Did SMRT CEO Trains say ‘Disruptions are planned’?

But first what SMRT really means when it says “no choice”.

SMRT Trains’ CEO Lee Ling Wee said on Monday (Jul 10) “no choice leh”

SMRT had to test the new system throughout the day because it was being added to an already operational MRT line and would take “years” if it were only tested at times of the day which were less busy.

“If we were to restrict the performance checks to only weekends, or engineering hours (i.e. 1.30AM – 4.30AM), it would take Singapore years to implement the new signalling system on the NSEWL,” he said.

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/no-choice-but-to-test-mrt-signalling-system-throughout-the-day-9019020

What I think he’s mealy-mouthing is that SMRT’s staff don’t really know how the new signaling system will operate with the existing system in peak and normal hours, so they got to put it in when traffic conditions are normal, pray hard and debug when things go wrong..

This is the giveaway me thinks:

“The system hardware and software we have are customised for the unique local environment,” he said. “While the system supplier had experience working with other operators in the world, they are unable to simply replicate the well-oiled systems of Taipei, Hong Kong and London, and import those here.”

I think he says the disruptions* are planned going because

Unlike with the Circle Line incident last year – when SMRT had to conduct extensive tests to find out what was causing intermittent signalling issues in September and November – Mr Lee said that a “planned” approach was being used this time.

“This is unlike the Circle Line incident in 2016 when we dealt with unknown unknowns,” he said. “We are adopting a planned, systematic approach …

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/no-choice-but-to-test-mrt-signalling-system-throughout-the-day-9019020

Hey Desmond, get off yr ass and stop looking at yr bank statement, because in the 1990s

The renowned American military strategist, Edward Luttwak said that the only good thing about Singapore was that “the trains run on time”. (From the standpoint of 2017, that now seems like a funny remark, given the relative regular incidence of train delays on the MRT.)

Derek da Cunha on FB recently

I mean military men are supposed to make sure that the trains run on time. Taz why in the 19th century many US generals ended up running railway companies. Even a tin-pot dictator, Mussolini, is reputed to have made Italian trains run on time.

But u seem to be different. Because u scholar and SAF general isit? Everything is “paper” only?


*The NSEWL has experienced multiple disruptions over the signalling system test period, with commuters taking to social media to voice their frustration. At the end of June, train services on the North-South Line were halted for nearly two hours due to a signalling fault. Part of the East-West Line was also disrupted.


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16 Responses to “Did SMRT CEO Trains say ‘Disruptions are planned’?”

  • A peek at KBW's facebook:

    Every time there is a train breakdown, I take the trouble to have a look at KBW’s facebook postings, not a word of the breakdown, no apologizes, this is a great contest to his predecessor LTY. Both KBW DK and the new LTA chief have not uttered a word on the so frequent breakdowns lately! How to improve on productivity when trains breakdown so often, making so thousands of office workers late for work , who is supposed to pay for the businesses loses whenever train disruptions occur! SMRT has said the signaling test will take months and disruptions are expected every now and then. The year end important exams such as the N levels, O levels and A levels are going to take place, wonder how many students will be affected, these affected students and their parents must be worrying sick?
    A high powered committed made up of high ranking ministers was convened to look at the Oxley house demolition which would only take place decades later, why no ministerial committee for the train breakdowns,which cause so much inconvenience to hundreds of commuters and incur heavy losses to businesses, and worst of all, damaged the reputation of SG! This is the so called first class transport system? Is Ng Chee Meng will still announce that train services have improved?
    One thing for sure people like KBW. NCM, DK,LTA chief will still be getting millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses, this is the type of so called meritocracy practised here, no blame no name no accountability, no responsibility, just have to bear with it, but for how long. We have the highest paid ministers and PM in the world. During LKY’s time those named above would not be there , still collecting their millions for not doing anything! Meanwhile, commuters have to pray, train breakdowns do not occur when they are onboard!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    What were they saying “Fail to Plan” or “Plan to Fail”?. When it comes from our paper General; I am really worry about our defence.

    Don’t forget to meet in Hong Lim Park Saturday (15/7/2017) 4:00pm, we will have more of that.

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  • Harakiri, when?:

    Many wonder when KBW will commit Harakiri, the same he has prescribed for WP MPs! The ministers are paid the highest salaries in the world, surely they must also be brave to come forward and hold themselves to account if they can’t solve the problems under their charge! The honourable thing for people like KBW and DK is to volunteer to resign so that more capable people can take over and end the problem.Train operators like those in HK, Taiwan And UK must be laughing at us, their Chiefs’ salaries are nowhere near their SG counterparts, yet the are able to run thier train systems smoothly.

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  • rukidding:

    he forgot how to “activate” Operational NS men and ctive NSmen to help test system out in the weehours of the night ???

    Must “tikam , tikam” and “frustrate” commercial working humans during normal office hour meh ?

