M’sian Govt must break its silence on Singapore’s denial of access to lawyers for 2 M’sians on death row in Changi prison

We refer to the cases of Malaysians S Prabagaran and K Datchinamurthy who are on death row in Singapore’s Changi Prison on charges of drug trafficking. They have strenuously maintained their innocence, and repeatedly complained that they have been deprived of a fair trial due to a flagrant breach of the doctrine of separation of powers.

We are appalled that despite our repeated requests, we have been denied access to both our clients in Changi prison. We require access as it is imperative for us to consult with and receive instructions from our clients for the purpose of two appeals filed by them, now pending before the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya.

Both appeals are directly related to their convictions for drug trafficking in Singapore; in the appeals, they seek for orders to direct the Malaysian government to lodge a complaint against Singapore in the ICJ for depriving them of a fair trial.

Our applications for access were rejected by the Singapore Prison Services without any reasons being given.

Access to lawyers and to the courts is a fundamental right, which cannot be interfered with.

In 2005 , Australian Nguyen Tuong Van who was also on death row for drug trafficking, was allowed access to his Australian lawyers.

Why then are Prabagaran and Datchinamurthy refused access to their Malaysian lawyers? Why are different standards being applied between Australian and Malaysian prisoners by Singapore authorities?

Further, Malaysian prison authorities have allowed access to Singapore lawyer M Ravi in the case Attiqa, a Singaporean who was facing a capital charge in Malaysia. Surely, Singapore should reciprocate and allow us access to our clients.

The Malaysian government cannot continue to remain silent over this fundamental breach of the rights of these two Malaysian citizens. Malaysia must take up the matter immediately with Singapore and demand that access to Malaysian lawyers be allowed forthwith.

We urge the Malaysian government to act decisively and expeditiously as the lives of two of our citizens are hanging in the balance.

Issued by,
N Surendran
Latheefa Koya

( Lawyers for S Prabagaran & K Datchinamurthy )



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14 Responses to “M’sian Govt must break its silence on Singapore’s denial of access to lawyers for 2 M’sians on death row in Changi prison”

  • Amos humiliated L*L and PAP:

    Amos Yee proved in US court that Singapore judicial system is rigged.

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  • Jim:

    To umno, Indians and Chinese Malaysian lives do not matter
    But Malay life matters
    Umno is the most racist political party on earth
    And yet government of Singapore, china, America,U.K. And Western Europe prefer to turn a blind eye
    To the atrocities committed bu umno
    You have prime minister and current Defence minister of Malaysia drawing a keris and loudly declare that the swords will be bathed in Chinese blood if their hold onto power is threatened during their party political conference

    I hope Najib will rule for another 20 years and bring his country to her knees

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    SG (PAP gahmen) is fast becoming a pariah in the world community.

    Recently they were exposed by US immigration judge Samuel Cole for unashamed political persecution of Amos Yee for criticizing LKY, on the pretext of religious hate speech.

    And now they are being exposed by Malaysian lawyers for not allowing two Malaysian prisoners to be representedv by their lawyers – a breach of human right and international fair justice by a country that claims to be a member of the civilized world community?

    Such PAP behaviour is not surprising. It is a habit that has been ingrained by their do-as-they-like practice, placing themselves above the law, interpreting and changing laws to suit fheir own convenience.

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  • LIONS:

    Malaysia treats sgs just as badly in the first place.
    The govts of Sg n My are birds of the same feather.

    If one is a black pot,the other is a black kettle.
    Look at how not a few sgs got mistreated unjustly by malaysian ploice???

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  • Wtf!:

    Because Singapore has rotten to a dynasty and no more a democratic country

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  • cold blooded SG politicians:

    well this proves THAT jUDGE cOLES IN aMOS yEE’S CASE IS RIGHT

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  • Suggestion:

    Kindly pressure MIC or Hindraf to do something as the ones involved are Indians.

    Election coming so good time to ask.

    Had it been a Chinese, MCA and Gerakan would’ve been all over this.

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  • Amos defeated Lee empire:

    as proven by AMos Yee. THe regime has double standards…….

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  • Uncle Lim:

    Human life is sacred and no one has the right to take it away.

    PAP regime is always hasty to kill.

    And the Clown is the Chairman of the Spore Kindness Movement? What a shame.

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  • Malaysians are special:

    Australians are foreigners. Malaysians are neighbours with special treatment depending on the nature of the issue. FTs Same as sinkies. Manual Labour same as PRCs and Indians. Other issues depends on the whimses of the PAP and their plps.


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  • But:

    But both are Authoritarian.
    Also, both have trade deals.

    Last time it would be unimaginable to get asylum from usa.
    Now obama lost. Asylum.

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  • reminder to the 70%:

    Even to this day they are holding prisoners without trial.
    Is there an international body that can look into such injustices ?
    So pitiful for the 2 men ,esp if they are indeed innocent.
    Let it be known how our judicial system works so unfairly even in this modern day.

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  • Sperm, actually:

    Many foreigners actually like singapore for how strict it is . Many Philipinos now support Duterte because he too is very iron fisted.

    There are always many such people all over the world including usa. For example, they experienced gun violence. Human nature is you then see the virtue or merit of an authoritarian state which i refrain from calling it a police state.

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  • Ah Peng Kia:

    Sperm, actually:
    Many foreigners actually like singapore for how strict it is . Many Philipinos now support Duterte because he too is very iron fisted.

    There are always many such people all over the world including usa. For example, they experienced gun violence. Human nature is you then see the virtue or merit of an authoritarian state which i refrain from calling it a police state.

    At what cost is such authoritarian rule? While some may think it brings “security” to society, those who are unjustifiably punished have no recourse. The example of Duterte’s rule is apt. People have gone out to kill hundreds, if not thousands, of supposed drug addicts. What if one was your child, who is not a drug addict, but caught the ire of a co-worker? What if your child went down the wrong path by trying drugs? Is indiscriminate killing the answer? If iron-fisted laws, without rationality nor compassions, the answer? Singapore laws does not shun unjustified means for a PAP desired outcome. Look at operation cold storage, look at the suing of opposition parties’ politicians, look at the over-the-top punishment meted out to Amos Yeo, Roy Ngerng etc. if you expose the government’s bad policy to the masses, they can make you lose your job, and you’ll have no fair recourse. Is this really the life Singaporeans want, always living in fear of what you can or cannot say for fear of job security, freedom and choice?

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