Fixing Bill Ng to prevent Game Changers from taking over FAS so that dirty linen cannot be aired?

Something is clearly not right as the PAP government and mainstream media seem fixated on fixing Tiong Bahru FC’s Bill Ng.

The PAP has always been in full control of the FAS and it appears there might be plenty of dirty linen which cannot be aired. FAS-gate akan datang?

To confirm the fixing has begun, MSM’s Wang Meng Meng and Chua Siang Yee have attempted to mislead the public with this sensational headline:

Bill Ng (Photo: AsiaOne)

Perhaps Ah Meng and Siang Yee are ignorant or just pretending to be dumb. Why would anyone be concerned with a company’s revenue instead of bottom line? Recall that NOL had billions in revenue but was still sunk by its former paper general CEO Ng Yat Chung.

However, these 2 joker journalists did come clean subsequently and admitted that Tiong Bahru FC made “profits of between $140,000 and $700,000 for each of the seven years” since FY 2010. Hmm … suddenly realised the difference between $37,000,000 and $140,000?

In the latest fixing attempt, SportSG has filed a police report against Bill Ng’s Tiong Bahru FC.

SportSG is a MCCY stat board and all stat boards are controlled by PAPCEO of SportSG is former paper general Lim Teck Yin and deputy CEO is …. another former paper general Chiang Hock Woon. Like that also can meh???

With the entire government machinery breathing down Bill’s neck, it appears only a miracle can save the Game Changers. But all is not lost.

FAS, run by PAP affiliates, sucks big time. It has the same top-down, self-serving approach as PAP. Last year, The Independent reported that 6 key management personnel earned $1.6 million while only $70,000 was spent on community football.

(Of the 6 overpaid key management staff who have brought shame to Singapore football (see chart below), 2 were paid between $400,001 and $500,000. No need to guess who la.

On the issue of spending only $70,000 on community football, FAS clarified and said “the figure of S$70k shown in its financial statements as inaccurate“. Why did FAS publish an inaccurate figure?)

PAP-controlled FAS has seen its ranking drop since …. 24 years ago.

Stranger than fiction is the request for a “request to donate” letter by FAS. (Read Leong Sze Hian’s “$500,000 donation to AFF, why was there a need for a “request to donate” letter?” @ TR Emeritus)

As the recipient, FAS should be sending out a request for donation instead of requiring a “request to donate” letter from the donor.

Do organisers of the President’s Star Charity insist on a “request to donate” letter from its bigger donors?

Which charity/recipient of donation in the entire universe does this?

Bill Ng never expected FAS to resort to such a low-down “request to donate” tactic and was caught unawared.

The likely reasons for FAS are:
– To save face – PAP guys don’t want to be seen begging for donations.
– To cover up FAS’ tracks because the donation was not meant to benefit only community football.

As mentioned earlier, I believe the FAS has concealed lots of embarrassing information from the public. Preventing Game Changers from taking over the running of FAS will ensure dirty linen remains in the vault.


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.


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10 Responses to “Fixing Bill Ng to prevent Game Changers from taking over FAS so that dirty linen cannot be aired?”

  • flabbergasted:

    funny how decisions can be made by people who has never kicked a football in their life and .. yet get paid big bucks.

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  • MarBowling:

    HoLee shit$!

    2 MFs in the FAS Management Team are paid between $400,001 and $500,000! They think they are Messi or Ronaldo or what! $70.000 on community Ku-Ball but $1.6 millions on salaries of key personnel! Think the police and CPIB choose purposely to look at the wrong hole!

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  • Amos humiliat L*L and PAP:

    L*L and PAP tried to “fix” Amos but the latter was a lot smarter. He went to the US where PAP cannot “control” anything. In addition, Amos sought asylum so he can stay in US indefinitely. As a result, he was put in jail Without knowing it this actually was the “best thing” that happened to him. Why? Because he got involved with the US justice system. Unlike Singapore, the US justice system is open, fair and, most important, cannot be controlled by PAP. The rest is history. Amos won in US Court and by doing so “fixed” L*L and PAP big-time. This was reported worldwide. He exposed the “rigged” judicial system in Singapore and the police state run by PAP. So miracles do happen in fighting PAP and its stooges but not in Singapore.

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  • nizhemoshou:

    After Ng’s disclosure of the donation , all the more the power that be wants to do everthing to prevent him from taking over FAS. Afraid even assuming Ng wins the election, he can be unseated if they convict in court.
    Deja Vu , think of what lky did to unseat the beloved JBJ from parliament.

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  • rukidding:

    You cannot deny that P.a.p., stands for “Pimps and prostitutes” right ?

    Everywhere they go,….they “screw things and screw people” !

    GD Star Rating
  • Bonkers:

    Tops down and Bottoms up, bunch of faceless and shameless people running everything like headless chickens. Please clear and straighten your own dirty backyards.

    GD Star Rating
  • Anyone from Parliament?:

    Want to be President?

    Not President of Singapore (reserved leow) but President of FAS?

    Kee Chiew please!

    GD Star Rating
  • That's Life....:

    When they need donation$, they come knocking.

    When things turn ugly, they come raiding!

    GD Star Rating
  • Cancel Licenced Jackpot Rm.:

    The GOV should cancel licences of all jackpot operators except the the casino.

    Football Clubs, Golf Clubs and other recreation clubs Jackpots Operations should be terminated or all patron shall pay the $100 levy per day or $2000 per year just like the two operating casino. It should also be administered by the CRA.

    Be A Ethical and A Consistent GOV!

    GD Star Rating
  • MeeSiamDontNeedHum:

    Must be part of their plan to get Singapore into the World Cup final round!!!!

    Old Goat promised but failed to deliver what he promised at one national day rally many many donkey years ago when he was still the PM.

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