US of A got equivalent of our detention without trial

Wht don’t the ang moh tua kees don’t tell us that the USA has the equivalent of the Internal Security Act of detention without trial. They that stupid meh? Or their CIA masters order them not to diss the US of A.

Seriously, more evidence that Amos is a really dumb young adult to seek asylum in the land of the free “where the buffalo roam & the deer and the antelope play,Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day.”

Material witness warrants originate in the early 1800s, when getting hold of a witness who had left a jurisdiction before trial might involve a long day on horseback. They allowed lawmen to lock up key – “material” – witnesses at their convenience.

Sporadic use of the warrants caused little controversy until 9/11, when law enforcement seized on them as a means to detain terror suspects without probable cause. At least 70 men were held as material witnesses in the aftermath of the attacks while the Justice Department looked for evidence, according to a 2005 report by Human Rights Watch. A third of them were in prison for more than two months, some for more than six months, and one witness detainee spent more than a year in prison.

Someone arrested on a material witness warrant can in theory be detained indefinitely, and in most states detainees are not granted the basic constitutional protections afforded to suspects under arrest, such as Miranda rights, the right to a public defender, and the right to a prompt appearance before a judge.

Emphasis mine.


Cynical Investor

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10 Responses to “US of A got equivalent of our detention without trial”

  • Smartly Dumb:

    At least worst come to worst, in reality and not merely “in theory” he won’t be like :

    Chia Thye Poh – imprisoned for 23 years without charge or trial, Ho Toon Chin, alias Ho Piao – 18 years, Dr Lim Hock Siew, Lee Tse Tong, Said Zahari and Dr Poh Soo Kai, 17 years or more.

    A third of them were in prison for more than two months, some for more than six months, and one witness detainee spent more than a year in prison.

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  • What is the "big picture"?:

    Why does Cynical Investor keep calling Amos “loser”? What about L*L and PAP?

    What is the “big picture” for Amos?
    LOSS: 139 days in jail and counting.
    (1) He got US asylum (unless DHS appeals and is successful) therefore PAP can no longer persecute him. And he can continue to criticize the PAP.
    (2) He has the personal satisfaction of beating PAP big-time at its own game – use of the law and court. This is a big win for him.
    (3) He does not have to do NS (a lot more than 139 days).
    (4) He can stay indefinitely in the US. He gets PR status and eventually citizenship.
    On balance Amos it appears is not a loser. He is a very big winner.

    What is the “big picture” for L*L and PAP?
    LOSS: Humiliating loss in US court. Makes it appear that PAP is running a police state in Singapore. Singapore judiciary is biased. Political system is not free and fair. An even bigger loss if DHS does not appeal or loses its appeal.
    GAIN(S): I can’t think of any. Can Cynical Investor please suggest some gains for PAP on this saga? I am sure TRE readers would like to hear further from you on this point. Please do not just focus on Amos. Thank you.

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  • C'est la vie:

    Cynical Investor is certainly investing a lot of time and space to Amos, in the most cynical of ways. Verging on a rather unhealthy obsession. Perhaps been off sugar, soya, blood, wheat, hops, red meat and egg yokes far longer then advised.

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  • Bapak:

    Maybe LKY is CI’s godfather tt y he is personal.

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  • Ah Peng Kia:

    Even you say this was enactewd in the early 1800s, that shows this is a very archaic law. It was only used in earnest again after 9/11. 9/11 was an extraordinary event that called for drastic measures until home security could find their feet in such extraordinary times. The key difference between USA and Singapore is that in USA, there is still accountability. Even the president can be impeached if he does something gravely wrong. His directive can be repealed by the courts, and he has to go to congress and senate to make any tweaks to laws and regulation. In Singapore, one man’s word is law, and one man’s whim and fancy is your death knell.

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  • 杜姑求白:


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  • oxygen:


    - the Judiciary in USA respects the law of the land whether it is statutory or common law.

    - Richard Nixon was impeached and left office in disgrace for Watergate despite all his other achievements

    - Bill Clinton was hounded by the Special Prosecutor until he had to half-confessed this – I never had “SEX” with “that woman” only pretending to be not in sexual relationship of she ‘BLOWING” him to estascy.

    and this

    Suddenly Gonad Trump is also staring down the barrel of impeachment.

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  • John:

    USA isn’t the only Ang Mo country. Why not compare Singapore to the other 50+ Ang Mo countries where trial without detention is illegal. It’s easy to look good if you compare yourself against the worst.

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  • John:

    USA isn’t the only Ang Mo country. Why not compare Singapore to the other 50+ Ang Mo countries where detention without trial is illegal. It’s easy to look good if you compare yourself against the worst.

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  • Can read or not?:

    Who does not know that? Who say USA represents Ang Mo countries? Russia also ang mo? The author should spend is investment return (if any) to travel outside Singapore…

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