Should Madam President turn into reality, Singapore habis

PAP MPs and ministers should consider consulting a psychiatrist for their severe delusional disorder.

For example, PAP MP, House Speaker and President-in-waiting Halimah Yacob: “Compassion was never far away ..”. [ link ]

Is ‘enabling’ hundreds of elderly cardboard collectors, one as old as 95, to earn a living compassion?


Compassion was never far away? Hmm… this makcik must be delusional.

Or ‘empowering’ hundreds of elderly citizens – many octogenarians – to work as cleaners in food courts, hawker centres, MRT stations, shopping centres and Changi Airport compassion?

Halimah: “Help schemes must help.” What a joke for another run-of-the-mill PAP MP to state the obvious. Perhaps she will soon be telling us ‘the sun shines brightly’ or it’s ‘dark at night’?

Halimah has admitted the PAP government is “business-like” but at the same time, disgraces herself with this self-praising statement: “We may be business-like, but in no way do we lack the cut and thrust of parliamentary debate.”

Debate in a 93%-PAP-dominated parliament is as good as dead. The absence of debate, ie one without a foregone conclusion, is the reason why PAP does not permit live streaming when parliament is in session except during the Budget ‘debate’. This allows embarrassing segments of so-called ‘debate’ to be edited by the PAP-controlled media.

Should a delusional Halimah be ‘elected’ president, Singapore really ‘kee-chia’ (up the lorry).

An ‘election’ after a selection of a list of PAP approved candidates is undemocratic, making the PAP government the butt of others’ jokes. Singaporeans should not give legitimacy to the PE by not voting and should enjoy the day off with family and friends.

The reason for preventing a non-PAP candidate from being elected is an open secret: investments in reserves, especially our CPF, must be disclosed only to a handful of PAP’s inner circle.

Public disclosure of material information such as investment losses, especially in GIC, will likely see PAP booted out from power overnight. Having a PAP-unfriendly president is a risk PAP can ill-afford to take.

If (s)elected president, Halimah will remain as silent on our reserves as second-key jaga Tony Tan. Or maybe even sleeping on it like S R Nathan

Should Madam President turn into reality, in my most humble opinion, Singapore habis (finish).


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.




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17 Responses to “Should Madam President turn into reality, Singapore habis”

  • Trust only myself:

    Confirm habis……
    Why must include race……? Clearly an insult to those elected minority MPs in SMC……
    Why must be woman? Because we never have woman President? Then should start with PM……..

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  • N.Jungne:

    If the CHOPED President is a reality, then the Malays missed another 6 years

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  • Jackass:

    PAP has been preparing the ground for the upcoming EP election.

    If their EP candidate Halimah is going win anyway, why must they spend taxpayer money and resources to win votes.

    Simple, many Singaporeans are expected to spoil their votes rather than vote for her. As such, she will fair worse that KFC man.

    So PA is going all out to reach out to Snr Citizens and organsing many community activities to get votes. Many stupid people will fall for this and for the free chicken rice.

    Suddenly, we are seeing so many Malay-related “good” news in the papers.

    Too much propaganda and so obvious.

    It will be a shame for PAP if the spoiled votes is huge in numbers. Halimah will not only cover her head but also her face.

    I will definitely spoil my vote.

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  • Fixit:

    Sickpore already finished long long time ago.

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  • Heart of glass:

    Mdm Halimah was honest n clarified that she’s an Indian muslim .
    nothing personal against mdm speaker…
    this is not an attack at her.
    But if the PAP installs her as the next EP, then the real malays kena played-out.
    Right now its just rumours that she’s the chosen one.

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  • Rats can't vomit:

    Sadly even with the spoiled votes, Predators And Pedophile Party will still consider her a walkover and install her as the rubber stamp. Just like the US of A 45th POTUS elections. I foresee that it won’t be her who will suffer the karma for supporting PAP, it will be her son.

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  • Rats can't vomit:

    Halimah, I suggest you do the right thing and abandon the PAP to their own demise.

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  • Ah Peng Kia:

    Singaporeans should NOT spoil your precious vote! By spoiling your vote, you are indirectly endorsing the PAP-chosen candidate!As you have seen from the last Presidential election, Tony Tan became president even with only 30+% of the votes. If 50% of Singaporeans spoil your vote, another 29% vote PAP, and 21% vote another candidate, PAP still wins!

    If Singaporeans want to make your voice heard loud and clear, vote the opposite candidate. That is the only way PAP cannot win, when everyone vote for the candidate PAP is afraid of – the “outsider” !

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  • h hh:

    Whichever pap endorses, we vote against.

    I’m sure many people dislike pap, even those who voted them.

    Fcuk them.

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  • LIONS:

    Halimah “high” on Lee Ah Long’s drug.
    dont expect to get much sympathy from this NOW GLORIFIED EX-UNION LEADER.
    Her ex-bosd LBH flying high too at TH?

    Seems NTUC is the way to go?
    KEE CHIU next???

    GD Star Rating
  • KNS:

    We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people (how to with new FT citizens?), regardless of race (except for EP), language or religion. To build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation (really?).

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  • Patriot Tan:

    I think it may not be part of the efforts to hide information about our reserves & cpf money. Stealing people’s money is a crime of treason which i dont believe past & present PAP leaders dare to commit. I think the reason for bocking a unfriendly person from becoming President is more likely to protect cronies in the civil service. These people need not steal. They are overpaid extremely well not till 55 as originally mandated, not till 62 as extended but even into their 70s & 80s! If a top civil servant receive $1million legally in salary a year, in 30 years he would have receive $30million. Nathen after serving 2 terms as President collected $60 million legally.

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  • Halimah Should Not Stand!:

    Many Singaporeans already voiced that they don’t want you as Head of State.

    Why want the office if there is so much disquiet?

    Singapore don’t need a ‘kelong’ President!

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  • rukidding:

    Haven’t “spotted or seen” any minority who are “REALLY” having “a mind of their own” and SERIOUSLY “fighting ” for and representing their Minority race till today .

    All seems like doing it for their own personal reasons ?

    SAD indeed !

    None can truly compare themselves to the last known hero……Mr Indejit Singh !

    This guy “shines” and have truly “represented” his minority group “PROUDLY” !

    Shame on the rest !…..that is why you still see ISIS and Turkey in a “Mess” today !

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  • Neo:

    Doesn’t matter you guys vote or not. It is a done deal. Dont be surprise there is no voting at all. No candidate except for one. So it is a walkover once again. History repeats.

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  • Playing the race card...:

    …..yet still want to wayang wayang about community bonds.
    Look around sg…the many new race enclaves.
    …bonding with their own community.
    PM is Out of touch with the ground level.
    Too long sitting in his ivory tower.

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  • Another Throttlebottom?:

    It is about time we get a President that know how to manage our Nation’s Reserves!

    If my Elected President don’t even know how much we have, how to manage ?

    Why are we always bluffing ourselves?

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