreign journalist about the general perception was Lee Hsien Loong became PM(3) because he was his son you see!

    5. They like dis how not to be 154th out of a possible 186 lar! So ticklish about them with failed National “CONvastsations” too tio boh – w-boh? Now we 30% wisdom one if LHLLLLL & not LOLLLLL if stupider pre ex-PMO no portfolio minister now Minister of MOM as”Manpower Of Mana-ada” is truth be told? Who put him there? After how many years of apprenticeship in PMO spewing in item 2 above! Sheep are the most stupid. And…

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Leong. There is not need to break down on long term unemployment as they are mainly SG. FTs or new citizens will be back to their home countries when unemployed for sometime.

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  • For the love of the country:

    I wonder can they invoke the excuse that,
    it was not published OUT OF LOVE FOR THE COUNTRY?

    I think there is some merit to that.

    1. If foreigners know how bad the situation is, they may not come.
    As longan said , if we allow them, millions would want to come here.
    So, its for the love of the country.

    2. Hikes are also for the love of the country if you see it from the perspective that with hike, the country can collect more money from the poor and the rich. This is for spending on things like PGP (if lah) etc . So, from this perspective, its for the love of the country.

    So, my view is , for any amount of hike, they can just invoke the excuse that its for the love of the country, be it 30%, 40% or 100% water hike. Its all for the love of the country.

    This wonderful excuse i find can be used endlessly to justify any hike.

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  • Singaporean migrated to USA:

    Is there any economic downturn in Singapore ? Just to let you guys know there is absolutely no economic downturn in rest of the world at this point in time. So yes, if you are feeling pinch in your pocket something is ONLY WRONG IN SINGAPORE.

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  • Bebe:

    What unemployment figures?
    The gov is busy fixing the opposition, the locals, and massaging statistics.
    The strangulation of the locals are being tightened day by day; same with the opposition.
    All fees are increasing while pay stagnant.
    Fxxk the 70%.

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  • Neo:

    where got unemployed? you see these white monkeys telling you pushing cardboards for exercise serve 2 purpose. One to keep fit and other is employment. Or there are so many jobs in service lines such as hawker centre/foodcourt collecting and washing plates, cleaning services, security guards etc. So many jobs you CB SINKIES TOO CHOOSY liao. Also uber, grab driving is also being self employed. You can switch career like Zoro between PMET to become cleaners, drivers etc. Must do more skills upgrade also.

    And very sorry hor… if you wanna switch career to become million dollars MINI STARS you must fulfilled 2 criteria which 99% don’t have and can’t have.



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  • vincent Goh:

    I noticed that the only senior people who can get a job fairly easy are ex PAP MPs, ex Ministers N maybe PAP loyalists.. Seemed like these people have the jobs waiting in place for their retirement. Could be because of their vast experiences , contacts etc… It’s reminded me of companies going under whereby the only people who suffered most are the ordinary investors.

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