Why not merge the education ministers too?

I read with intrigue when MOE announced that they would be merging 8 junior colleges due to the low student take-up, declining number of students due to falling birth rates.

If the problem is the lesser number of students, why then do a small country like Singapore need 2 Education Ministers who are paid more than a million dollars each every year?

Why do we downsize our schools, merge them but fail to merge the needless, extra leaders at the top? What for do we need 2 Ministers for when there are less Educators to manage and less students to care for?

I think it is only fair to have only one Education Minister as the other is excess fat that needs to be trimmed, just like our schools which MOE has so brilliantly done.

Apply the policy across the board and do it to the elites who are highly paid, be fair to all.


Lee Tony



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17 Responses to “Why not merge the education ministers too?”

  • Amos humiliate L*L and PAP:

    Excellent suggestion. These two are typical over-paid PAP clowns led by another bozo who got trashed by Amos in US Court last month.

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  • shamelessly collect free money:


    lucky they deen create a “deputy acting minister for education (Schools)
    and a “deputy acting minister for education (higher education and schools)
    positions argh!

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  • opposition dude:

    Alamak the reason is so obvious as to why the need for 2 ACTING ministers, the keyword being ACTING, ahem!

    Simply put there is no position for these 2 dimwits so some other position has to be created. Just like all those wayang minister in minister’s office positions or the overly grossly overpaid MM and SM positions.

    With over 80 monkeys in parliament there needs to be quite a few wayang positions created for sure. Otherwise how to fool the dafts into thinking the class of 2011 and 2015 are the “best” ones to take over when goondu Loong retires?

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  • HHH:

    We have many jiat Liao bee:

    1. MPs absent or sleeping in parliament
    2. Record no of ministers without portfolio in PMO
    3. Ministers with many portfolios
    4. Paper generals becoming ministers

    They are all paid millions to say yes, the more the votes during policy approval.

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  • Lol:

    Raise hands and legs to support kee kar kee chiu lol

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  • MarBowling:

    Since ACTING in Malay language means WAYANG we Might as well call these 2 jokers WAYANG Minister instead of ACTING Minister.

    Mr Ng Chee Meng
    Wayang Minister for Education(School)

    Mr Ong Ye Kung
    Wayang Minister for Education(Higher Education and Skills)…does this mean Ong position is Higher than Ng? Macham MORE Wayang Skills!

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  • Great Idea, Tony!:

    Monies saved can go to charities!

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  • Lee BH:

    With these two clowns at MOE, our young ones will not have a future.

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  • Sinkies Deserve It:

    The incompetent leeder, long past his expiry date, needs to buy support with taxpayers’ dollars, nevermind he may be a clown without clothes.

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    Yes, still on merging. Why not merge:

    1) All the opposition parties

    2) All the town councils and let them be run by the HDB itself

    3) All the Polys and ITEs – they seem to be the same to me?

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  • Trade and Indusrty 2 ministers:

    Trade and Industry ministry , same same, 2 ministers! Even so they could not improve SG economy or help SMEs and other businesses, only receive millions of dollars out of tax payers contributions.Each and every ministry is over bloated and the minsters are the highest paid in the world! What do other countries think, looking at Sg?

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    These PAP million dollars clowns have not shame, I am wondering how they face their children day in and day out, having dinner with them and expect them to turn out to be a good human being….maybe not, to turn out like PAP useless clowns….hahahhahahah

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  • RDB:


    BECAUSE PAP under megalomania character lky’s arckia son no more has good brains to helm a ministry! So 2 or even 3 brains best from SAF or Civil Service only is the norm liao! LKY knew and so prepared for super duper pay packages so that his arckia can not only have job. But also be Pee And Poo PM3 playing his GDP by increasing population and so into a more and more unsustainable CONsumerism economy! Don’t believe? Go to Joseph Charmie’s:




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  • RDB:

    Exploding the Singapore population a;so means must explode the ministries number of ministers POPulation to right. Parallel path mah! That’s is what “bright sparks” dictators mind politicians are very at/to is it not?

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  • Uncle Lim:

    Lee BH:
    With these two clowns at MOE, our young ones will not have a future.

    Agree with you. Well said.

    Who are these two clowns anyway and what’s their track record for being ministers apart from their ability to be good yes men?

    Friend migrated to Australia. No more endless tests, tests, tests in school for his kids. His kids are now more relaxed and enjoying school.

    So SG tops in Maths and Science so what? What have we produced except yes men?

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  • Bapak:

    Why do a small country like Singapore needs two DPMs yet cannot perform? Only stupid citizens buy into this shit.

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  • How can la?!:

    How can la? There are so many super plp that r waiting to be rewarded.
    Three got multimillions dollars plus benefits without any real work, some citizens satirise as majong kakis otherwise too bored with no work except scribbling on facebook and drinking tea.
    This may have stirred up dissatifaction among the other super plps so need to create more rewards to quietens the presently uneasiness lest wiki may set in and the entire rotting tree collapses.
    Anyway kitty is plentiful even though much has gone to educate the uneducatable scumbgs so why not giving them legally. Can the few WP MPs say anything esp they have been,and will be forever bothered not bythe nepotists but by the plp to have them busy and head pained.
    So don’t be a naive. Vote rightly according to what you have strongly felt of the shits they have poured over you and not be succumbed to the penny goodies relative to their billions scoop all legally with a PAP controlled absolutely Parliament.
    You vote in non pap, better still you go in and legally make it a law that no govt can self gratified themselves except thru a national referendum. Otherwise go and play your majong, cyber games or even watch your favourite stars like the City Harvest idol in-dancing with the burly Americans awluaki!

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