HDB mercilessly increases rental of young single mum from $61 to $230 during renewal

A young single mum with a primary school-going daughter related to us how HDB mercilessly increases their rent from $61 to $230 during renewal when her new job carries a salary which increases from $1200 to $1500 before CPF deduction.

All the joy of having a $300 pay jump from a new job became a curse when HDB upon renewal of her lease learnt of the good news and decided to increase her rent.

“What’s the point of us working so hard when what we earn extra goes to the rent hike? HDB is really sucking us dry!” she retorted.

She has to struggle with her take-home pay of $1100 paying everything in the household and having to also care for her young daughter who is fast growing up. With below-average educational qualification, the single mum is not in a position to better her earning potential in a society that prices diploma and degree above all else.

Her ex-husband has also just being released from prison and is thus unable to provide any maintenance for the family.

As HDB follows a rigid rental payment structure bases on household income, there is thus no incentive for the poor to actually go out and work hard as everything they earn in extra will go to the rent hike unless its a sizeable increase in amount.

The poor single mum will really have to struggle with the new huge rent hike of almost 200% and moreover as most utilities are slanted for a hike soon, she is facing a future with renewed dread and hopelessness that they will ever get out of the poverty cycle – not with the government trying to get a bite in everything that she is trying to earn in extra.

Poor People Campaign – a ground-up community initiative aims at improving the living condition of the poor around us.|

Gilbert Goh



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20 Responses to “HDB mercilessly increases rental of young single mum from $61 to $230 during renewal”

  • Samuel S:

    So make sure you don’t ask for salary increased!

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  • Civilized? PAP never say wan:

    SG is run by cold dumb scholars raised under the unthinking SG education system that teaches them to regurgitate the textbooks solely for the exams but do not equip their minds with the ability to think sense, when it is outside of the textbooks.

    Compassion? PAP don’t teach us that lah.

    If you want to enjoy tax dollars? Be PAP first and you can receive lobangs and millions from the tax payers.

    Civilized? What is that? PAP never talk about that wan.

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  • Bapak:

    Who did she voted for? It starts here. Gilbert, next time when you council those who seek you advice. There is nothing you can do. Writing to TRE would not solve their problems.

    Just tell them to VTO. Enjoy and suffer in silence.

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  • LIONS:

    The gahmen thibk nothing of throwing $100 million a year for the past several years on F1 which basically is a paa-time of tbe RICH
    Or,tbrowng $400 million a year on sponsoring FT-kids.
    Or tbrowing away billions onto foreign companies that were bound to FAIL.

    But wnen it cones to giving assistances to our own poor n needy,rhe same SQUANDERERS talk about AUSTERITY???


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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    Is the poor ‘working’ for the government and the government ‘working’ for the rich?

    Look at housing. HDB is zero value after 99 years or for those who jump in to buy with say 60 years balance, it will also be zero at end of the the balance 60 years.

    BUT for private property owners, many will be able to keep their Freehold properties forever which will go up in value many times to millions or tens of million of $$ or even for those 99 leasehold private properties, can still attempt to en-bloc to make a fortune of few millions $$

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  • PAP snake oil seller:

    Take the amount increased in rent and shift it up MEI HUM’S ASS.There is no bond to his greed.With you ,for you is all shit talk and half truth.

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  • Sad Case:

    Sad situation.
    Does not make sense for her case.HDB should have not increase the rental for her case.
    Should have help to make it easier for her to survive in this super expensive Singapore and not make it harder.

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  • rukidding:

    1st Worlds !

    America- American’s First !

    Australia- australian First !

    Sinkapore – Sinkaporeans First ?…..really meh ?

    Looks like its more $$$ & Profits for the Elitist first !

    Knn,….all the BS coming from Lee Hsien Tau !

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  • xndua:

    Maybe Gilbert Goh would pay the difference, campaign for the poor? dude, get a Life, Singapore is becoming a whining state, crying babies, because of the idiot like Gibert Goh, perhaps can ask Kong Hee to help, or the CHC?

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  • MarBowling:

    Read his lips: with you, for you. What’s wrong with collecting more money!

