Lessons We Can Learn From North Korea

During 60s and 70s, North Korea did have high living standard, but as 80s went on and USSR started crumbling, so did North Korea. When USSR’s aid dropped drastically, with reduced fertilizers, spare parts and most importantly, energy and funds, North Korea’s economy fumbled into a downward spiral, leading to the famine which peaked around 1995.

Kim Il-Sung, just like Mao Zedong, truly believed that Juche philosophy and political system he created were perfect and best for
his people. Now the question is what did his political advisors and people around him were telling him that was going on. They were
probably as usual making him think it was paradise and everything was perfect, which it wasn’t. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 prompted a chain reaction in North Korea.The regime’s unsurmountable levels of censorship and propaganda have allowed its leaders to dictate unreasonable doctrines, wherein civilians are deprived of free-will and liberty. North Korea has been ruled by one family since its inception as a nation-state, and the rest of nation is obligated to follow the Supreme Leader.

All news organizations and radio frequencies are controlled by the government, giving them the power to control every piece of information that the people are exposed to, so as to force their citizens into believing the regime’s propaganda. All TV channels and radio frequencies are means for spreading government propaganda, where even a soap opera would be adjusted to promote the regime’s authority.

Kim Jong-un, however, had now established his power continued his reign with promise of increasing the people’s living standards.
Instead, he worked on raising living standards and luxuries for the political and social elite. His PR stunts and constant public appearances made him look like a leader for his nation and the world to be optimistic about (Voronstov His enigmatic behavior as a leader and the decisions he has made have played a major role in determining the future of the North Korean state, and have driven it into more intensified impediment.

Having determined the course of history that has led to this political impasse, one must consider the possible upshots of a waning
authoritarian dictatorship.





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9 Responses to “Lessons We Can Learn From North Korea”

  • cold blooded SG politicians:

    Where do u think PAP got its ideas from? Its from North Korea.

    The office of dictator once had a very different meaning from how we think of it today. It was first created by the Roman Senate in 510 B.C. for emergency purposes, such as taking care of rebellions. During the time of the Republic, Rome was ruled by two consuls, and the Senate decided that in some cases it was necessary to have a single person making decisions. Sometimes, one of the consuls became dictator.

    Dictators held authority over all other politicians, couldn’t be held legally responsible for their actions and couldn’t hold the office for longer than six months (although there were two exceptions to this rule). They could also change Roman law and the constitution, but they couldn’t use any public money other than what the Senate gave them, and they couldn’t leave Italy. Most dictators left office after they completed their tasks, even if their six months hadn’t yet elapsed.

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  • Doggie:

    some japanese source already said we are a bright north korea lol

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  • N.Jungne:

    Very familiar leh, where arh?

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  • htdg:

    2 classes in SG

    1. Pappy/elites/FTs

    2. Peasant

    The difference is getting very obvious with Pappy policies and how they crush opposition and dissidents. Even key minister positions also to FTs.

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  • Amos: 1 PAP: 0:

    Amos showed that Singapore is “North Korea Lite”. He humiliated PAP big-time.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    This Fatty Kim must be dealt with immediately by any mean. Sanctions and dialogues are useless and all talk only. If he does stop his nonsense this time round, every other year he will start all over again. This world will never has any peace when he is around.

    Now is the good time to deal with him. When he is still not capable to inflict any harm to North America. Once this Fatty is capable of firing an ICBM into North America, USA will has its hand full. It will not able to take care of anyone else. South Korea, Japan and even China and Russia will be in trouble. Every country will be at this Fatty mercy.

    This Fatty Kim will never end throwing his yearly tantrum to the world to get attention. He needs to be obliterated from planet earth, sooner the better.

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  • Bapak:

    I don’t agree we should learn from North Korea. Instead it is the other way. What has that Fatty Kim sunk so far? Made so much noise, only know how to test fire missile to scare people.

    Ours did it quietly. Our Fatty Kim has already sunk one of our national treasures – NOL! Hip Hip PAP! Hip, Hip PAP!

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  • Former CIA:

    This Fatty Kim must be dealt with immediately by any mean. Sanctions and dialogues are useless and all talk only. He needs to be obliterated from planet earth, sooner the better.

    unlike the pinky clown loon
    It is not so easy to get rid of kim . Unlike Sadaam and Gadaffi. THe Kim family took the nuclear route. In case he is gone , he will have given orders fire the missiles . Nuclear is whats saving him from the US invasion,

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  • LIONS:

    well,the LEEder$ here are worse than KIM JONG-UN N COMPANY.
    you see,KIM fires ‘missiles’ at aliens,LEEders here fire ‘missiles’ at the citizens????

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