Parliamentary Chair for Transport MP Sitoh supports PAP Govt’s decision to raise ARF for bikes

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Last month in Parliament (1 Mar), MP Sitoh Yih Pin in support of the PAP Govt’s raising of the ARF fee for higher-end motorcycles said:

“The rising number of motorcyclists buying expensive motorcycles is pushing up the overall costs of all motorcycles. The rising trend of COE prices for motorcycles bear this out. COE prices have risen from $889 in January 2010 to $6,412 in February 2017 ‒ a multiple of more than six times in seven years.”

“Owners of smaller motorcycles, who often use their motorcycles as a low-cost mode of transport for work or essential travel, are being made to pay higher COEs because of the increased demand for expensive motorcycles.”

“The revised ARF, therefore, serves this further purpose ‒ to reduce the demand for expensive motorcycles and, consequently, to lower motorcycle COE prices and lower cost for purchasers of smaller motorcycles.”

Essentially, he was saying that with higher ARF imposed on higher-end motorcycles, people will be put off to buy higher-end motorcycles and therefore, reduce the demand for motorcycle COE leading to lower motorcycle COE prices.

It’s not surprising that MP Sitoh has to sing the with the PAP Govt since he is also a member of PAP.

But motorcycle COE price continue to hit record high – it hit $8,081 on 29 Mar, higher than the previous $7,483. Even yesterday’s price (12 Apr) closed at $7,589. The steep motorcycle premium continues to persist, undeterred by the government intervention.

MP Sitoh, by the way, is the Govt Parliamentary Chairman for Transport.

Two days ago (10 Apr), LTA had to call up 4 major motorcycle dealers for meetings in response to the high motorcycle COE prices.

Industry analysts commented that the higher ARF taxes do not dampen demand, but merely shift demand for high-end bikes to less expensive models.

So, in the interest of transparency and to prevent “group thinking”, wouldn’t it be better to put an opposition MP as Chairman of Parliamentary Committee for Transport?

What do you think?


*Facebook post by We want Minister Grace Fu to resign.



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10 Responses to “Parliamentary Chair for Transport MP Sitoh supports PAP Govt’s decision to raise ARF for bikes”

  • Trust only myself:

    What’s wrong with earning more money (increase in ARF fee)…..the other outcomes not his concern.

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  • MarBowling:

    This snake oil seller cum abalone porridge provider is a double fork-tongued Bugger! Common folks Voters of Potong Pasir SMC who have to depend on motorcycle as a vital mean of transport for a living please do the Needful in the next GE: show him the Extended Rude Middle Finger! Vote this MF OUT!

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  • Uncle Lim:

    Don’t ever think PAP regime has any real concern for ordinary motorcyclists. They are more concerned over a political backlash from the Malay community.

    That’s why there must be a backlash against regime for all the price increases especially an essential thing like water.

    No backlash means regime leaders continue to be self serving and to fool you with slogans like WITH YOU FOR YOU.

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    The higher ARF for high-end bikes may result in 2 scenarios:

    Scenario 1: The high-end buyers will still pay the higher bike price due to higher ARF – and still continue to bid high for COEs, coz they can afford to do so.

    Scenario 2: Some intending high-end bike buyers (especially marginal ones) may switch to buying low-end bikes.

    Under this scenario, let’s assume that there is a total of 100 intending buyers comprising 70 buyers of high-end (expensive bikes) buyers and 30 low-end ones. Let’s assume the higher ARF drives 20 marginal high-end buyers to switch to buying low-end bikes. The result is there will still be a total of 100 (50 + 50) buyers as originally, comprising now of 50 high-end buyers and 50 low-end buyers. Hence there will still be 100 buyers bidding for a limited number of available COEs, say 70. Can we then assume that these buyers will not bid high? If anything, the high-end buyers and marginal high end buyers will likely bid high, the latter coz they now have more spare money from buying low-end.

    From these 2 scenarios the outcomes would be:

    1. The COEs for bikes will probably remain high (Scenario 1).
    2. The bike COEs are likely to remain high (Scenario 2).

