Even foreign employment agencies are preferred over local agencies?

I refer to the article “2nd foreign agency starts work to help PMETs in job search” (Straits Times, Jun 13).

The states that Maximus Asia is the second foreign job-placement agency appointed by the Government under a two-year pilot scheme. The first agency, Ingeus, started operations in April.

When asked how many job seekers Ingeus has taken on and how many have found jobs, the Workforce Singapore (WSG) said: “We will not be giving an update on Ingeus at this point in time” – why are there no statistics as to how many of the jobs in the National Jobs Bank actually went to Singaporeans, and how many of the PMET job seekers managed to find jobs?

In this connection, according to the Department of Statistics’ Monthly Digest of Statistics – the job placement rate to new job registrants (all workers including PMETs) was 39.9 per cent in March 2017, compared to 53.6 per cent in March last year.

With regard to “It declined to disclose how much it is paying Maximus Asia and Ingeus, citing “contractual agreements”. It had said previously that the providers will be paid based on actual placements made.

Maximus Asia has 14 staff in total, of whom 12 are local” – how many of the local staff are Singaporeans?

In respect of “Checks found that its Singapore subsidiary Maximus Asia, registered in March, has a paid-up capital of just $1.

The subsidiary has four directors: two Americans, an Australian and a Singaporean, Ms Noor Hasna Jani, who is also director of almost 900 firms here, about half of which have either been struck off or deregistered.

Maximus has been embroiled in several controversies overseas. The Guardian newspaper reported last year that British government auditors found that it failed to meet the targets of a national assessment scheme for disability payments that it was contracted to do, despite escalating costs.

In 2007, the firm paid US$30.5 million to settle a federal fraud lawsuit in the US.

When asked, WSG said it picked Maximus because of its “established track record” and “proven commitment”.

On the firm’s history and $1 structure, the WSG said that they were “factored into the consideration… but did not affect the ultimate outcome”” – what kind of message are we sending to Singaporean workers – that foreign employment agencies are preferred over local ones?

This may be akin to adding insult to injury – given all the unhappiness about discrimination against Singaporeans in jobs.

Also, with all the news about dubious qualifications and credentials of foreigners – we end up choosing one (out of the thousands in the world) – which “paid US$30.5 million to settle a federal fraud lawsuit” and “British government auditors found that it failed to meet the targets of a national assessment scheme for disability payments that it was contracted to do, despite escalating costs”!


Leong Sze Hian




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8 Responses to “Even foreign employment agencies are preferred over local agencies?”

  • No more Clean:

    Ya even govt cleaning contractors employs FTs.

    My good friend lives in Kovan Area and the place used to be kept clean.
    But,nowadays,he sees automated cleaning vehicles driving around the estate but do not clean up the debris and litters along the road.
    Instead,they drive speedily and carry the litter scatterring them all over the place.
    The vehicles seem to belong to a company called CTM.

    Wonder if others observe that Sg is no more clean.
    FtS come here to take our jobs and litter our once beautiful country.
    Residents have feedback to the NEA and tge CTM company but their workers are still not seen to do their jobs honestly.

    No wonder even AMK got rats running around.
    I live in AMK.
    It is also not as clean as before.
    Why is NEA closing both eyes allowing contractors to take fat fees and wasting taxpayer money?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Will there be a Ministerial Committee to investigate into this?

    Like a Minister in the cabinet suddenly woke up one morning thought of having a committee to solve a family problem in 38 Oxley Rise, without the knowledge of the Prime Minister, who has recused himself from the Committee finding.

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  • Iconoclast:

    70% of Sporeans already sealed their own fates, and the other 30% as well, when they voted this useless govt back in. Even after the govt decided to go ahead with the population white paper despite everything from trains to lifts breaking down, they still happily vote themselves into oblivion, drinking the govt’s lies.

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  • Bapak:

    I really don’t know what to say. One house is more important than your jobs!

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  • opposition dude:

    Paid up capital of just $1 eh?

    Maximus Asia wouldn’t be another AIM in disguise now could it?

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  • AnT:

    This scam is often used by unethical Taiwan and China businesses to cheat their partners: 五鬼搬运.

    Basically it just means siphoning the monies from the business partnership or a well funded organization into another company that appears only to be providing the sought service or goods when in fact, the operations are often shady or sullied and geared towards loss making and ultimately its bankruptcy.

    Usually the cheating party has already installed a proxy in the scam company to receive the funds and quickly divert it to another account for safekeeping.

    This is also how the corrupt and crooked officials in dictatorial regimes are able to legally dispense the countries reserves and coffers into their own foreign accounts and enjoy them especially when they have already made exit plans and doom the succeeding individuals helming the next government.

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  • Sinkis LOVE kelong:


    PAP worshippers !!!

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  • singaporeaheseng:

    Bloody shit, giving a contract to an angmo company. Unemployment is high in other countries, and I bet the $1 company will bring in their kind.

    Bloody traitors pap. Shame on you for not making Singaporeans first in jobs. Don’t you know the angmo are bullying our people ?

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