Black Saturday: a great day to laugh at Amos’ stupidity

Today is Black Saturday or Holy Saturday, a really sad day in the Church calender because Jesus died on Good Friday and was entombed on Saturday and his followers at the time didn’t know that he would be resurrected tomorrow, Easter.

So it’s a great day to sneer and laugh at Amos because by the end of today US time, Amos would have spent 124 days in jail in the land of the free, where the buffalo roam.

Add that to his jail time of 50 days here, he would have spent 174 days in custody.

What a born loser.

Most asylum seekers get thru US immigration and then when in legally apply for asylum. But Amos said he told immigration that he wanted asylum. So they locked him up until the hearing. He’s been inside since then.



Cynical Investor

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18 Responses to “Black Saturday: a great day to laugh at Amos’ stupidity”

  • conu eat shit:

    It is better to be locked up in prison for 174 DAYS than be screwed one’e entire life by the PAP PIGS.To have a trait** as the FOUNDING PRIME MINISTER is an insult to any country.I cannot see why the PAP are so proud of LEE KAYU.

    He once claimed that he will wake up from the grave if things go wrong for Singapore.He has never been seen since the day he went up the lorry.

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  • sweettoothedy:

    After watching the recent incident in the USA where a seated pax on board a United Airlines was brutally dragged down, Many would wonder If this sweet young man of East Asian origin has ever been dragged in the lockup.

    Some would say:not If he has been dragged, is how Many times,and,how Many times more.

    Really sayang this sweet young man.

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  • Once An IB Forever An IB:

    Sour grapes IB will only sit back and KPKB when screwed, while Amos kid took action and seek his own freedom. A classic difference between pretentious educated dafts with oversized egos and real men with balls to speak the simple truths.
    Everyone is laughing at the pathetic CI who can’t get over with a smart kid.
    The real truth hurts, who is having the last laugh?

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  • Famous Amos:

    At least he takes action against political prosecution by the leegime, and he slapped the familee twice, first the horrible man, then his son. His jail time is a small price he has to pay. He exposes PAP’s hypocrisy and beat them in their own game.

    The writer on the other hand can only kpkb in TRS and become very cynical and loco having been trapped in this Pyongyang with high speed internet.

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  • Amos humiliated L*L and PAP:

    Must look at “big picture”. Applying for immigrsation legally takes time and Amos would not be able to wait in the US to get it i.e., he would have to go back to Singapore and be further persecuted by PAP. Seeking asylum is a smart move even if it means going to jail for a while. The US judge decision proves Amos claims of persecution and allegations against PAP are correct. He will eventually be released from jail (after 30 days) and be allowed to stay in US indefinitely.
    Most likely the reason he is in jail is because the US government is like PAP – petty and vindictive. Why has it not appealled the US judge decision? Most likely because it knows it will lose the appeal. More humiliation especially for L*L and PAP. If it does not appeal also more humiliation for L*L and PAP. PAP has not/cannot respond to the US judge findings despite always claiming it has right of reply.

    Amos gave PAP the “mother-of-all” slap in the face. A “game-changer”. He beat PAP at its own game of using the law and courts to persecute critics and opposition. And he did it in the court of Singapore’s no. 1 ally, the US. Wow!

    Moreover, Amos created an “elephant in the room” for PAP (that it is running a police state in Singapore, not a legitimate government) which PAP has to live with going forward. Opposition should use this against PAP at the next GE.

    Massive, if not “fatal”, loss of face for PAP. Bravo Amos. Must buy “Famous Amos” bicuits to celebrate. Might even send some to L*L.

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  • Old Moon:

    Stop laughing at Amos! He had sought asylum in the US and so be it.

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  • Ruled by FEAR:

    I think he will be repatriated. Politics is politics. As old a trade as prostitution and corruption.

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  • rukidding:

    May GOD have the last Laugh at you….Cynical !

    Ha,ha,ha, ho,…2U !

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  • Bapak:

    He who laughs first, laughs last!

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  • Justice for all:

    sweettoothedy: After watching the recent incident in the USA

    One is reminded of how a 16 year old was shackled in leg irons and dragged in front of a kangeroo court in Singapore.

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  • Jungle boy:

    While some people can laugh and mock AY, mock opposition supporters, be complacent, the factual situation of the world descend upon us: China through the foreign minister Wang Yi, has warned:”war in the Korean peninsula can break out at any moment”. They also warned:”it is NOTEWORTHY to be aware of the dangerous situation”, and “the stormclouds of war are gathering, WITH SWORDS DRAWN & BOWS BENT…”.

