They No Longer Hear Us

The economy is sinking, highest unemployment for locals in years, the cry out is to prioritise locals first. Since GE 2011, they had been advised locals want to curb foreigners flooding this country. Yet until recently where local unemployment is now highest, there is no slowing down of taking in more foreigners and issuing more work passes. And even First Class Honours can’t find job. We are on our way to 7M, no longer a planning parameter, its going to go beyond 7M for sure.

Locals indicated they want Tharman for the top job, again this was not even look into, except race was quoted as a stopper.

We want affordable properties but prices never drop and keep escalating and recently remove some of the measures instead.

We do not want nuclear facility build on this island, but big hint on MSM that the govt is planning to go ahead.

We do not want another KFC and minority EP, yet we already been told a Mdm President is already in the works.

We want lower rental and no hikes in this poor economy and yet everything is going up fast and furious and ridiculous like water.

We do not want Satellite ERP, its coming after GE 2020 to make even more money.

We want govt to fund locals in their studies and not spend $400M grooming foreigners.

We want MPs to represent us in parliament to do robust debates to ensure our voices are heard but we have half empty parliament with
sleeping and bored souls.

There are a whole list of wishes that Singaporeans want to see but NONE will be heard nor implemented. This whole island is on “auto pilot” with good camouflaging from controlled MSM running fake surveys, reports and articles to tune and prep your brains into


DuGu QiuBai



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24 Responses to “They No Longer Hear Us”

  • Bitter Gourd:

    PAP has the mandate to do what it thinks is good. People have no guts to vote for change. They blindfold themselves so as not to see the urgly part and closed their ears to facts affecting Singaporeans future badly.

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  • Neo:

    Best gahmen in world. Will be the benchmark for the whole world. COLUPSION FREE. PAID WITH ONLY PEANUTS and YET WITH HIGHEST ESTEEM and MUST BE WORSHIPED.

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  • I agree:

    Empty parliament, Stimes published reports and surveys and PAP comes in to reinforce that is what we want and need, ask everyone to move on. Foreigners still imported by hundreds of 1000s despite locals being replaced and highest unemploymen at this current moment.

    They have 70% support!
    They have die hard pro supporters
    They have growing huge number of new citizens
    They have millions of incoming foreigners

    No need to listen anymore, everything is their auto pilot, at our expense.

    You happy?

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  • Bapak:

    Ever;y pre-GE period, PAP G gives out vouchers to make you happy. This pork-barrel is as good as buying votes. Ony stupid people will go for it and we have 70% here. World’s stuipidest citizens.

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  • clorox:

    the 70 percenters reply to the above article is:

    hokkien: ee ai cho simi khor ee cho lor – bo pien lay

    malay: kita da biasa dengan dia – taaaak paaaa laaaah!

    english: we have no testicles – no guts – no backbone – no hope

    tamil: (sorry i dont know tamil or else i wud put it in oso)

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  • LIONS:

    Seriously,after GE 2015,the VOICELSSS sgs have become even more voiceless than ever before!
    Price increases slap onto common sgs like NOBODY’s business.
    Even communist leaders are more careful n not reckless like the way the G here behaves.

    Yet,these same ABSENTEE MPs got the CHEEKS TO VOTE FOR SUCH INCREASES N OTHER DAFT POLICIES that work against the common sgs.

    If PAP MP s refuse to attend parliamentary debates,they shud also not be allowed to vote?!

    Why elect people who dont want to do parliamentary wirk n law-making but just raise their hands to support blindly anti-sgs policies n laws?!!!
    The parliament here is a total waste if taxpayers money itself by the very fact that there are such high absentism rate n yet they dare to vote to COLLECT MORE MONEY from voters???,

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  • Spurm:

    Whatever is your criticism abt the government , the FACT YOU NEED TO FACE is that 70% voted them despite everything you can say abt the government.

    Some may say who audited how this 70% come about ?

    But the proof is in the pudding . The water hike protest saw negligible turnout. The people are not interested in protesting the water hike.

    Else can anyone prove that the people are living in fear of the government and thats why despite their disapproval they did not turnout out of fear?

    I feel that the social media was not used effectively to let the people know of the protest.

    Looks like the protesters arw the unwanted child of the society. Most singaporeans happily accept the water hike.

    Majulah singapura!