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  • Anymous incognito:

    Since when does your salary belong to you? All this hikes are to cause cash flow problems so that you become permanently dependent on the govt.
    If a proper accounting were done, people would demand billions in refunds

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  • RDB:

    Dear Gilbert Goh,

    First, please note that rental of $61 up to $230 is almost 400%. 230 divided by 61 is 3.775 times increase = 377.5% INCREASE!

    A. And NOW, let’s see if the loud mouth promising PM will voluntarily carry out his promise at GE2015 campaigning time will help. Or more likely not in quiet to small a matter for PM as in BO-CHUP! Wasn’t his 2015GE September 11 then his 9/11 class of GE is the one and only type in the world is he does not lift a finger TO MAKE his chosen Minister Lawrence Wong (son of his former DPM Wong Kang Send & MHA minister too) of MND do something for this poor Singaporean mother minimised by HDB!

    Remember his papa as PM1 & SM used to damn Singaporeans with only Primary education as daft? His papa’s Graduate Mothers Scheme as PM1 he had to reverse is absolute proof of this or not? And also all of their using Colonial British government’s Scholarship Scheme to help ordinary Singaporeans’ children who qualify for higher polytechnic or university education into a Meritocracy for theirs & their quanxi enriched cronies kids! WP, SDP & RP MUST expose this at the next GE!!!

    B. And congrats again for revealing the double talk double face of pap PM3 L$L merciless. Why so? During his GE2015 September 11 campaigning he told voters:

    1. To vote for the party that will take care of you?

    2. And also that for the big items we can help you?

    THAT ISN’T all talk and NO actions? Coward scared of a 16 yr old teenager Amos Yee, he was so swift in his damnation of him who is now reward with US Asylum! And complete with damnation of PAP as a dictatorship by their judge for the whole world to know!

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  • Amos humiliate L*L and PAP:

    What do you expect? Wasn’t LKY ruthless / merciless? Amos a teenager was brutally treated by PAP because he criticised LKY. But he got back at them by beating them to the pulp in a US Court. He not only got asylum in the US but also exposed to the entrie world the police state run by PAP. He destroyed its credbility AND legitimacy. At the next GE Singaporeans should also be merciless and throw out PAP so it can be buried with LKY. Singapore can then move on and become a REAL democracy with a basic freedoms and an open and transparent government.

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  • Neo:

    Cow theory is hike to make the price MORE AFFORDABLE. Only can pity those who are badly affected by these INTERNATIONAL COURT JESTERS.

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  • Get real:

    So kesian this struggling mother.
    Did she go see them to mayb talk things over..
    ..hdb can offer flats to new citizens n prs …no problem..
    ..as long as pap’s HDB makes money , not lose money.
    Get it? For the rest of us..
    U die your bizness!

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  • Rotting inside out.:

    “what’s wrong with collecting more money?” still a living motto.

    Why mainstream media reporters not keen on such story ? It’s anybody’s guess.

    At the end of day, the balance sheets MUST balanced and with more profits !

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  • Singaporeahseng:

    Bloody hdb.
    Take our CPF and use it, and now uses it to bully our poor citizens. A curse on your CEO and policies.

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  • Injustice:

    HDB is like low cost housing in Malaysia and yet foreigners are allowed to go rent out their flat while staying in JB. In Malaysia, very stringent checks mean only the hardcore poor can qualify for low cost housing. How heartless can the HDB officials be?


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  • who r freehold property owners:

    Singapore Fooled Again n Again:
    Look at housing. HDB is zero value after 99 years or for those who jump in to buy with say 60 years balance, it will also be zero at end of the the balance 60 years.

    BUT for private property owners, many will be able to keep their Freehold properties forever which will go up in value many times to millions or tens of million of $$

    Who are the HDB owners? Yes, those daft Sinkie peasants.

    Who are the freehold property owners? The PAP and all the Civil Servants paid millions with tax dollars.

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  • Don't be too sure:

    Just as your property could be acquired using the the land acquisition act, converting all freehold titles to leasehold is not an impossibility. They rule, they decide, on whatever suits them.
    Even your savings could fizzle away if the banks go bust. What could you do if your money dissapear. At most you get back whatever is backed up by the bank insurance cover for deposits.

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