Another sports body fighting over power and control

Photo: Singapore Athletics

The drama of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) presidential election is just starting to hot up, now comes the news that the Singapore Athletics (SA) are set for a leadership reshuffle, only a year after the team won its own election.

According to news report, the election was prompted by numerous disagreements of many issues which had torn the leadership team apart, with in-fighting and questions over the integrity of the Association’s president.

What is happening to sports association bodies in Singapore? It seems like power had corrupted the minds of those in the position of leadership. Instead of working together to get the best for Singapore in the sports they represent, it seems like these people are more intent on fighting for power to rule.

Are they so power hungry that they failed to see the damage they are doing to sports in Singapore? No wonder we can never achieve sporting greatness, the sports associations are busy fighting their own turf war.


S Mohan


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3 Responses to “Another sports body fighting over power and control”

  • Third World Culture in Spore:

    This is the Sinkee culture bred over years of PAP rule – Kiasu, kiasi, Self interest first, others die your own business, power hungry, money sucking….

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  • shiit:

    Getting a top civil service job pays millions. FAS management paid millions for not kicking a ball and funding soccer miserably. So of course people want this sort of no transparency and accountability job that pays well and after few years, retiring to millionaires.

    You think no one will fight for minister job?

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  • Annual Audit of Sports Assoc:

    High time to conduct annual audits to ensure public funds, donations and ‘income’ are properly managed.

    Self check is not good enough!

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