Public Order Act undermines freedom of expression and assembly

Maruah would like to express its concern with the amendment to the Public Order Act.

We would like to emphasize the practicality of the new rules.

Hong Lim Park is a public place. We believe that organizers do not have the authority to exclude anyone from the park, even if they wanted to.

Are we arguably, being insincere in having a Speakers Corner – and yet making it practically impossible to fulfill the conditions because there is no way any organizer can prevent foreigners from being observers at Hong Lim Park.

Why change the regulations such that foreigners who could attend in the past as observers, will no longer be allowed to?

Why place such an unreasonable onerous burden (to comply with the law) on the organisers, to arguably, further undermine the rights to freedom of expression and assembly?

Leong Sze Hian
Tel: 96804908



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11 Responses to “Public Order Act undermines freedom of expression and assembly”

  • Dr Tan Tai Wei:

    If such a ruling truly exists, whoever suggested it must be stupid. Surely, a rule must be capable of being followed! How is any event held there to be guaranteed to prevent foreigners, any tourists or whoever, from coming in to sight see, etc.? Have people lined up hand-in-hand all around the boundaries of Hong Lim Park, asking for travel documents and passports, employment passes of PRs, etc., to ensure no “foreigners” attend? The effect will be that no event can be held, which would defeat the purpose of “Speakers’ Corner”, even if that had been only a further means of restricting freedom (if you have a view, express it, but only in a CORNER.)

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  • LIONS:

    MARUAH,first BE OUR VOICE FOR ‘RETURN OUR CPF’ money,then talk other things later?

    kam-sia,shei-shei,tor-sia,terima-kasih,thank you the very much!

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  • VTO2020:

    PAP is afraid of foreign press reporting on the facts, figures and photos of big attendance. They are so paranoid and yet, they are so backwards in terms of technology though they already banned foreigners participation in eSummit, eMeetings via the internet.

    VOT 2020.

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  • Amos: 1 PAP: 0:

    PAP “circling the wagons” after being trashed and humiliated by Amos in US court.

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  • mana boleh ini macham:

    how are the organizers going to tell which is the foreigner and which are the locals attending?
    from the last time we looked our sg is filled with a melting pot of different cultures and races..
    .many are new citizens, Prs and a whole lot of visitors too.
    so how to pick out who is the ‘odd man out?
    are the authorities going to station a policemen outside to scan each n everyone’s IDs?
    siaow or what? or nothing else to do..
    very free izzit?

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  • Disgusted!:

    Of course the condition cant be fulfilled.
    The whole idea is to completely stop protest
    gatherings at the Corner. This even though
    there are few protests, which are poorly
    attended. AND even though it contradicts
    the PM saying Speak up. Don’t be yes-men.

    This what happens when you have the army
    in charge, a govt Filled with fear and pple
    without the guts to stand up and fight it.
    Expect things to get even worse…. This
    place once had alot of promise. Not any more!

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  • Oldcock:

    Balek make one new park! Can

    Maybe inside the Palace……open field with big gates n police guards!

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  • No Balls:

    Because the PAP leaders have no balls. Now see how China smacked them in the face and make them look like dead cockroaches. What a shame!

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  • PAP destroy Sg Nation wo qualm:

    Waste of time to reason with political Frauds and dictators the very description of which is who are they responsible to, and who the fiack they hack care impossible or not.

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  • KongHeeHee:

    It is alignment of interests. If you are not aligned, you are out of line. Don’t rock the boat even if it is sinking. The rich still want to party in church.

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  • C'est la vie:

    The fact that we are in 2017, and despite being a first world, fastest internet speed, highest degree of literacy in Asia, many top, top Universities and run all of this lot alongside Hong Lim Park and what it represents, and one will have a notion at just how far behind or rather left behind Singapore truly is, in the “real” world of democracy and all the inherent rights that it naturally and justifiably, comes with !!!

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