    All these after Trump ordered a STRIKE on Syria. Which in turn, caused PUTIN, IRAN AND HEZBOLLA TO REPLY AND WARN that they would retaliate w force should USA attacked Syria again. WHEN L** & THIS INCUMBENT PARTY KEPT SILENT AS MOUSE, Russia already conducted civil defence involving 40 million of its citizens in prep of nuke war w USA (as early as last year). NATO IS ARMED TO THE TEETH IN E EUROPE. And these NATO countries already warned n prep their citizens for a possible conflict w Russia.

    The PRC similarly warned its citizens “TO PREP FOR A PEOPLE’S WAR AT SEA”. The question is, HOW DOES SILENCE BY L** & HIS INCUMBENT PARTY HELP OUR CITIZENS TO PREP IN THE CASE OF A POSSIBLE WW3?. L** talked so big on his NDR,even trying to teach China what to do. Now when there is real crisis, he goes to hide.

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  • voodooChild:

    CI, unfortunately you do sound like a sour grape with this write-up. Let me remind you that if Amos do get what he wish for, he would not hv to serve 2 years (720 days) of NS. You are an investor / gambler, i am sure you can calculate his returns from these meager 170 days.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    It is right that Amos was granted right to stay in the US. With all the activity by Homeland Security–so far no appeal has been filed–as far as I know. It is also very unusual for the person to continue to be held in detention after the application for asylum has been granted. This I believe was the result of the PAP work behind the scene.

    There is no denying that Amos Yee was persecuted in Singapore. But the PAP always like to have the last say. So the High Commissioner of London came out to “correct” any “misunderstanding” that appeared in the media on the case.

    If the PAP wants to “put the record straight” they should apply to present evidence against Amos when the application for asylum was filed. They did not–tells you a lot about them right?

    He was charged twice. The first time was when the old fa*t died. This was obviously a persecution as the US judge rightfully pointed out. Amos’ asylum application is based on this charge.

    It is good that he was granted asylum in the US. With no appeal in sight from the HomeLand Security Dept–he should be out of detention either today or tomorrow.

    While I don’t agree with his use of profanity I support his right to be heard.

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  • "Swords drawn bows bent":

    While some people laugh, mock AY, opposition supporters, the reality of the world descend upon us; China had, through the foreign minister Wang Yi, WARNED IN THE MOST SOMBRE TONE, “WAR IN THE PENINSULA CAN OCCUR AT ANY MOMENT”. And in the news agencies, the Chinese warned further,”the storm clouds of war are gathering WITH SWORDS DRAWN N BOWS BENT”. This situation is coupled w the strike on Syria ordered by Trump.

    RUSSIA HAD CONDUCTED CIVIL DEFENCE INVOLV 40 MIL PPL IN ANTICIPATION OF NUCLEAR WAR W USA. E Europe is now ARMED TO THE TEETH w troops from NATO, right at border w Russ. NOW THE QUESTION IS, HOW DOES THE SILENCE OF L** & HIS INCUMBENT PARTY help us?. Nothing!. L** talked big, but is silent as a mouse in a potential crisis of global conflict, aka potential WW3.

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  • The Reality:

    Cynical Investor is clearly a christian.

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  • RDB:

    CI included for whatever motive he decide to derail AY his way. To elicit adverse comments the Establishment who ill treat him unnecessarily or otherwise deviously in stupidity or of dirty politics in cowardice! Better to be practical than to be legal and logical practice by the arckia too without any sense of self respect? What a shameful family of Lees as PM1 & 2. With a jackass PM2 as butter in between. As didn’t he PM2 even tried to gild Singaporeans and non-voter PRs here that they all should liken PA as the “Father” of them all. So, did not Goh Choke Tongs scored his own gold yet again? NO?

    Where is is Football World Cup? And his no year of reference Swiss Standard of Living too? As well as his KBE for Knowledge Based Economy that has become as a KNOCK BACK EcoNOmy I had coined it would become instead. Even had idiot Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam with him as s he’s 2nd DPM to bragged for votes at his GE2001 campaigning!

    Wake up your brain 70% of PAP’s GE campaigning promises unfulfilled etc cons & empty promises galore of dirty politics! NONE meh?

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  • BuyMeBakKutTeh:

    F you la CI… at least his balls are bigger than your n mine added together!

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