Who regulates the sports regulator

I am a sports coach for the last 20 years.

I am aghast when we freelance coaches and the National Sports Associations as well have to compete with Sport Singapore, a government agency, when Sport Singapore dips their fingers into offering and duplicating public football, basketball, tennis and other sports programs.

Sport Singapore has the facilities, the funds and the manpower. We coaches cannot compete on fair ground.


It came as a surprise to many of us that this sports regulator also does not play by its own rules.

It has been exposed that one of their most prominent coaches do not have the most basic FAS coaching license and NROC membership when he was hired. Worse he coached and was involved in shaping the football landscape. He was also congratulated by various Ministers such as Ms Grace Fu at numerous sports events.

This man is unqualified. There are many coaches like him including Mr Terry (football) and Mr Robert Davis who are also unqualified.

The Coaching Academy of Sport Singapore has mandated that all coaches enrol for NROC. MOE and ActiveSG require NROC. Yet Sport Singapore’s hires are exempted.

This is disgusting. I hope you can raise this in TR Emeritus.





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9 Responses to “Who regulates the sports regulator”

  • C'est la vie:

    When will it sink it …….. when !!!

    There’s no rules for them.
    Whilst there is for you, and then, some more.
    So stop whining and whinging.
    Just get on with it.
    Nothing will change.
    There isn’t enough of you, to make a difference; not even a dent.
    Just take it, on the chin and be an exemplary Singaporean.
    And just look forward, to more of the same.

    Majulah Singapura !!!

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  • Ah Peng Kia:

    Haven’t you realised? In Singapore, it’s one rule for them and another for us. Guess who gets their cake and eat it too?

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  • clorox:

    just like the White Tribe – i am assuming that they “ownself check ownself”?

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  • Ho Lee Sheet:

    Now then complain, too late or not? Ya la, many singaporeans when kena pricked by the needle then will feel the pain.

    All these FTs were given instant noodle, oops(!), instant citizenship under the FST scheme. Once their playing career is over, what can they do if they remain in sg? No qualifications. Roots not here. No sense of belonging, and with the living standard in sg being so high, of course they want to balek kampong and enjoy those monetary rewards and bonuses SPONSORED by sg poo!

    In order to stop them from dumping their citizenship like toilet papers so as to save pap’s face, how else to hold them back but to close the exit door and then open another door for them to walk in to become instant coaches?

    When PRC-born ex-ping pong nat’l player Jing JH was made head coach of the TT nat’l team, did anyone ask or voice out? Anyone ever asked if she is qualified with a coaching cert?

    Face it! With 70% winning votes, it’s only going to become worse for singaporeans. Elites – first class residents. FTs – 2nd class resisents. Even dogs of elites and FTs are 3rd class occupants. Native sg citizens? Bo class – will be treated the worst! Everything will be made difficult for us.

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  • Bapak:

    Don’t you know, this G is not interest in developing sports. They just want maximum control at all costs. Just look at all the paper generals, none has a single day of practical privatev working experience are put to run as CEO. NOL is gone, thanks to the aka North Korean look alike.

    They are so out of touch with the ground, they ended up TCSS. What have they done for Schooling? Nothing! But when he won the Olympic Gold Medal everyone wants him. What a shame! Singapore (not just sports) has no hope under PAP.

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  • FIFA's Intervention:

    Or else it will continue to be ‘monopolised’!

    Singaporeans want clean and fair elections.

    Will FAS leads the way?

    Oleh oleh oleh, oleh, oleh!

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  • Singaporeahseng:

    If this is true, we need to ask the Sports Council why?!

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  • You Decide...:

    One team is made up of ‘incumbents’ and include a PAP MP and a ex Army BG.

    The Underdog is a team similar to N Ganesan’s era (fcuk the red tape).

    May the deserving team wins?

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  • Google 'FIFA and FAS...':

    You can read all about it there!

    If this is true, we need to ask the Sports Council why?!

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