DPM Teo also did not want to demolish LKY’s house

DPM Teo Chee Hean (Photo: Foto: Marc Darchinger D34D0734)

I refer to  CNA article, “I’ve not thought about what lies beyond demolition: Lee Hsien Yang on Lee Kuan Yew’s Oxley home”.

CNA has continued to assist PAP by publishing an increasing amount of information to complicate a simple wish of LKY: demolish his house after his death.

Singaporeans are already aware that PM Lee has no intention of demolition as he intends to continue milking maximum political mileage from his father’s house.

The CNA article has also confirmed that even PM Lee’s deputy Teo Chee Hean shares his view in not demolishing 38 Oxley Road, against LKY’s wish.

DPM Teo: “For instance, they know that I would personally not support the options at either end of the range: At one end, preserving the house as it is….; and at the other, demolishing the house and putting the property on the market for new private residences “.

Does Teo own the house? Can he just suka suka override LKY’s wish?

A survey has already confirmed that 77% support demolition vs 17% who don’t.  So whose interests are Teo trying to protect?  Is this a government working for the people or screwing the people?

PM Lee and DPM Teo do not want to demolish 38 Oxley Road and their views were already  made known to their subordinates.  The ministerial committee – comprising members who are their subordinates – was formed to suggest options and ensure LKY’s wish remains … wishful thinking.

It is therefore logical to conclude that the formation of a ministerial committee was to ensure demolition was no go and further PM Lee’s personal agenda.


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.




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20 Responses to “DPM Teo also did not want to demolish LKY’s house”

  • oxygen:

    DIDN’T HE SAID ALSO THAT THE GOVT GOT TO INTERVENE on the issue of demolition alleging that the 7th Will is faulty?

    Has the court of law already determine via a judgement outcome that the last WILL of PAST TENSE is indeed ruled as faulty?

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  • opposition dude:

    We already know what the committee was for the moment it was revealed, it’s just goondu Loong still trying to wayang by saying other options are to be considered when none of it is needed in the first place.

    If the committee is so powderful that the will is not carried out who is to say this same tactic would not be employed in future?

    Like that make will for fish, might as well let the government do whatever it wants lagi better.

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  • Titiana Ann Xavier:

    DPM Teo is next in line to succeed PM Lee. He needs that House to get additional political clout. Without it, he has nothing to leverage on. Lacking charisma, he does not exude any leadership quality and will be unable to galvanize the nation when a crisis strikes. For selfish reasons, he must be begging his boss to give him a life-line.

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  • Amos humiliate L*L and PAP:

    Here is what Singaporeans can do. If PAP does not demolish LKY’s house then Singaporeans should just “demolish” PAP at the next GE to show they respect LKY last wish.

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  • Bapak:

    He already decided against demolishing so why still need to wayang with the committee?

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  • rukidding:

    Ever since the “select committee” ( I say again ha,…the word select ) ,”pushed at lighting speed” and finally got the “proposal approved”…..everybody inside the Cabinet..”Tio Beh Pio” ( strike 4 D )

    That is where it all begun…..

    You can “see and even feel it” that many Ministers and MPs have “begun to change in their attitude and responsibility and how they “fight” to keep their seats “secured”.( despite glaring and grave mistakes occuring ). Nobody was “willing” to “accept any responsibility for mistakes that had happen”…instead is “plain silly excuses”.

    Looks like “an addiction or some kind of virus” was “introduced”

    Looking back….the most “steady, honest and upright” MP seems to be Inderjit Singh. ( from PAP ).

    I would give my second “salute” to Admiral LUI too !

    The rest…you , people decide .

    Yes,…he “quit” and “separate” himself from the “fakes” !

    Kudos to him !

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  • billyma:

    You can bet everything that every PAP minister & MP will fully support their big boss.

    Even to is no exception.
    These PAP dudes are only interested & care about their very own future & career & even the future of their children.

