M Ravi headhunted to join Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre in Tanzania

M Ravi

Renowned Human rights lawyer and activist M Ravi has been headhunted to join a legal team in Tanzania to mount death penalty constitutional challenge there.

M Ravi wrote on his Facebook:

Just spoke with the Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre in Tanzania ( LINK )  which will be challenging the mandatory death penalty regime in the country. I’m honoured to be invited to be part of the legal team and to be working with the team led by lawyer Fulgence Massawe.

The Attorney General will be mounting a preliminary objection to the challenge to be heard next Monday. If we clear this preliminary objection, the matter will proceed to main hearing within 3 months and I will be attending the hearing to assist.

Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience of mounting the challenge against the mandatory death penalty here in Singapore.

Ravi, who was barred from practising law in Singapore by the Court of Appeal 2 years ago, clarified that the Tanzanian legal team is not challenging the death penalty per se,  but the mandatory nature of the death penalty.

This means that currently, judges in Tanjania cannot hear mitigating factors and decide on a lesser degree of punishment and are forced to implement mandatory death sentence in certain cases. The team is seeking to change that and give more options to judges in such cases.

Tanzania is a commonwealth country and their legal system is based on common law, similar to Singapore’s.





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12 Responses to “M Ravi headhunted to join Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre in Tanzania”

  • Go, Ravi, go!:

    Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre in Tanzania would rather hire Ravi than the clowns here selling their soul for the PAP soup.

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  • Thaipusammy Dance:

    Dance Left….Dance Right… head shakes back and forth, with both palms together. Thats all I remember of M Ravi. A shameful end to an otherwise potential human rights lawyer in Singapore. All the best to him!

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  • LIONS:

    now,TRULY THIRD WORLD NATION trying to apply FIRST WORLD’s laws unlike self-proclaimed Fir$t World gahmen insisting on using THIRD WOLRD LAWS on its citizens???

    now,this is an eye-opener of sorts.

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  • Detoxification:

    Good news for PAP. What a good way to get rid of troublemakers. With Hamster Han Hui(hhh) gone with Alex, now Ravi. Please bring backdoor boy Roy with you.

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  • God speed:

    Congratulations Ravi! God speed!

    When 1 door closes another opens! Strive is part of the sinkies’ nature.

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  • PAP snake oil seller:

    I can see THE CROWN PRINCE having a very broad smile.With Amos and now Ravi gone he had FIXED HIS FOEs.However it shows that SINGAPORE LEGAL SYSTEM IS RIGGED BY THE PAP TO SERVE THEM AND NOT THE PEOPLE.

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  • Cremora:

    Good to know that while Spore does not appreciate Ravi,
    others do! Especially his experience in dealing with
    judiciaries in 3rd world countries, his potential to
    raise the level of the law and his ability to think.

    Good luck Ravi.

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  • Kisswhore Malu Barnie:

    Ravi is hearing in the Right direction.
    Do from withOUT and not from withIN.


    Peasants within have been absolutely domesticated beyond any hope of change.

    From the cradle to their graves.

    Authoritarianism has no power over External Forces.

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  • Norman Wee:

    Ravi has never been banned from practising 2 years ago. Mid last year, he was barred from applying for a ora riding certificate for 2 years because of his bipolar medical conditions. As such Ravi is advised to bring along his medicines to Tanzania to avoid making a fool of himself there and bringing Singapore name to disrepute.

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  • koontuululu:


    But, body still here!

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  • Bee Dok:

    All Kenna marked should work overseas and enjoy some income and not stay here. No future. Dun waste your futures in sg.
    It’s not worth fighting for.
    Most invoke boh BIAN for everyrhing because they are resigned their fate in sg.

    From craddle to Grave , they invoke BOHBIAN.

    Even if Hdb flat worthless after lease expires or starts depreciating, they will still say “Boh BIAN one. Everything we must accept.”

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  • WHERE???:

    WHERE is Ravi’s Photograph???????

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