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  • conu eat shit:

    Lee Kayu you are only gone for two years and what you and your generation took 50 years to built is already crumpling. You used to boost that if anything happens to Singapore you will wake up from your grave.I am sure that you are soooooo ashamed of you GOONDU son that you dare not show your face.

    Train break down nearly every day he do not care,people loosing jobs he do not care.Lifts break down and injury people he do not care.Tomb of sick loosing billions he do not care.He only cares for his FAT PAY PACKET AND HOLDING ONTO POWER.He is a curse on Singapore hope he goes off soon so we can have holidays.

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  • I want sperm whale:

    One BOLEH Kia made the excuse that because Hong Kong train also have disruptions, it’s similar to sg train.

    But bear in mind, HK gubbermen not paid world record wor.

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  • opposition dude:

    The so called “planned” approach this time seems to look more and more like somehing that is unplanned. But at the end of the day SMRT management and PAP aren’t the ones paying the price so as far as they are concerned the system can come to a complete standstill for eternity.

    All these years of disruptions just goes to show how bad the government’s planning is. Even with all the improvements made to the system there is no end to the disruptions. All just keeping quiet and pretending not to hear anything when commuters recommend a pay cut for top management of ASSMRT. Typical.

    Let’s see if this testing still goes on during an election period ah ha ha ha ha.

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  • C'est la vie:

    “They” can say whatever they like, in whatever language, and it will never take away the fact that there is an entire bunch of incompetent buffoons running SMRT.

    One can throw more money their way, more technology, more new equipment; and the end result will still be the same. Buffoons don’t know the first thing about trains !!!

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  • N.Jungne:

    KBW has just emerged from his RETREAT. He may finally see butterfly of Chu Yingtai.

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  • LIONS:

    This bloke is not telling a LIE.
    he is indirectly telling the *truth*.
    Since SMRT cannot be world’s BEST in the good sense,its overpaid management needs to make sure they BREAK SOME KIND OF RECORDS like being TOPS FOR BREAK DOWNS???
    this is at least some kind of *TOP RANKING*?

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  • RDB:

    To One & All and,

    @NotMyProblem: July 13, 2017 at 7:32 pm (Quote)

    What were they saying “Fail to Plan” or “Plan to Fail”?. When it comes from our paper General; I am really worry about our defence.

    Don’t forget to meet in Hong Lim Park Saturday (15/7/2017) 4:00pm, we will have more of that.
    Rating: +18 (from 22 votes)

    It is actually an old old wisdom of them with someone’s wiFee who put Saw Pheck Hwa as SMRT CEo for 10 years that made this true of Sg’s SMRT system as:

    “When you have failed to plan, you have planned to fail”!!!


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  • Ex paper. Generals , our woes:

    Every year they churn out so many paper army generals, paper rear admirals, paper Air Force Chiefs, and where did the G put them? Of course the private sectors will not want them, what experience they have to earn millions of dollars, in the military the huge sums of money come from tax payers who cares? The same with our ministers, they told us that they have the. Best brains in the country to solve our problems, far sighted, that they can earn more if they were in the private sectors, and now with the trian breaking down everyday,poor economy., high cost of everything from housing transport, education to cost of living, the G has no idea how to reveve the economy except to increase water charges, electricity charges, car park, rentals,to meet the expenses which is not the right time considering many have lost their jobs through retrenchments and foreigner influx.
    The paper generals have never fight a day in wars and no experience in business and governance. The private sectors would not take them so the only place for them is the civil service or govt link companies! You can see for yourself how ex paper generals performed in the past both in GLCs and civil service:- notably among the :- NG Yat Ting, Eesmons Kuek, Liu Tak Yew, Ex LTA chief Chew ML and you see so many ex generals as ministers running the various ministriesCCS, TCJ NCM, TCH,Lim HK ……. And countless directors , perm secs in the various civil service.Notable among the serious failures are Ng YT running collapsed NOL. DK no idea in solving the train breakdowns, LTY is now a ambassador!

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  • Neo:

    Can’t be help. The 70 agreed and enjoy the disruptions. They only say bo pian and LL. Pity the 30 got to suck thumb because of the smart 70. Thanks 70. We love you. Glad you enjoy the hard screw. More to come. Will make sure you CUM really really hard of EPIC Proportions.

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  • Bapak:

    Well, the Liang San Bo opened his stupid smelly mouth too big, too quick and too much when criticising WP. Now, karma is returning him a favour and he dares not harakiri himself because pay too good to go.

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  • Can We Shareholders Demand?:

    Sack the SMRT CEO!

    Late L*Y would have sacked him long ago?

    If the Gahment got no balls, we, the SHAREHOLDERS demand his sacking!

    Gahment can intervene?

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  • Y6(sick):

    Actually smrt signaling centre is picking
    Up double “train” line signal!at bz stns.

    1)actual train signal

    2)pessenger using smart phone wi fi signal along platform (movement)(length of
    Pessenger que same as a train length)more of a interfering signal so train need
    More time to pick up actual signal.

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