Do community bonds even exist anymore?

PM Lee suggested during the Emergency Preparedness Day at Teck Ghee yesterday that Singapore should strengthen community bonds, in order for terrorism threat to be flushed out. Agreed that this is the best way we can combat terrorism.

But, do community bonds still exists amongst residents? Maybe the older estates, where neighbours might have known each other for all their lives, these community bonds are strong. What about the newer estates? Places like Sengkang, Punggol?

People living here basically keep to themselves, it is more like morning, go to twork, late night families return home. Plus, there are just too many foreigners living in these estates, that community bonds just does not exist. people basically live their own lifes, some don’t even know how many people actually live next door to them!

So, PM Lee’s call for community bonds might need a lot of work.


Song Tim



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10 Responses to “Do community bonds even exist anymore?”

  • LIONS:

    LETS put it this simple way.
    if you are part of a company n you CONTRIBUTE to it just likke your group members.
    but,if the BOSS disregard your contirbution n only TAKES CARE OF THE FEW SELECTED n dump outsiders here who have never contributed and reward them immediately,HOW WOULD YOU FEEL???

    EVEN WITH ‘SOUNDS GOOD FEELS GOOD’ jingles like what the PAP is doing to sgs during NATION DAL DAY holidays???

    lee ah long is too daft to understand that SGS are not that stupid or insensitive as not to see what he is doing all thsi while he been PEE m???


    THERE ARE TOO MUCH PRETENCES N HYPOCRISIES amongst our $cholar-gahmen who think very indecently of their own countrymen; this is a fact that is undenaible as proven by the way SGS have been repalced by FAKE TALENTS here starting as far back as 15-20 years ago from the first batch of ang-moh tua-kees???


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  • How can?:

    Now only talking about community bonds…after bringing in millions of foreigners to infiltrate our once peaceful n harmonious lives.
    Dream on.
    This PM is not 100% anymore me thinks.

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  • C'est la vie:

    There exists many areas within S’pore where the majority of the populace is “foreign”.
    This “kinda” message will be lost on them in totality.

    As for the rest, the true blue Singaporeans ……….. they are all out for their own, survival of the employed/fittest/strongest in will and mind.

    “Community bonds” ………. what is that; an investment vehicle !!!

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    PM LauHongLee, Kaki kong kaki song…..hahaahaaa

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  • N.Jungne:

    Wah, don’t play-play Teck Ghee grassLoots really “Tok-Kong”, without the need for tanks and planes

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  • assloong talks thru his arse:

    Unless you have hard statistics, please do not say that Punggol and Sengkang are foreigner enclaves.


    Foreigners reading it will get the false impression that they had found their enclaves and will start moving in to your Punggol and Sengkang neighbourhood.

    Most of the resident faces I come across are sinkie chinese looking, local malay looking and local indian looking faces. You should be able tell a pinoy from a malay 99.9% of the time. Also foreigners majority of them are renters. including the few angmos you sometimes see, they probabaly be renting in those executive condos…many to be found in Punggol.

    There are foreigners in the estates but the overwhelming majorities are still sinkies. If you do not know already, there are sinkes who rent out their new flats/rooms to foreigners and this are the foreign faces you probably came across. but of course there are your new citizens. But really not so many of them for Punggol and Sengkang to be likened to “new citizedns enclaves” you know like mandarin garden, and the east coast area…though they are condos i know..

    I had come across many foreigners as well in my previous matured hdb estate. they are mostly renters. Prc well dressed mei meis there are and only discernible when they open their mouth and talk. Mostly renters too both in new estates as well.

    Overwhelming majorities are sinkies. Remeber HDB have a race quota systems when people apply and how they are allocated units when successfull. foreigners mostly are renters. you have your new citizens but the number is not big.

    AS FOR KAMPONG SPIRIT…sigh…it can be a heartache SOMETIMES. Lee Hsien Loong is talking thru his arsehole. PAP had influence Sinkies to be suspicious of one another and this will manifest itself very negatively especially in new estates. . Take a good look at your lift landings and you will find “in your face” crime alert posters downstairs.

    So take it easy when the new female neighbour decided not to take the same lift as you. i have come across men who behaves like this too, the kuniang guy change his mind about taking the SAME lift with me and rushes up the staircase. Or the lady you met when you got your keys to the new house, the next time you see them you can tell from their eyes that they now see you to be an undesirable neighbour. Take it easy on yourself and dont lose sleep over. Even loud voice type Ah Beng looking type are just as kiasi and suspicious about you when you say “HELLO” to him. WTF! Ah Beng also like this.. lol! PAP’s FAULT.

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  • Uncle Lim:

    Yet another proof he’s a hypocrite fond of lip service, one who only knows how to utter rubbish from
    his Ivory tower.

    He must go.

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  • Merobok:

    What community bond is he talking about except in his dream! Either he is not in touch with the ground and reality or play stupid!
    He forgot that he divided the nation into: Singaporeans and Foreign Talents, PAP supporters and opposition, Rich and those have-nots etc
    The bond is amongst their own kind ie PAP members!

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  • Concerned Citizens:

    Wha! Community bond? Never know there is such a category of real community bond existed in PAP reign. The real community bond is a government that cares for all his citizens in a fair and justified manner. This government only cares for his own kind. This evil regime only know how to con its own citizens for their own benefits.

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  • Unite and get f:

    When things are good, unite and get screwed. When things are no good unite and still get screwed. You dats unite and we charge you for unity while we scooped more millions. Sinkies unite just to get screwed badly!y

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