PAP MPs’ silence during famiLEE feud Parliamentary sessions

Even as the dust hasn’t quite settled for the 38 Oxley Rd issue and odors still persist after its premature closure with an uneasy ‘truce’, 1 pertinent question keeps glaring at the eyes of the electorate that is, how effective were the PAP MPs in taking their leaders to task and holding them accountable to residents?

We have since witnessed the slow but sure sweeping under the carpet of the rampant abuses, with NONE of the PAP MPs holding a dialogue on this all important issue to seek their constituents’ views and protect their interest from a rogue government. We have also seen first hand, how there are virtually no checks and balances with the PM being in full control of a well submissive Civil Service whose head is the DPM. Chee Hean’s own credibility has been called into question by Dr LWL and Mr LHY!

I’m also particularly disappointed in my Marine Parade MP Tin Pei Ling who has asked 0 question on this issue while our sole Eurasian ‘representative’ Chris de Souza wayang line of questioning yielded no results. The same is the case for once well-loved Dr Lily Neo whose silence is deafening!

38 Oxley Rd should serve as a wake up call of sorts for all Singaporeans, to the true nature and intent of the current PAP whose shelf live is nearing expiration and pave a new way forward with the shedding of some of them to make way for SDP-WP candidates.

Until 2020, we can only turn up full force to render our utmost support for this Saturday’s rally at Hong Lim Park!


Alison Pereira



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16 Responses to “PAP MPs’ silence during famiLEE feud Parliamentary sessions”

  • PAP is the Problem:

    PAPs power hold consists of 2 favorable elements PAP built up.

    One is SG is ONLY A SOCIETY bonded by blind racial harmony of 3 races (PAP NEVER NEVER talk of Pinoys, Myanmarese, Indian New citizens in our midst) which is CONSTANTLY used by PAP as DEVIL.

    BTW anyone know the what how and where of PAP creation of National Integration Council?

    Secondly, PAP SUCCESSFULLY used tax payers MONEY to buy over their MPs loyalty with Unanimous 70% donkey and monkey support and values.

    Singapore HAS NO TRUE NATIONALISTIC democracy values of dying for the country and uphold fellow citizens to speak of.

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  • Titiana Ann Xavier:

    Many PAP MPs adorned muzzles when they attended the 2-day Q&A sessions put up by PM Lee. Even those who were permitted to speak ingratiated themselves with PM Lee instead of grilling him about his abuse of power. The truth remained obscure. It was such an anti-climax that many were either flabbergasted or disgusted. Parliament House has become a House of Comedy with the PAP MPs acting as comedians.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    Please turn out in full force for Saturday’s protest. We need to show to the rulers that we can see through all the smoke screens they have put up and the show they constantly produce for our entertainment.

    Do not be afraid as the PAP will be on their last legs now. The whole gang should then be held accountable and be acquanted with the Government Guest House in Changi.

    The forthcoming EP will be reserved for minority as we all know. They are so confident that they will succeed that no appeals through the Courts will stop it. That is the overding force that they have–without any fear of riding short shift over the people’s wishes.

    The PAP is self serving and self-centred and this is becoming more and more apparent with each passing year. They are not really concerned about “serving the people”.

    Time to go to the protest and let them know–we are not dumb, deaf or blind. We know full well what is going on and those unanswered issues should be brought out to centre stage at the protest.

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  • 要李爸爸:

    Whip on or whip off, makes no different to most of the PAP MPs. But when comes to praising their boss, oh man that is a different case. They take turns to be counted, and that is uniquely PAP style, nothing new.

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  • N.Jungne:

    He was known to be brave and honorable by his Henchmen

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  • Babel:

    No politician is worthy or has integrity , doesn’t matter from which party, period. Even if you will find one, who has some semblance of honesty or integrity, he or she will not last in the system. Even a strongman like LKY will have to give up his ghost.

    We have no interest in pulling down a party politics to elevate another party politics who will reap millions at people’s expense(though the people are idiots too)

    Down with the House of wickedness! Enough of nonsense from political elites! You are all useless idiots once handed with power and of course…the wages of Sin

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  • Protest Against Power-abuser:

    There’s a video showing our pathetic PM at G20 dinner, sitting like a neglected lonely boy with no one bothering to talk to him.

    That video should have STFU from PAP PLP who have been boasting online that the famiLEE saga did not affect a single bit of PM’s reputation on the int’l political stage. If it did not, then he must have been a nobody (a far cry from his pa) all these years that he’s sg PM.

    Those ignorant and blind followers better wake up and smell the coffee before the whole sg come collapsing like the uncompleted PIE viaduct this morning.

    If singaporeans still refuse to turn up for the protest at HLP tomorrow, then better don’t kpkb-ing online anymore. Why wait until 2020 when by then everything that’s under the carpet would have been removed and forgotten?

    So, be at HLP tomorrow or shut up forever! Nobody would respect us if we just sit behind our computers and be keyboard warriors.

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  • Merobok:

    Ayah! We all know why 2 weeks ahead was the schedule as the PAP Mps have to seek approval on the questions they want to ask……and time for rehearsals so as not to anger the wrath of the Emperor!
    And of course, Woody Goh forgot to rehearse thus speaking way off track touching nothing except to ask opposition MPs what was their agenda.
    The Emperor had to practice several times under the guidance of Ho Ching.
    So, Parliament had to be the prosecutor, judge and executor and in the final act PM was exonerated with the shedding of a few tears!

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  • Pink Dot now is the time:

    If this Saturday turnout exceeds 25000. Pink Dot will win greater Singaporeans on their side. Let’s see how much they care for society than themselves. This Saturday will be the yardstick of how caring or how selfish the LGBTs community in Singapore are.

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  • 陈大婶:

    沉默是金 !

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  • Bapak:

    Don’t forget the Harakiri no wing no sound at all. He should call D1 to harakiri. So boastful CB mouth when comes to Opps. Now you know he is nothing but plp siamking.

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  • Japan has nice videos:

    It appears many opposition are only beginning to understand what kind of democracy sg has.

    I understood what it is long ago.

    I am not surprised at all by the MPs.

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  • Double Standard System:

    Singaporeans dun care about how little their MPs ask.
    This is because Singaporeans do not want any questions asked.
    So these are REPRESENTING their wishes.

    I hereby PROPHECISE that the Saturday Hong Lim protest will once again fail.

    At most 0.0000001% population will be bothered to attend.

    Or you can try to debunk me.

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  • Sinkies Deserve It:

    Almost $200K a year just to keep diam-diam and kuai-kuai in PaPailment!
    The naked emperor wants to look good… let him be.
    This kind of job, where to find?
    You must be joking… speak up for Sinkies!
    Iron rice bowl broken, how?
    Spouse keep nagging, how?

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  • BuyMeBakKutTeh:

    May the attendance at HL tomorrow be explosive!
    Make sure foreign press are there!
    Good luck and all the best Gilbert and all Sinkies!

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  • LIONS:

    If we watch bloomberg etc,we see how US OR UK LAWMAKERS conduct thenselves in parliament.

    In SIN INCORPORATION,the PAP MPs indeed behave like how executives behave.
    They crave for recognition n rewards.
    They go by the OFFICE RULES:
    RULE 1: THE BO$$ is always right.


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