First generation leaders sacrificed a lot to make Singapore what it is today

The last two days, one sentence have been repeated often enough, in the wake of the death of one of the founding fathers, Othman Wok. That the first generation leaders having sacrificed a lot to make Singapore what it is today.

Their sacrifices often knows no bound. Some even sacrificed their own reputations. And thanks to all these sacrifices, Singapore became what we are today. Now, turn that around, and ask, what has our current leaders sacrificed? Any hardships they went through to get where they are today? What sacrifices did they make? Would Singapore be where we are today without them?

These current leaders, always looking smug, especially when they have nothing good to say about others. Maybe you all should learn a thing or two from the first generation leaders. Too bad that only two of them are left now.


Sue Tan


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7 Responses to “First generation leaders sacrificed a lot to make Singapore what it is today”

  • LIONS:

    true,FIRST GEN LEADERS have my respect too.
    not just respect,actually,REVERENCE.

    THEY,like how DR GOH KENG SWEE said so,TOOK THEIR JOBS AS A ‘CALLING’,A VOCATION not unlike priesthood.

    these days,WHAT KIND OF PUBLIC SPIRIT do our new gen leaders possess?

    scholars abound in plenty but WISE SCHOLARS are few and far apart.
    our scholar-gahmen only good at COLLECTING MORE MONEY from already jobless n impoverished citizens to PAY THEMSELVES BY THE MILLIONS n to SQUANDER away on fanciful pet-projects?



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  • Many Sngaporeans Know Too!:

    Useless, most of them.

    Only good at raising the cost of living and collecting more monies!

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  • N.Jungne:

    To me, he Othman Wok (RIP) is always a young handsome man of courage and conviction, unlike the present day many of them are “hai-kow-U” quality.

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  • Bapak:

    “What you are is what you have been. What you will be is what you do now.” – Buddha.

    No confidence with current group.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Comparing the current generation leaders to the first generation leaders is an insult to the first generation leaders.

    The current PAP’s ministers and MPs are only worry about their remuneration. They are in because of fame, wealth, power and impressive resume and nothing else. No foresight, greedy and heartless.

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  • Daft:

    My friend told me his father witnessed how lky forced Sin into Malaysia, how he wasted no time to root his power across the peninsula so aggressive and arrofant until it left no chipoice to Tunku but to alert him of the fear he has stirred among his party which he igored leading to lky well schemed tears over the TV. However it was surprising lky couldn’t do (or didn’t care an afterthought of Pap open declaration of love of anything foreign esp the rich and the polanpa foreign professionals in the bureaucracy incl universities and companies with govt and its agency as a major shareholder) anything when the Malaysia despatched ‘Federal Police’ to Sin went hostile with the locals!

    What significance was my friend father apologised for his generation to trust lky and betrayed when he showed his hunger for power and nepotic inclination. Perhaps all the founder members were similarly as daft as the lky condemned daft Sinkies. Perhaps this is why the nepotic succeeding generation and lky herd of plps has to keep on reminding Daft Sinkies that they are not one people but only races.

    It is ironic to read of the speeches on late OW as compared to what they have been yelping on racial basis including the Presidency. Not only this issue. tThe wealth gap is widening contrary to what people like OW, GKW, LKS … tried to achieve with their mission that every citizen shoukd have a roof above them! Now looks like the Sinkies are losing their roof fast to the rich idols of the nepotic regime! Even sinkies are forced to swallowed the crap that only multimillionaires could be President, suggesting that sinkies are stupid and no good if they aren’t rich. Preisent Yusof will not be allowed to be what he is in today nepotic regime. So is President Sheare, President Wee Kim Wee. Even Nathan would not be qualified!

    Really nothing but wayang since the tears were shed publicly!

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  • Amos humiliate L*L and PAP:

    “That the first generation leaders having sacrificed a lot to make Singapore what it is today.” Really? Look at the BIG PICTURE. (Otherwise it is just more PAP propaganda or “fake news”.) What did these leaders really sacrifice? All of them were well-off when they passed away. The Lee family are extremely rich and getting richer. BTW why was estate duty promptly abolished after Mrs Lee passed away?

    Singaporeans were the ones who really sacrificed and got screwed. They gave away their basic freedoms and after 50 years what do they have – stagnant wages with high prices, over-priced public housing, loss of jobs to foreigners, 1st World cost of living but not 1st World wages, productivity and standard of lving, depleted CPF account after paying for “subsidised and affordable” housing, places in local schools given to foreigners (instead of Singaporeans) with full scholarship using taxpayers’ money.

    Singaporeans should “build on” what Amos has done by winning in US court and “sacrifice” PAP at the next GE. Kill it once and for all and bury it with LKY. Then move on to make Soingapore a real democracy. Singapore is for (and belongs to) Singaporeans not foreigners brought in by pro-alien PAP.

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