LTA: ‘erroneous and misleading’ report by Straits Times

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has issued a statement today (4th July), dismissing a report by State Media Straits Times (ST) as “erroneous” and “misleading”.

ST had reported that two LRTs had collided along the Sengkang line last night, causing commuters to fall down from the impact. Although nobody suffered serious injuries, the incident still affected passengers as they were stranded between stations for 15 minutes with both lights and air conditioner malfunctioning.

In the statement released on its Facebook page, both LTA and SBS Transit said that there was in fact no collision and the report by ST is “erroneous and misleading”.

LTA and SBS Transit Ltd would like to clarify that the article is erroneous and misleading, as there was no collision on the Sengkang LRT system.

The incident last evening involved a coupled two-car train which had stalled in between the Sengkang Town Centre and Renjong Stations. The two Light Rail Vehicles were travelling as one train on the system.

The sudden stalling may have caused some passengers who were not holding onto the standing poles/grab bars to lose their balance, and may have given the wrong impression that the trailing train-car had hit the one in front. SBS Transit staff subsequently reset the fault and manually drove the coupled train to Renjong Station to detrain passengers safely.

The article has since been removed.



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4 Responses to “LTA: ‘erroneous and misleading’ report by Straits Times”

  • Evil Tyrant and PAP Terror:


    Another … abusive of power … to confuse the public !!!


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  • we do not trust pap parleement:

    The incident last evening involved a coupled two-car train …

    come on lah.

    coupled does not mean cannot collide.

    when front train and back train stop at different timing, collide one.

    so where got error?

    LTA nobody knows what is happening is it?

    Looks like pap is starting to fail, since all useless ex generals nowhere to go are sent to SMRT sent to LTA and such.

    First NOL failed, then becomes no more. Next is AStar. Next is LTA. Next is SMRT. Next is wherever there is an ex general.

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  • Amos humiliate L*L and PAP:

    Straits Times must be “practicing”. It has to print a lot more “erroneous and misleading” articles on the Lee family saga.

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  • Samuel S:

    Now our Law Minister is coming close to shut down The Straits Times as she continues to publish fake news.

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