It’s the People, stupid

There’s been a lot of BS and angst about the death of Orchard Road as an “in place”.

A lady Viv Won got it right when ashe posted this comment on Facebook

Orchard used to be the IT place for urban displays of modernity and pop culture until the suburban centers and other hubs sprang up. I think it’s the G overrating form over function, Orchard has lost its function: MBS took over high end retail; people can meet their Everyday social, biological and service needs at regional centres; good hotels are spreading out of the Orchard sphere so short term tourists aren’t trapped there; there’s much local flavour and life elsewhere, in different pockets of the city like Ann Siang Hill, Boat Quay or MBFC, Robertson Quay, etc. Orchard Rd malls are like upmarket clones of things you can find everywhere else (except Far East Shopping Centre). People can’t exert their identity in a place that imposes its own overarching identity upon everything else.

It’s the People that make a place hip, not the decor or the planned festivities or whatnot. If they had to learn something from what was Mohd Sultan Rd in the late 90s, it should be that a place gets its culture from the people who gather there, for whatever reason (refurbished go-downs make great clubs). So there’s really not much reason to go to Orchard when there are so many more interesting and authentic places to hang out with people you consider to be cool then there’s always Hong Kong.

Same too like other creative industries like finance and technology.

The PAP just doesn’t get it. Remember its attempt to make S’pore a leading stem cell research centre?


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.





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11 Responses to “It’s the People, stupid”

  • My $8 heart bypass:

    This place is sterile to the point of being a has been where creativity and wow factor is concern.
    With retards running the tourism board, throwing away good money after bad, remember throwing $300k to a consultabcy to rename Marina Bay – Marina Bay.
    How can you be a global city when you can’t even express your creativity without the PAPigs telling you what is permissible.
    And we have this Yacoob clown telling you how to read the “right” thing.
    Paying millions to all these shitheads.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    This is the result of group thinking, MRT’s breakdown problem blamed on signal fault and track fault, but the actual reason was overloading.

    Orchard Road retailers no business blamed on the traffic, need to close the road for pedestrians. The actual reason was rental too high resulted too expensive to buy in Orchard Road. Car parking too expensive.

    Little India’s riot blamed it on alcohol and bans its sales nationwide at night.

    PAP doesn’t even know what was the problem and take the easy way out, thinking it was the solution. Create more problem after each solution.

    The only viable solution is to reduce FTs and problem will solve itself. The question is, will the greedy PAP has the will to do it.

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  • Its the Pple:

    It’s the Pple that came to Sgp to survive here, its the Pple, not a Gov, who decide they wd share the land, the space, and the water, to survive. It’s oso the Pple who wish to form a Gov to make their lives better.

    Dunno why, now water is commercially priced, even for daily basic use. Land & space too, Pple are not using them for Businesses but just for basic living needs, they are priced commercially, not like the earliest stage when Pple came together.

    Like tt, Pple will go separate, away & abroad, like in Orchard Rd.

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  • LIONS:

    actually,we all refuse vehemently to believe this simple truth but it ‘HAD’ always been the SG-PMEs themselves who were the MAJOR SPENDERS IN AGRREGATE as compared to just ‘TOURIST $$$”?


    fools,i say,they are all fools despite being highly educated at IVY LEAGUE VARSITIES using taxpayer money !!!

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  • Amos humiliated L*L and PAP:

    What do you expect from arrogant PAP. LKY was most arrogant (and ruthless). He thinks he knows more than everybody else. His stupid son is the same. Well Amos cut them both down to size in US court. He beat PAP to the pulp. Smart Amos likely knew PAP arrogance only works in Singapore. He got US protection from PAP and at the same time humiliated it big-time. If LKY was still around this would likely have killed him. To be humbled by a delinquent Singapore teenager would likely be too much for his inflated ego and his heart assuming he had one.

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  • Best Place For PAP Pigs:

    Fewer people shopping is just the symptom. In short, it’s just too expensive to go to Orchard road, there are cheaper neighborhood alternatives. Fewer real tourists coming to this place. Many are on free transit tours for a few hours courtesy of Changi airport. Only cheap regional foreign workers are here looking for work. They don’t stay in hotels in Orchard areas.
    Dafts are just kidding themselves by not acknowledging the truth.

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  • Failed Elites:

    If I am a rich tourist, why would I come to this sinkhole? If an average tourist, is even worse, how long can he afford to stay here? Everywhere crowds and confusing hordes of strange-looking people and different languages. As a local, I rather escape this mayhem by staying indoors or stay overseas for long periods. Who wants to see the durian, gardens by the bay, sentosa, etc etc etc … never been there!

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  • Sperm is pure not dirty:

    I celebrate and masturbate the DEATH OF ORCHARD ROAD.

    Its one reason for the overpriced rentals.
    The rich has bought these properties and kept the property prices astronomical and rentals toxically high.

    The costs are passed down to the peasants.

    Orchard road stinks.

    The faster orchard road bankrupt the better.

    Good riddance.
    No One owes orchard road a living.

    Its a street of sins.

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  • Minstri of S.per.m:

    People who love orchard road are Materialistic people of shallow values.

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  • Minstri of S.per.m:

    People who love orchard road are Materialistic people with shallow values.

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  • Overheard on a Sunday ..:

    Maria – No worry no place to sit,talk and celebrate birthdays on sundays. They closing Orchard Road for our use.

    Dela – Let’s rename it Manila Street!

    Maria – Maha Kita, Minister!

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