Is infant formula milk even good for babies?

With all the media attention surrounding the rise of infant formula milk and its expensive marketing campaign costs that is being passed on to consumers, the benefits of infant formula milk vs breastmilk has been neglected.

World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes recognizes the superiority of breastmilk and recommends exclusive use of breastmilk for the first 6 months of an infant’s life. The Code also stipulates that financial or material incentives to promote infant formula should not be offered to health workers; samples should not be provided except for research and professional evaluation purposes and should not be given to mothers and their families; health workers and healthcare systems should promote and encourage breastmilk feeding; healthcare facilities should not be used to promote infant formula; and healthcare facilities should not display infant formula products as within the scope of the Code, among others.

Based on the two articles published by the Straits Times (here and here), it seems like many of these provisions were flouted, or at least creatively and flexibly interpreted to allow infant formula milk to be marketed in a way that may harm babies in Singapore.

The Singapore government should do more to uphold the spirit of the Milk Code and promote ways in which babies can be fed breastmilk in Singapore, even breastfeeding or pumping of breastmilk in public.


 Shawn Lee



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8 Responses to “Is infant formula milk even good for babies?”

  • PAP has the mandate:

    If the baby formula is the same, the government can sue those companies for false advertising, and those real democratic countries will have long haul those companies to court and place penalties on them. Josephine got to be careful, potentially those companies can sue her for defamation.

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  • LIONS:

    milk is milk.
    formula milk not as good as breast milk.

    if nursing mothers dont have enough milk,they can ask JO to contribute some???

    sure,milk is milk.

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    Quote Shawn Lee: “The Singapore government should do more to uphold the spirit of the Milk Code and promote ways in which babies can be fed breastmilk in Singapore, even breastfeeding or pumping of breastmilk in public.”

    Where mothers are concerned it’s easier said than done. Most mothers opt for milk formula over breastfeeding due to following constraints:

    1. Most, especially Asian, mothers are too modest to breastfeed in public, either out of personal or cultural inhibition.

    2. Generally, mothers find milk formula feeding more convenient when outdoors, when privacy is not always available.

    3. Breastfeeding is usually advised for at least the baby’s first 6 months. How many emplyers grant working mothers 6 months of paid maternity leave? To continue breastfeeding beyond 6 months (with hard-to-ween babies), how many employers will grant additional leave, paid or unpaid?

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  • N.Jungne:

    Jo Tiu says “Milk is Milk”, bingo brilliant never thought of.

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  • Hor fun:

    Stop milking the issue.

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  • Sperm is Sperm:

    Mas Selamat is Either inside sg or outside sg.
    He cannot be in space. That much I am sure.

    Sperm is sperm, anyway you taste it.

    I am so smart I deserve a promotion despite my disproportionately fat ass.

    My husband also got cronie rice bowl.

    The real secrets of huge success is :

    1. Cronism.
    2. Legalised corkruption.
    3. Betray people.
    4. Cheat Lie and Con Yew.

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  • Sylva Lim:

    We need a public directory showing what are the issues wp mp did not raise in parliament or raised only after bloggers have done so.

    We can list them in chronological order with details like issues, date, who, what, where,whe,why.

    This will pressure them and show their voters what is wrong with them.

    16k feels like so overpaying them that I honestly feel it’s a crime.

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  • Bebe:

    The issue is why milk powder is cheaper in neighboring countries?
    Just like every essential items; have we been had for a long time?

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