Singaporeans petition the US of M to keep Amos Yee

A group of supposed Singaporeans with a great sense of humor has created an online petition to urge the United States of Murica (sic) (USM) to keep Amos Yee so that the self-proclaimed genius teenager need not return to Singapore.

After Amos Yee insulted our ( allegedly) beloved God-King-supreme leader-minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew and made fun of christians and muslims we Singaporeans have to say enough is enough.

We made it clear that we are not ready for his western ideals of freedom of speech with no limits, we singaporeans need freedom but with a template and lines drawn in the sand, beautiful lines that is the hallmark of being singaporean.

We request the United States of MURICA!!!(gunshots PEW PEW) to take him off our hands.

Sign this is you don’t want Amos Yee to ever set foot in Singapore again!

The teenage blogger is currently being detained in a jail in Chicago (in USA and not USM) pending his asylum application.

Just a few days ago, Amos was blaming fellow activists in Singapore for not doing enough to pressure the judge hearing his application to speed things up and release him from detention. [ LINK ]


Updates 25th March 2017: Amos has been approved for Asylum.



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14 Responses to “Singaporeans petition the US of M to keep Amos Yee”

  • Concerned Housewife:

    Outspoken youth like Amos is a no no to Sinkika Village.

    Pedophile like Joshua Robinson is Sinkika’s Poster Boy.

    The God in Sinkika Village must be hot and crazy.

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  • oxygen:

    THE PETITION IS FAKE NEWS. Any observant reader would have quickly noticed this – it has supposedly 50 supporters now but on that page has a directional option of inviting readers to “read all the reasons” (presumably from the 50 supporters so far) published of banning Amos Yee’s return BUT THERE ARE SO FEW of these i.e. much lesser than 50 claims.

    You start wondering if the PETITIONER have been CENSORING those disagreeing voice dissenting. That is to say the claims of “read all the reasons” in support of the petition is FAKE NEWS or much less than 50 readers signed the petition up till this moment in favor of its proposition or BOTH are lies.

    Maybe the last few CONSISTENT signatories are DESPERATION PAPpy IBs seeing how sparse the support is and the time lap gap between each IMAGINARY supporters putting their monikers and reasons attached to that.

    It has very low confidence to begin with -asking for only 100 signatures and after so many day got 50 signatures including NON-EXISTING GHOST SIGNATURE among the so-claimed 50 till now.

    HILARIOUS PETITION FLOP hiding under camouflag of false statistics.

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  • Raffles Class Minister:

    Why there are so few honorary titles for our God-King? North Korea have so many titles for their last supreme leader that it takes a few minutes to recite all of them when they announce his death…

    Here are some of the titles that i meagre brain can think of:
    1. Minister Mentor
    2. God King
    3. Light of Heaven
    4. Supreme Commander
    5. Ruler of the 7 Oceans

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  • Bauy Song:

    Cannot tahan men! How come you can find a way to escape to N.S while we are still slave to N.S worse still canal bullied and dictated by Mindef for at least up to 45 years old. If you are in the same basket of crab with us , will pull you down to suffer bitterness together.

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  • Jim:

    Amos has been granted political asylum

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  • All In The Familee:

    Amos Yee already gone all out to seek his freedom, what are the wimpy dafts doing?
    Still KPKB in a frog well and sour graping without even the balls to vote right.
    Amos is not going to feel the 30% increase in water tax and getting a free ride in US jail,
    so what are dafts going to do about the high prices everywhere in silly speck?! Suck it up as usual.

    Amos is gone for now, stop wasting time talking over a kid? Wake up, great suckers,
    Learn to get over it.

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  • Only External Forces boleh:

    I have long ago asserted that NO NATIVE SINGAPOREAN can bring them down and only EXTERNaL Forces can.

    1. Amos supported this assertion because he also see that local activists are helpless. And weak. And I am not talking about worker Party.

    2. Old hairy was brought down by act of God. This is external forces.

    3. Brexit is external forces.

    4. Trump and TPP are external forces.

    5. XJP and Terrex are external forces.

    6. Haze is external forces.

    Authoritarianism has no power outside it’s jurisdiction
    . Like a weak helpless baby.

    I repeat. Only External forces can bring them down.

    I am not saying that if China bans imports , it will be all over instantly.

    I am saying authoritarianism has a weakness. Its powerless against external forces. Internal forces were domesticated since 50years ago.

    Lets pray China never ban all imports into durian land. Else I worry a surrender without firing any bullet. By that i don’t mean attack by chemical weapons like airborne chemical attack.

    Stability and peace are only perceptions of the naive.

    Ok, I need to adjourn for another round of Masturbation.

    Remember, internal is gone case. Only External boleh.

    Sperm fiark , sperm fiark!

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  • Maxchewy:

    Just heard the best news ever from BBC……AmosYee was granted asylum by the judge despite opposition by the US Govt. That’s real democracy for you. Here if the Govt opposes, no way the judge can oppose them.
    Wish all the best for your future, Amos, from this day onwards. I’m sure you will mature well in the years to come and become a somebody to reckon with politically and mentally. Hope you will also be wiser and eventually drop the expletives you are so fond of. Not nice.

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    I woke up drenched in cold sweat.
    I dreamt that PAP ‘s archiles heels has been exposed and its not FROM WITHIN BUT FROM WITHOUT, i.e attack from external. Externally,pap seems to be helpless or vulnerable.

    Does the Amos Yee asylum success spell the beginning of the end of total control for the mighty PAP?


    He can hold protests speaking via internet .

    He is now untouchable. I fear HHH et all do the same and become free to criticise from WITHOUT. Is asylum the cryptonite of pap? Dr chee must have wished he knew how to do a asylum like amos? He could have avoided all the sufferings.

    Authoritarianism has no jurisdiction overseas.

    Lets hope sg make usa happy or else sg may get into trouble.

    Luckily,it was just a dream.
    I am still living in authoritarian singapore. The place we love to be.
    Everything we accept.
    Till death do us part.

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  • 遍地自由:




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  • TigerBeer:

    Good he obtained England asylum la

    Singapore don’t want him

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  • 苏珊:





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  • ahloong loves mingyang:

    amos should be sent to america lunatic asylum

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  • Change We Must:

    Ha!ha!ha!, the US has already taken Amos in because of injustice in his homeland. Why this group still want to claim credit to beg US to take him?

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