    Everybody knows that if you’re obedient (nit loyalty) , you’ll have bring & get very rich future.
    This is all every PAP minister & MP care about.

    It’s all a big circus with Singaporeans as clowns.

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  • oxygen:

    ISN’T THE USE OF CABINET SUB-COMMITTEE TO CHANGE or otherwise determine the legal status of private property such as 38 Oxley Road amounts to corruption and abuse of state organ in oppression against the interest of its rightful owner?

    THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT LHY ALLEGES of abuse of power by resort to leverage on instrumentalities of organs of Government – OUTSIDE THE RULE OF LAW.

    It is like the PAPpys suddenly decided that CPF is not your money and that becomes law without going through Parliament vote to agree to it? PAPpys, in so doing, is bypassing even the courtroom. And the PROSTITUTES in the famous sponsored mental institution pretended drunkardness of no awareness when power, money and law is stolen under the panties of peasants!!

    CHANGING LAW AND REGULATIONS without going through Parliamentary process is the easiest way in which private property and financial assets is stolen by the State or Government.

    THE EXECUTIVE AND ITS BRANCHES (read organs) DO NOT MAKE LAWS – laws are either enacted through Parliament (called statutory law) or via precedents (also called case law or common law) in the courtroom. Even Ah Tiong land makes its own tribal law going through its rubber stamp Parliament. Is sinkieland making law through POO YI reincarnated and/or remote control Enpress Dowager?

    If Executive makes law by-passing Parliament and court, then it is NOT parliamentary democracy anymore. It is similar to rule by decree or edict – NO DIFFERENT FROM THE FEUDAL RULE OF ANCIENT CHINESE EMPEROR which ended in the shame of POO YI as its LAST EMPEROR.

    And if it to be ruled like feudal China, why bother with the farce and hypocrisy of election and this political fart of “for you, with you and for Sinkieland” when the reality is “for me and I am the dictatorial Emperor”

    The rest of the world must now be laughing that Sinkieland is still residing in the era of the Emperor with no clothes while at the same time, shouting (read farting) moral value of rule of law in international forum on subject-matter like the need to obey law in conduct in international relations in the as relevantly pertinent in the South China Sea.

    It is lawlessness preaching the virtue and sanctity of law! Sinkieland will be despised as pariah of hypocrites of stupid boy shouting non-existent wolves coming at him. Soon the rest of the world will get tired of us, our standing and assessed status built over 50 years will vaporize into negative contempt.


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  • Abuse of office:

    LKY’s dying wish, available in print and video record, is clearly expressed for the house at 38 Oxley Road to be demolished. And to be doubly sure, LKY instructed that the demolish paragraph in his last will and testament to be publicly available. Hey, even if he wanted his last meal to be mee-siam-mai-hum, who dares to deny his last request? We are talking about the founding father, the one who built Singapore from a fishing village to a metropolis. So who is this big nose DPM Teo to suggest anything else? But big nose reports to the d**honourable son, Lee Hsien Loong (who signs off his pay check). And now the whole bloody parliament is called up to join in the chorus. With Law Minister and AG in his pocket, this wicked man is capable of charging his own brother and sister with sedition, a crime against the state. See how abuse of the organs of state works?

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  • oxygen:

    THE MORE THE PAPpy monkey attempts to fan out the prairie fire by deception, the bigger it grows the towering flame engulfing themselves.

    HOW CAN THEY BE SO DELUSIONAL OF THIS VILE LOGIC – parliamentary/cabinet committees is no secret, it has been going on for a long long time – pretending or maybe even confessing that the Executive actually have been CORRUPTING THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS by inventing its own decree and edict and ruling by such illegality?

    It reminds me of PAST TENSE famous saying – love making the first time is very hard but with practices it becomes perfect. So ruling by internal edict and decree emanating from the Executive and its organ – outside the Parliament and judicial process, LEGITIMIZE the illegality BY CONSISTENT REPEAT OF ILLEGALITY?