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  • KNN:

    Wat the fiack?!?!? Complain so much for fiack?!?!? You fucking Sinkies all fucking deserve it!!!! Only know how to KPKB only. Election time all fucking vote PAPies. Selfish, self-centered, kiasu, kiasi, when fellow sinkies kena hantam overseas or even in sinkie-land also siam & act blur. All sinkies fucking cowards. Fully deserve getting fucked!!!

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  • always remember strong mandate:

    Stupid sinkies! The govt has a strong mandate to do what they think is best for Sg, nevermind what the people think. You want to be heard? Then do something about it!

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  • Tong Fang Pu Bai:

    7m is on standby for incoming voters from 3rd world cuntri, neber mind if they dun understand english is

    their blind votes tat counts.Tis is a major demographic overhaul.

    Pondan: ‘ Dun tell us how to run our cuntri ‘

    We may even abolish erections altogether as the party can ownself check ownself .

    U know wat ? The daft n subservient 70% will agree.

    Just pack up n run like the canadian brothers who was charged for NS liabilities.

    Talk abt catastrophe, we are looking at one.

    With halickmah n nerdy keechiu, we are looking at puppets on a string.

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  • Sr Citizen:

    Scores of literatures from global experts who had worked on debt crises elsewhere are also ignored. No one is asking for uncritical adoption of their suggested implementations of circuit breakers and bunkers for the now global headwinds, just to be debated. But ‘the scholar/general know best’. they too know to amplify and echo that “it is the global economy”. You pay millions for this statement ?

    Scores of literature from global experts (those who have credibilities in calling the 2008 GFC). Again, no public debates on their post crisis warnings. it has been 9 years. Again,’we know best’. The ‘we know best’ snake oil is augmented by the many riff-raffs here, including their talented or fake immigrants. Few of them who speak with intellectual honesties are muzzled from debates unless in conformity with their agendas.

    It is not about the economy and not only about not hearing the 30%. It is about the preservation of power best executed through a command and control economy. Militia minds and Generals breed well in this eco-system that shudder at the disruptions of the New Global Economy/4th Industrial Revolution. the latter have no place for control freaks and social engineering.

    Cheer them on to exacerbate the ‘lost generation’ and a basket case economy since the 70% love it.

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  • Python 5:

    you see debt consolidation plans offered by banks now become more and more rampant.
    obviously more and more ppl are drowning in debts and financial embarrassment.

    wait till the 3mth sibor rate shoots to the top.

    sibor today – about 0.90%
    sibor forecasted for end 2017 – 1.80%
    sibor during the asian financial crisis (JAN1998) – 12%

    I want to see how the 70% perished alongside their jobs, cars, condos, credit cards, debts, famililes and their fervent support for the PAP.

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  • BuyMeBakKutTeh:

    The 70% doesn’t mind le…. thank you to these idiot sinkies!

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  • Just1more:

    Singaporeans are like ostrich. Plunging their heads into the sand whenever there is problems. Sad! Wake up man. We are not asking you to disagree for the sake of disagreeing but voice up regarding our future.

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  • 1MDB vs TH:

    1MDB is said to have lost RM15.74 billion.

    Last heard TH lost S$24 billion?

    How come ‘noises’ up North so loud and hardly anyone say a word in SG?

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  • Analogical reasoning:

    “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.”
    - President Franklin Roosevelt

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  • KNS:

    We want PAPigs out but 70% are daft.

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  • PAPxit?:

    Anything can happen if increases keep coming!

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  • reminder to the 70%:

    They are acting like they are our lords and masters and we the peasants to be trodden on.
    Taking sgs for granted.
    I cant wait for the day to come…when sgs kick these pompous ‘aristocrats’ out of their ivory towers.

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  • nangar:

    They could no longer hear You because You people are far too noisy.

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  • Change takes centuries to cum:

    reminder to the 70%:
    They are acting like they are our lords and masters and we the peasants to be trodden on.
    Taking sgs for granted.
    I cant wait for the day to come…when sgs kick these pompous ‘aristocrats’ out of their ivory towers.

    This present cohort already brainwashed beyond hope.
    You can forget about having old dogs learning new tricks.
    It will take centuries for change to cum.

    By then , sg is completely unrecogbizable with new citizens the new natives.

    Trust me. Its gonna happen.

    Ronald Drump

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  • "Receivers" are off!:

    Only ‘on’ during General Elections!

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  • SRF:

    My same quote: Singapore is a communist country in democratic clothing

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