Singaporeans’ gambling losses: $2.7b?

I refer to the article “The biggest losers” (The Economist, Mar 18).

S’poreans are the 2nd biggest gambling losers in the world?

It states that “This is no anomaly. Australia fritters away more money per person gambling than any other country. According to H2 Gambling Capital, a consultancy, the average adult lost $990 in 2016; 49% more than Singaporeans, the next-biggest losers.”

Average adult Singaporean lost $930?

Does this mean that the average adult Singaporean lost about S$930 (US$990 divided by 1.49 x 1.4)?

Lost $2.7b in a year?

Since the adult population was about 2.9 million in 2016 – does it mean that we lost about $2.7 billion ($930 x 2.9 million) in a year?


Leong Sze Hian



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17 Responses to “Singaporeans’ gambling losses: $2.7b?”

  • BuyMeBakKutTeh:

    The biggest losers are the 30% who were dragged down by the 70% stupid sinkies thinking voting Pap is the safest bet!

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  • LIONS:

    PAP must be very very proud liao.
    Not only tops in GDP PER capita;now,tops in GAMBLING LOSSES OER CAPITA?

    Will ST dedicate FOUR pages on this like they did for water price hike?

    Where is Croc-tears LBH?
    He defended the Casino Act becos casinos will create seceral thousands of jobs for sgs?

    Not only no jobs go to sgs,sgs now even FEED THE FTs at the casibos?

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  • Bebe:

    We lose more than that – the CPF interest that was due us but was not given!
    Thanks to the pappies.

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  • Get What You Voted, Stupid:

    Why so much negativity? Dafts should be talking about winners instead.

    Who are the greatest winners in this con job?
    Who are the evil culprits fleecing from the poor slaves?

    Remember the promise of more jobs with “integrated resorts”??

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  • Python 5:

    The biggest losers are the 30% who were dragged down by the 70% stupid sinkies thinking voting Pap is the safest bet!

    they vote based on the SG50 sentiments. SG50 and the massive SG50 baby boom for 2015 and LKY’s demise.

    Now if going thru prolonged unemployment, how to feed that SG50 baby?

    that is how incorrigibly stupid these ppl are.

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  • ali baba:

    From birth, already taxed.

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  • C'est la vie:

    With this Govt being the ultimate “banker” ……… it’s citizens have lost, even before they start, and I’m not referring to casino odds !!

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  • Bapak:

    Never forget the biggest gambler is TH using our money to gamble. Their loss is so much more.

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  • oncegreatnowsucks:

    this is the second biggest con job after CPF in the history of singapore..

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  • oxygen:

    @ Bebe

    IT IS CALLED BACK DOOR TAX because IRAS cannot legally collect it. After 55, it is THEFT of private property because you don’t have discretion in the use of your retirement money, not even Medisave account to pay for all your healthcare.

    Bebe: We lose more than that – the CPF interest that was due us but was not given!
    Thanks to the pappies.

    No thanks to the 70% dead worms that give the two-appendaged attached white canine tribe.

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  • Neo:

    stats wrong la. There is one alone lose astronomically without battling an eyelid. The bill is footed by the dafts who only say bo pian.

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  • Math:

    Wow lan leh!. This type of Keling kia siao only you know how to count.

    Why add the whole Singapore population in? I don’t think Muslim will go gambling.

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  • clorox:

    all the four posts above are superb!
    especially the first one
    that’s the BIGGEST LOSS we, and the generations after us, will NEVER, EVER, RECOVER from for ALL ETERNITY
    excellent one BMBKT!
    i got nothing more to add here!

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  • Gambling Promoter:

    Why is NTUC/Club promoting gambling at its Supermarkets, Cheers and Clubs with 4D/Toto/Sports Betting Outlets, Jackpot Rooms that is inconsistent with its role as protector of its union members and family financial well being???

    It does not fit its image ethically and morally over obscene gambling advantage of high margin profits and odds from participants.

    Hope this is not a vision of NTUC in small print!

    The Minister should take the lead to discourage this program especially within the NTUC organisation wich is very unproductive and destructive practices.

    Another area is Horseracing where a levy of $100 entrance should be imposed just like access to the Casino.

    Systematic Impoverishment of Weak and Disadvantaged

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  • Towards #1 in Gambling:

    If sg becomes a Gambling Hub, it would be good for the country because GDP will grow exponentially!
    Its a bitter pill but for the love of the country.

    Our 4D and TOTO addicts should help sg ranked as one of most gamblers per capita.

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  • Ho Ching biggest loser:

    Ho Ching must be the biggest loser. She lost over $5B when she invested in Merrill Lynch and Barclays just before the 2008 financial meltdown. Nonetheless, she is not held accountable and is still Temasek CEO. Why? Uniquely Singapore!

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  • Managed Sin HorseracingOutcome:

    The frequencies of failed and out of place favourite horse in Kranji races should be an area of in depth investigation by the successful Gov Agency in arresting the Big 4D Family Operations, Senior Mgt. and Committee with participation of Police and CPIB. Seems like there is pattern of such flops with some joc and trainers.

    The manipulation of tote especially with last seconds thumping at specific betting centre should be investigated and the profiles of these syndicate/s established where there could be parallel operations

    Is there an “Integrity Dept.” with CPIB on board to ensure

    The authorities should look into the possible manipulation of horseracing just like football betting where there had been proven with mastermind originating from Singapore.

    Time For Fair Go

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