    In other words, repeated corruption legalize corruption such us use of state organs to pursue private agenda – not dissimilar to funding to PA to fund the political agenda of own political party?


    Who says the allegations of LHY & LWL are still false? I have compelling apprehension that the public mind thinks this is EXACTLY WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON AND CONFESSED TO HAVE BEEN TAKING PLACE now under challenged by two high-profile private citizens from within the first family!

    Corruption cannot be legitimize by even MORE CORRUPTION!!

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  • billyma:

    When old man just kicking & alive, did any great & mighty PAP ministers shout out aloud that they don’t agree to the tearing down of old man Lee old house?
    Of course none.

    Now that old man Lee is dust to dust, every PAP minister suddenly got a lot of disagreement the to the demolition.

    The timing to these self – righteous PAP ministers is no surprise really.
    To these PAP ministers, they follow the way the wind blow.
    This is what makes these PAP ministers good.

    Of course lhl is happy with such support. Anyway the carrots that moved these PAP ministers don’t come from his own pocket.

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  • own-time-own-target-carry-on:

    //THE MORE THE PAPpy monkey attempts to fan out the prairie fire by deception, the bigger it grows the towering flame engulfing themselves.//

    aiyoh. very surprised that the white idiotic gang are still trying to throw wayang (taking digs at the pair) in this matter – perhaps inadvertently “provoking them” & forgetting that the bro-sis tag team has cache of “bullets” (full of juicy information) which they may fire slowly at their own-time-own-target-carry-on.

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  • oxygen:

    @ own-time-own-target-carry-on:


    own-time-own-target-carry-on: aiyoh. very surprised that the white idiotic gang are still trying to throw wayang (taking digs at the pair) in this matter – perhaps inadvertently “provoking them” & forgetting that the bro-sis tag team has cache of “bullets” (full of juicy information) which they may fire slowly at their own-time-own-target-carry-on.

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  • secret = no secret:

    //“For instance, they know that I would personally not support the options at either end of the range: At one end, preserving the house as it is….; and at the other, demolishing the house and putting the property on the market for new private residences “.//

    aiyoh. don’t waste public resources (paid for by taxpayers) to kaypoh over some matter which is “private” right and try to tell plenty of mummy stories when “secret is discovered as not secret anymore”.

    white idiots and gang do possess plenty of bs.

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    The Art of Screwing & Backstabbing is in the BLOOD even among sio-poo-chin

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  • N.Jungne:

    The Art of Screwing & Backstabbing is in the BLOOD even among sio-poo-chin

    Response: aiyoh setting bad example and lying some more.

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  • Simple Question for DPM...:

    Who appointed the Committee?

    You made yourself Chairman of the Committee?

    You need to consult anyone on your Committee’s decision?

    Who is the one with the final say?

    Is it not obvious?

    Frankly, if there is no motive, then why form the Committee?

    Singaporeans not stupid these days, we have ‘grown up’ a little.

    Come GE2020, we will be able to vote wisely too!

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  • Monyet Hitam:

    God’s sake, can’t manage family’s matters, can he hold the fort and manage Singapore? Mr LKY has chosen the wrong heir?
    May as well make way to someone who’s not Lee related, like Tharman.

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    If DPM is not in favour of demolishing the house, WHY DID HE NOT TELL LKY when LKY publicly told of his wish to demolish it in 2011. Anyway, if in future his house is being taken from him, how will react. Please remember, from today onwards, the house is no more a “heritage” but a reminder to all about a ‘UNFILIAL” child.

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  • Documentary on Ministers' Home:

    CNA should do a documentary of the homes of our Ministers.

    Singaporeans want to decide which home should be keep for heritage purpose.

    So do not bequest your home to your children or grandchildren, the Govt of the Day decides..

    Wonder if the State is interested in keeping our HDB flats as heritage too?

    Don’t forget, Sungei Road Thieves Market more than 80 years, still have to go on 10 July 2017!

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