CHC: The Other Side of the Hill

In analysing or making judjments, it’s good to see the perspective of those going against the flow of conventional wisdom..

Below is a purported piece from a member of the CHC conregation. Do read it.

I agree that “Only the CHC family is hurt in the CHC Saga”. Going by the comments on social media and the internet, the so-called hurt many S’poreans feel is nothing more than envy that Sun Ho got others to fund her Holywood lifestyle, and envy that her bubbie is a good entrepreneur with a business model that is hard to replicate.

Yes there is reason to be concerned ( I hope to explore it soon) but most of the comments don’t reflect this concern.

I agree with the following except I would exclude Sun Ho’s husband

If anyone has suffered loss, it would be the 6 of them who have suffered financially, in their reputation, in their careers and even up to this point, when their families are dealing the pain of separation in 2 weeks’ time, fellow Singaporeans are hoping to prolong this pain of separation.

Kong Hee benefited because he didn’t have to fund Sun Ho’s Hollywood dreams and ambitions and lifestyle.

I dispute “this whole project was internally agreed upon and funds was internally and voluntarily raised.”

This assrtion is very misleading. There was no full and proper dislosure of what was happening for a long time. Matters were hidden from the auditors and church members. It was the failure to disclose what was happening was the reason why why the six were found guilty of CBT.

If they had disclosed what they were up to, there would have been no CBT. But the leaders didn’t trust their church members. They should have with hindsight. God’s a prankster like Loki?

Finally, if you want to know why I come down so hard on the anti-PAP cybernuts go to TR Emeritus  and read the reaction from the cybernuts to Pauline Kong’s letter.

With people like them, the majority of swing voters will always prefer the PAP.



Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.





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11 Responses to “CHC: The Other Side of the Hill”

  • Bapak:

    CI, CI, think you are getting old. Sometimes, people need a hard knock to wake up. You are no difference. The harder you come on your so called
    “cybernuts” the stronger we become anti-PAP. You are pointing your four fingers back to yourself.

    We accept logical analysis on policies, matters. Not propaganda, no transparency, no accountability, no “is not in our interest to reveal”, go tell your master to go fly kites. We don’t buy it. We will forever be anti-PAP as long as they reply & behave this way.

    Say I starts a company with many investors. I don’t draw salary, not a single cent. But I draws bonuses in the tune of millions. Up to this point, all is fine – as long as I don’t declare to public that I DON’T BENEFIT from it. Bullshit. Are you with me?

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  • rukidding:

    Has,…and always have been a misguided sheep !

    Poor Cynical indeed !

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  • One-eyed dragon:

    It’s not just the CHC churchgoers who are hurt but also the immediate family members and friends of the churchgoers who have suffered a change in relationships and in some cases, financially drained off by the actions of the churchgoers who have been brainwashed into emptying the piggybanks, selling cars, and even selling houses!

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  • LIONS:

    this reminds me of an old beautiful song,sang by Andy WILLAIMS,’THE OTHER SIDE OF ME’.

    it goes: ‘YOU’ think you know me pretty well…
    But how can you tell???

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  • The Other Side of her Hill:

    @ CI
    Agree with you, a real tit is hard to replicate. Angry, not envy because the money is used for rubber ‘tits’ which your cock eye cannot see.

    Cynical Investor:
    the so-called hurt many S’poreans feel is nothing more than envy that Sun Ho got others to fund her Holywood lifestyle, and envy that her bubbie is a good entrepreneur with a business model that is hard to replicate.

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  • voodooChild:

    There are many ways to do good, why pick the riskiest and most expensive method ? If the wife likes to sing, why not set up a Christian music school ? Or donate to the needy ? Or set up a fund for religious studies for the members ? Or set up a Christian library ? Or…. The list goes on and on.
    Whichever way you look at it, the Kongs ultimately benefited from this risky endeavour while taking advantage of Christian kindness. That, I think is wrong and extremely irresponsible. And to come out and say that the failure was borne out of “good intentions” is simply not good enough because the money has already been spent, and Christian lives changed forever.

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  • Less of the arrogance please:

    “Let us not take ourselves too seriously. None of us has a monopoly on wisdom.”
    …..Queen Elizabeth II.

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  • Are you okay?:

    Don’t get what you are driving at or what you are up to. For the most part your incoherence is confusing.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    I, for one, have never been convinced that what was done was truly a “crossover project”. I think the term was used to justify the huge sums involved.

    Sun Ho’s dream to be a “star” and be seen as a star and live that lifestyle was the motivaion behind all this.

    Christian singers such as Cliff Richard, Amy Grant and even before that Pat Booone—all followed the path of using music to reach the masses. There was no need to use tons of money to do so. So the concept of “cross over” is not a new one. This project was artificially created so that they can dress up a no talent to look like a talent.

    There is nothing to be envious about–using other people’s money for personal benefit. What Kong Hee has created in a new TOTO game—give more to win more. Of course the only winners will be the few at the top.
    As with repeat losers of TOTO will keep coming back and putting more money in–so will these members do the same.

    As I understand it, Kong Hee is not paid–because he is the only winner in his TOTO game. As with most TOTO game organisers they do charity work and CHC also have charity work as well–same, same.

    Sad that so many people are following a false prophet. The Bible did say that there will be people who will preach in My(Christ’s) name. When the Kingdom comes, Christ will say to them “I know you not.”

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  • MarBowling:

    The Other Side of her Hill:
    April 19, 2017 at 3:59 am (Quote)
    @ CI
    Agree with you, a real tit is hard to replicate. Angry, not envy because the money is used for rubber ‘tits’ which your cock eye cannot see.
    Cynical Investor:
    the so-called hurt many S’poreans feel is nothing more than envy that Sun Ho got others to fund her Holywood lifestyle, and envy that her bubbie is a good entrepreneur with a business model that is hard to replicate.

    Response: still rolling on the floor laughing. Your comments is a MOAB…mother of all bombs oops boobs oops comments!

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  • Perspective:

    Many of the American pop/country singers started with singing gospel songs and in church choirs before they “crossed-over” to pop and country. From there on, it leads down a different path. An aspiring artist sets out to seek fame and fortune, to perform before big crowsd, to sell albums and CDs and to hit the music charts. What have all of these got to do with reaching the world for Christ, if the Gospel message is missing? What “cultural mandate” – Christian or Hollywood? Or is it nothing more than a delusion, an idol, a lie and all is vanity?

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