When are we going to be safe from falling trees?

Yet another case of a tree falling onto the road, unable to withstand the heavy rainfall that buffeted Singapore on Friday morning (21Apr). This time, it was reported that a tree fell and blocked at least one lane on Cavenagh Road after the rainstorm, with parts of the affected road closed temporarily after.

Based on reports, the tree was as long as a double decker bus, and had blocked the road, rendering it impassable. Luckily, there were no reports of any injuries, and the tree was duly cleared in the same morning to make the road passable to traffic again.

With the expectation of heavy rain in the next few days, how confident are we that no more trees will fall onto the road? The next time it happens, some one might not get so lucky. Let’s hope that does not happen.


Wong Stephen



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12 Responses to “When are we going to be safe from falling trees?”

  • Amos humiliate L*L and PAP:

    Another omen on the coming downfall of PAP after it was humiliated (and “destroyed”) in US Court by Amos Yee.

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  • 7.5 inches:

    Much ado about nothing. Same old same old from opposition supporters. Today complain about trees, tomorrow the sun, then the moon.Blame PAP for everything that’s gone wrong in your miserable life.

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  • Stringent inspections? Sure?:

    NParks, LTA and other relevant govt agencies stressed that they conduct stringent inspections on all planted trees, yet trees still fall, killed and injured unlucky passer by! Any heads roll? This is how a meritocratic country, no batamec no name culture thrives! Just have to pray that you do not be in the wrong place and time when trees fall. You have read in the press that a Malaysian motor cyclist was seriously injured by a fallen tree along Woodlands and an Indian lady was killed in Botanical gardens by fallen trees yet no one was held responsible, accountable? Why is this so? And their excuse, they have carried out STRIN GENT checks in accordance with International standards! Extremme weather conditions just too bad, no one can control blah blah blah…….

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  • Uniquely S'pore:

    Trees shldn’t be planted in middle of Expressways.

    Bushes & Shurbs are ok since they wun grow tall such that you need a Crane on the rightmost lane(!), to prune Trees(!), in the Day(!), jamming up the Expressway(!)

    * No Road Sense (!)

    * So much Talk abt Productivity, waste so many Drivers’ Time in the jams (to prune Trees), * for 10mins in jam,

    …then throw Money to Productivity Grants, for companies to upgrade Computers to win!0 and i7, just for PCs to be faster * for 10secs

    * So contracdictary words and actions

    * Waste of Tax money to prune Trees which are in middle of Expressways

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  • Maxchewy:

    The face of pretty Radhika the poor lady who was killed by a giant 240 yr old Tembusu tree at a popular public spot at the SBG keeps appearing in my dreams now and then. She left two one-year old twins without their mummy permanently. I shed a tear whenever I think of them. Poor kids left suddenly without a mummy through an Act of God?
    I’m sure her husband is now consulting some well known lawyers to sue SBG or the NParks for massive compensation. Methinks it is not an act of God. Don’t blame God anyhow. Blame man! Particular attention and care should have been shown to this oldest tree inside the gardens located in a very public popular spot near the concert stage. Instead SBG only inspect it half-yearly! Lackadaisical attitude can cause death and injuries.
    Google death from falling trees and you will be shocked to learn that in the USA about 100 people are killed by falling trees every year! Most of the victims next of kin end up suing the State or owner of the fallen tree for huge compensations.
    I’ve researched the Internet and discovered the law of premises liability of the owner of the property. Irresponsible or inadequate maintenance of trees esp very old ancient trees is a major factor of legal liability. Only a court of law can decide on these legal matters esp on the quantum of damages. I look fwd to the likely forthcoming civil trial. Radhika and the family she left behind richly deserves this!

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  • PAP d Liars n Fraudsters:

    The PAP has always claimed that their public administration involved many many various monitorings, maintenances, in placed.

    Even MAS Selamat was monitored in his walk to freedom – if not how do they the PAP knew he escaped.

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  • Old Moon:

    Trees do fall in heavy storms! Storms are unpredictable and hence impossible to predict where they are going to strike next.
    The writer hopes that it will not happen again!
    Unfortunately, it will happen again just like any other accident, based on statistics and probability.
    The probability of trees falling, just like any other type of accident, can be reduced by constant trimmings and checking for rotting and dead trunks and branches. I am sure the National Parks are doing it as a matter of routine and with due diligence.
    I would like to ask the writer to report to the National Parks any tree he sees as posing an imminent danger of crashing down.
    Don’t just hope that it will not fall on someone.

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  • N.Jungne:

    The Pioneer Generation planted TREES, and we becomes a Garden-city. The present Leeder plants upside-down trees, and even the Heritage Tembusu gave up, what more about the “wayside ones”. The poor monkeys were driven from their small little undergrowth to face hunger in the HDB Estate. Tsk tsk alarmak.

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    In a real democratic country, their agencies that maintain the parks and trees will be liable for being sued and paid compensation due to their negligence. Unfortunately, for stinkies, you are living in a demoncratic Stinkapore. Even it is PAP lapses, you paid for their lapses.

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  • LIONS:

    People may have noticed govt contractors rushing to “PUT UP” trees the last yearor so.
    Trees are planted in between older ones where DIGGING are done around these grown trees.
    Do you think these contractors did a CAREFUL JOB of ensuring there is no soil erosion or disturbance to the stability of existing trees ?

    This is the PAP scholars,always trying to score points n gain “accolades” with no consideration for other things like piblic safety or socio-economic concerns like that FT POLICY that DISRUPT IRDINARY SGS’ lives.

    What is the use if all these superficiality?
    The City that attracts n retains “TALENTS” in Asia?
    By destroying sgs’ jobs n livelihoods?
    Whats the “point”?

    This is Lee Ah Long’s kind of PAP gahmen.
    This is not typical DR GOH KENG SWEE?

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  • nizhemoshou:

    Cavenagh road is the road abutting on one side of Istana grounds. That’s why fallen tree super fast cleared?

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  • Cpf no enough:

    Just ban trees from falling …just like they love to ban everything thats problematic in this r.d.
    Thats wat this gov lives to do…ban ban ban…fine fine fine….sue sue sue…

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