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  • Sinkies Deserve It:

    Which PAPigs don’t support PAP government policy, kee chiu? They know the easiest way to get noticed and to secure their iron rice bowl is to bark louder and faster than others in support of PAP government policies. Those in civil service also learned fast… when water price up 30%, one eat government rice professor says it should go up 100%. When PAP wants 6.9m population, another eat government rice MF suggested 10m. When Amos got asylum in US, so many gov and quasi and pro-gov organisations try to outdo one another barking at the US judge for this decision. All so well trained. If I were Ah Dou, I will be pleased… at least the position of clown prince is secured.

    PAP, you have done well driving cost of everything up. Let us see how our local companies and entrepreneurs can compete with the rest of the world. Ah Dou and his PAPigs is immune to cost because they can take as much as they like from taxpayers, and still keep their jobs and iron rice bowls, all thanks to five decades of brainwashing and conditioning Sinkies to become daft sheeps. To the businessmen, good luck, Sinkie companies. When China starts cutting the dependence on Straits of Malacca with their many strategic deep sea ports, and rail lines and the OBOR initiatives, lets see PAPigs can still be so atas.

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  • Sitoh going to TOH:

    Bless those MF in Potong Pasir who voted this MF in ! They will be blessed with ever increasing ARF, COE, higher parking charges, higher water prices, higher unemployment because foreigners will kick them out of their jobs, UN-affordable HDB flats. They’ll pay until they have no money to buy food from the hawker centre

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  • Uncle Lim:

    Sitoh going to TOH:
    Bless those MF in Potong Pasir who voted this MF in ! They will be blessed with ever increasing ARF, COE, higher parking charges, higher water prices, higher unemployment because foreigners will kick them out of their jobs, UN-affordable HDB flats. They’ll pay until they have no money to buy food from the hawker centre

    MF? Haha, well said.

    Isn’t he part of the Govt ? He’s so scared of one familee that shit comes out from TOP and bottom?

    One man decides and the rest say WE SUPPORT YOU.

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  • To voters of Potong Pasir:

    Your MF MP laughing all the way to the bank when he collects another bonus.

    Has he Potong your cost of living? Has he called for a scrapping of checkpoint tolls for SG cars , 3/4 tank, Saturday ERP, free street parking, etc? No right?

    If one man says increase petrol price, he’ll support surely.

    One man said in 2015 increase petrol duty, why did See Toh keep quiet? Supported the Govt he.

    Voters of PP, serve you right.

    Now where’s Bukit Buttock MP who said he was his own man? As expected, all scared of one man

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  • LIONS:

    With jesters like him in the CHAIR of GPCs,expect MORE,MORE N MORE PROCE INCREASES!

    Which IDIOTS VOTE FOR THIS $tooge?

    They are all daft indeed!

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  • Dafts Will Be Dafts:

    The talk about “Higher end motocycles” pushing up coe demand is just a lie and excuse. Why so much talk and not show the breakdown of data??
    The reality already proved the case.
    It is human nature to seek out value. If it just costs a little more for something better, most people will try to pay more for that better value if they could. Cheap or expensive motocycles or cars cause the same level of traffic, so the bidding COE is just a scheme to milk whoever those who could pay to the maximum. The price of COE will forever be high, driving up business costs. Goh Keng Swee published an internal working paper to expound the economic efficiency of bidding many donkey years ago when current ministars are still sucking milk. Bidding will bring maximum benefit to the government in taking revenue. It automatically differentiates those who could pay and those who could not. The only big question is how this is implemented and how the transfer of wealth is used to public benefit.

    So dafts, the trick is not to just read what the shitty times and greedy PAP MPs said, but to see the printed data and the picture behind the issue.
    If the government is genuinely willing to control traffic and solve congestion, the public buses and MRT should already be done better to displace the need of cars or ubers, the cyclists paths and tracks could have done better, wider,remove the corner curbs. There are so many things to improve and can be done if the focus is removed from making money but serving needs.
    In short, The shitty times will always give skimpy or selective data to hoodwink the gullible readers to serve its cause.
    This is how issues are framed to mislead readers from the real truth or purpose.

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