Protest using art?

It seems like unconventional artistic approaches are gaining much media attention here in Singapore. From the removal of the art installation by SOTA that was done by a student, which bears the name of former teachers and the covering of a HDB staircase with gold foil, the actions of the government in response to these incidents have led to extensive media coverage.

Maybe, with the decreasing number of people attending events held at Hong Lim Park and the refusal of mainstream media to provide media coverage for protests against the government held at Hong Lim Park, these kinds of artwork can be an effective way to grab attention.

Any ideas on how we can use art to protest against the government?


Shawn Lee



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8 Responses to “Protest using art?”

  • Amos: 1 PAP: 0:

    Ask Amos. He might have some very good ideas.

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  • Sg huat ah!:

    It was about some art students planting some paper-mache aeroplanes onto the ground of their school? What did the airplanes stood for?

    An Artistic Way of giving the school management the “finger”? Creative isnt it? Wonder why the school took down the display?

    On the other hand, artistic creativity and innovation will find it difficult take to great heights in Singapore. With the PAP breathing down on sinkies’ necks for every little things, people should to be able to see the truth for themselves. Under the PAP > do this cannot, do that also cannot. Wait for another 50 years maybe for arts to take off big time! Maybe never!

    Take a look at China. Do try to refrain from the usual.. oooh..communist country ah…that is not the point. Look wider. Look at the arts in China. China now also exports to the world their own brand of hand-phones, cars, trains, huge massive infrastructure builders/businesses, blah blah blah. Call them copy cats or whatever, but to them it is inspiration!!! Can Sg do?

    Sinkies will regret to see just who will come out as the losers.

    What have Singapore under LKY and Lee Hsien Loong got to show the world for their leadership? Concrete garden of buildings after buildings, where core management and decision makers are foreigners. A recipe for doom for true blue sinkies.

    Sinkies by now know that China had snubbed LHL for his PAP-inbred-arrogance, by not inviting him to their silk-road-party in Beijing.

    Sinkies better start to worry that Lee Hiens Loong will now go on to make the next biggest mistakes in his political career by turning to and bending down for slippery “cannot-be-trusted” India. CECA lagi satu, once again!

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  • RDB:

    Dear Shawn Lee and One & All,

    The best and most effective way is to shaft the same shit poo out of their own shitty mouth back it theirs again and again! Via Social Media even when that’s our only avenue left. Coward in majority power will behave like those 24 & 08 gangsters of the era that they PAP shut down. And the modern form is a LeeGalised by some 70% as at GE2015 too! What an immoral country not yet a nation in unity lead by an a “gang” of immoral GaGmen as governors of our rights!

    But since everything has to come to an end, let theirs come soon enough. The problem with such politicians that they see no God bigger than themselves lor! As like actress Jodie Foster said, “I don’t believe in God as I can see no evidence that there is one” – A 101% materialistic one who can’t see that materials they love & behold didn’t come from nowhere? The blind leading the blind. Their judgement is imminent!

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  • CockWorshippers:

    The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri (かなまら祭り?, “Festival of the Steel Phallus”) is held each spring at the Kanayama Shrine (金山神社 Kanayama-jinja?) in Kawasaki, Japan.

    An iron phallus to break the bite of the demon. Afterall, you are multicultural society mah

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  • Get real:

    Here, everything oso cannot…
    They think its their grandfathers country !
    Singapore is not PAP, and PAP is Not Singapore.

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  • Oldcock:

    A śheer waste of money n time studying art such as playing music, learning dance and drawing in sota!

    Majority all went to study academic subjects after sota! This art school shd be closed down! It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money! Go look at the number of staff they have on their web page!

    It’s mind boggling! With school building sitting on prime district 9!

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  • 'unthinking' drones that canno:

    what artistic, creativity and innovation here in sinkie land ? white idiots want ‘managed & scripted’ creativity, arts and innovation (those to the liking of the white idiots lar).

    the white idiots want ‘unthinking’ drones that cannot outshine themselves so that they can protect (via 151th media) their own ‘talent’ (with stinging sound and glaring visibility) to those daft sinkies lar.

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  • tfvgybhuj:

    No matter what form of protest that you use, they can still arrest you if they don’t like anything.

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