Workers’ Party questions in Pailiamentary sessions addressing famiLEE feud

The following is a quick summary of Workers Party’s questions in the Parliamentary sessions setup to ‘shed light’ on the famiLEE feud, in case anyone is still left scratching their heads after the 2 days of wayang.

Low Thia Kiang

• Shanmugam – possible conflict of interest – close friend of the family’s and was involved in giving personal advice relating to LKY regarding the House, but now is in the Ministerial Committee which is looking at issue of the House.

• AG Lucien Wong –perceived nepotism – was LHL’s personal lawyer then strongly endorsed by LHL for position of AG.

• Ministers are distracted from fixing economical, infrastructural and social problems of the country, and instead drawn into the family dispute.

• Questioned the need of a ministerial committee to consider options for the house when the government has the power under law to decide as TCH said.

• Suggested the correct platform to settle this private dispute is in the court.

• Suggested the issue is not conclusive nor convincing after 2 days’ parliament sitting since no investigation isdone, with ownself defend ownself through statements.

• Reminded Parliament GCT sued WP Tang Liang Hong just for making a police report. Double standard.

Sylvia Lim

• It is a concern for every Singaporean that the current Attorney-General (AG), Lucien Wong, used to be Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s personal lawyer. Singaporeans should defend the independence of our organs of state.

• Has the Prime Ministers, AG and other Ministers exercised their powers properly in handling matters touching on the Lee estate? How is the rule of law protected in Singapore?

Png Eng Huat

• The relationships between PM Lee and the AG should be publicly disclosed in the name of transparency. Ask the PM why the public disclosure of this relationship with the AG is not necessary.

• Safeguards should be put in place to prevent family members of ministers and political appointees from abusing their position of influence in their engagement with the civil service.

• Raised issue of possible influence on the government and civil service from PM’s wife, Ho Ching.

• Also intimated that the fate of 38 Oxley Road should lie with the Lee family, and not the PAP government. He questioned why ministers are taking sides in a private dispute on a house that is still legally in the hands of a private individual.

• He further added that statements made by ministers on social media suggest the government is tending towards preserving the house, in part or whole, as a political heritage. He said it was clear to him it was a political party that was founded in the basement dining room of the house, and not modern Singapore.

Pritam Singh

• Singaporeans have been sued for much less, so PM Lee should rebut the allegations of abuse of power in court to decisively settle the issue.

• It is not clear there are no improprieties in the current matter. Pritam suggests Parliament organise a special select committee to look into the allegations if PM is of the view not to clear his name in the courts.

Leon Perera

• Such a committee as suggested by Pritam could also implement systemic changes to curtail the ability of future office holders to abuse powers. The committee should have non-PAP MPs on the team.

• Recognised the matter of the house was not like others because deference needs to be shown to the late LKY, but questioned the composition of the Ministerial Committee set up by DPM Teo Chee Hean, and why was it not transparent, and the committee reports to the person who is personally tied to this matter. Why the committee focused primarily on revisiting the wishes of the late LKY as expressed in his last will. The platform to challenge the will should be in court.
In fact, there is little evidence to show the committee has been done in respect of heritage, public opinion etc.

• Suggested televised hearings on issues of abuse of power, or some other form of public, interrogative fact-finding with accusers present, to conclusively put this matter to rest.



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10 Responses to “Workers’ Party questions in Pailiamentary sessions addressing famiLEE feud”

  • Amos humiliate L*L and PAP:

    What LHL did in Parliament over the last 2 days was like asking US serial killer Ted Bundy to decide if there was enough evidence to charge him with murder. He even acted as his own lawyer during his trial. (Ted Bundy killed over 30 people and was executed in Florida in 1989.)

    For sure, LHL and PAP do not pass the “smell test”. Next GE Singaporeans need to get rid of the garbage.

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  • Basement:

    There’s a secret tunnel running through Istana, this is what I remember, built around late 70′s early 80′s all the workman are from communist country.

    GD Star Rating
  • LIONS:

    if DR CHEE were to ? lee ah long,his pants sure drop.

    GD Star Rating
  • Ah Fah:

    With so many pieces of crucial information revealed by LHY and LWL, the WP doesn’t even know how to question the Prime Minister in this session and yet it thinks a special select committee will help. Serious or not?

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  • Singaporean migrated to USA:

    Imagine Low Thia Kiang’s half brother from China alleged that LTK is fraud and abuse his power!!

    Can LTK call few parliamentary sessions then cry father, cry mother prove he isn’t?
    Wouldn’t that be abuse of the house called parliament?
    You should thank me for LTK’s half brother idea…lol

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  • Nizhemoshou:

    Not fair to the siblings if the accused can use papliament to unilaterally exonerate himself as innocent at their expense.

    The siblings would not have cried out to public if they had not felt threatened n harassed by the accused abusing his power n position as pm to fix them jus bcos they dont see eye to eye with him over the fate of oxy hse.

    As LWL has put it, if the accused can do this to his own siblings, what more for ordinary SGs. This is something Sgs should know s

    Therefore its in SGs own interest to tell the accused his one-sided presentation in papliament is not acceptable, it is itself another abuse of power n position on his part. Only if he is cleared in fair trial in court or in open INQuiry with his siblings, will Sgs believe he n his wife are innocent. Else he mus step down. Hence, SGs mus keep up THIS CLAMOUR N NOT LET THE MATTER PASSED jus like that.

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  • Jman:

    I find LHY and LWL allegations ridiculous in the first place, and from the very first day till now. What I find even more ridiculous are these allegations by Singaporeans and the opposition party.

    What kind of alternative solution would be distant and detached enough? Since many of the upper echelons in Singapore know each other through formal and/or informal networks, why not then cast the net to the other end of the planet and pluck people off the streets and have them as final arbiters of all these? Would that satisfy the brickbats?

    The more it is discussed the more absurd it becomes.

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  • 露剑不平:

    很臭 很臭! 越搅越大桶。。。。屎

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  • Well done WP!:

    A good performance indeed!

    Your ‘jibes and punches’ though not hard- hitting, delivered the ‘desired outcome’!

    CSM could have certainly done much better!

    Overall, Singaporeans are impressed!

    GD Star Rating
  • 69:

    We local born pmet deprived “decent job decent pay decent education”do not understand why as the whip is not lifted at their end,question shd b demanded answer are:

    1)cPeeF not people money
    2)low wages
    3)cb free scoreSHIT without havesting
    4) $0 hDIGbig @99..etc

    Pls go cb spider in KARMA palace

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