$735m surplus – increase uni fees; 41% foreigners?

I refer to the article “government should not keep two set of statistics on foreigners, something amiss” (likedatosocanmeh, May 10).

It states that “has the statistics on foreigners studying at local unis. Years ago, NUS staff statistics even had a breakdown by nationality. [ link ]

Out of 974 research staff, 464 or almost half were from PRC vs only 180 Singaporeans. Singaporeans form only 20% of the total number of research staff.  And why were there only 17 UK and 17 US research staff?

A top ranking NUS only able to attract hundreds of research staff from a communist third-world country?

From the above table, we can see just how embarrassing it must have been for … to shoot itself in the foot. And of course, similar statistics are no longer published.

Statistics on foreign students are being concealed by … local unis even though they are obligated to disclose to the public”.

I clicked on the link in the above article to the NUS annual report 2016.

$735m & $52m surplus in 2015 & 2016?

The surplus for the year in 2015 and 2016 was $734.8 and $52.1 million, respectively.

Fees increase every year since 2010?

In this connection, according to the article “Breaking down Uni tuition fees in Singapore” (The New Paper, Jun 9, 2016) – “Local universities have been increasing their tuition fees for their undergraduate courses every year since 2010”.

Since the surplus for 2015 and 2016 was $734.8 and $52.1 million, respectively – why was there a need to increase fees?

No breakdown for faculty & students?

Like what likedatosocanmeh wrote – I was also unable to find any breakdown of the faculty into nationalities or students into Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans.

NUS has 32% international students?

In this connection, the percentage of international students at NUS is 32 per cent, according to Times Higher Education?

41% non-S’porean students?

Do these international students include PRs?

If not, if we assume that the percentage of PR students is about the same as the about 13.3 per cent of the local population – the percentage of PR students may be about 9 per cent (68 per cent x 0.133)?

So, does it mean that the percentage of non-Singaporean students is about 41 per cent (32 + 9)?


Leong Sze Hian

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9 Responses to “$735m surplus – increase uni fees; 41% foreigners?”

  • Rabble-rouser:

    Simple arithmetic! Local university students & their parents are generously subsidizing their 41% foreigner cohorts at university. In addition, the govt is cross-subsidizing & funding foreign tertiary students with revenue raised from various local sources eg. HDB (Flat prices), LTA (COE, ERP), SWF (CPF) etc. What else is new?

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  • Ho Lee Jing:

    Let’s hope that whoever has hacked NUS & NTU systems recently will reveal the 2 Unis shameless hidden statistics to us.

    What a bunch of traitors! Unless the ones heading these Unis are foreigners, there’s no reasons sporeans should betray sporeans in such manners. Shame on these idiots. They better be prepared to answer to their creator sooner or later.

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  • I Am Tony Tan Jiak Liao Bee:

    The Unis have been increasing fees through the years from the Locals to feed and house and provide free tuition for the Foreigners ???

    WTF !!!!

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  • Aussie uni grad:

    My uni fees back then for one foreign student supporting five local Aussie students.

    No wonder Aussie uni loves foreign students like me lol

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  • Amos was right:

    Amos was right in “attacking” LKY and PAP. They have betrayed Singaporeans with their pro-alien policies.

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  • Scholars:

    Mark Zuck, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Robin Li, Jeff Bezo, Mike Dell all are not scholar.
    In SG, we muz make sure all SCHOLARS have good job and good promotion path.
    Come Uni, you see scholars doing MAINTENANCE work and we muz WORSHIP THEM.
    Believe PAP u better B DEAD.!!

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    Talk 3, talk 4, gahmen is simply skirting round the issue, will never ever commit, will never be specific, will refuse to count only true-blues as locals, will always want PRs lumped together as residents/locals. Will in the ultimate analysis, just blatantly say it is not in the public interest to disclose the real figures. So what are you going to do about that? KPKB? Complain to the UN?

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  • etc. etc. etc. etc. and etc.:

    Mark Zuck, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Robin Li, Jeff Bezo, Mike Dell all are not scholar.

    That is why they all will be bypassed for promotion under the PAP reward system in favor of the likes of Lim Swee Say, Grace Fu, Josephine Teo, Desmond Quek, etc. etc. etc. etc. and etc.

    Now you understand why SG is heading for the drain?

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  • Taxi Uncle Lim Kopi:

    Of course SG is heading for the drain. You should go and see the nationalities of the PhD students. Less than 5% are Singaporeans.

    Recently there was this scheme for alumni to take free or subsidized courses. But what if the fella graduated from overseas universities? No chance at all?

    Do they know why Singaporeans don’t want to work as researchers? Because there is no prospect! Nowadays the funding is only one or two years. Then after that go where? Ownself eat ownself and you need to look for a job again. I might as well drive Uber which at least gives me a consistent income to feed my family.

    Don’t listen the garment that they don’t look at grades. They are still looking at grades. My brother works in a university and he got to know a 38 year old phd student who got kicked out of university because he failed only one course which affect his gpa grades. he cannot retake. this fello is apparently technically better than most of the inexperienced young peers from china because he had been in the mechanical manufacturing indstry for many years. he even paid for his own tuition fees (while his peers have scholarship).

    That’s that. We are still back to square one. We are still producing young and inexperienced phds for other countries, which does not add much value to Singapore.

    Seriously…I worry for our education system.

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