Disgusting PAP Migrant Workers’ Centre praises PAP grassroots-linked company after their employees were killed and injured

I refer to CNA propaganda piece, “PIE work site accident: Investigation will focus on design, construction process, says MOM”.

The Independent has confirmed the construction company, OKP, is linked to PA grassroots, ie PAP supporters.

Although OKP had been previously blacklisted, it is not known if being a PAP supporter has its privileges.

Despite the accident having claimed one fatality and 10 others hospitalized, CNA did not disappoint its political master by slipping in some propaganda in the article.

MWC: “We are heartened by the employers’ readiness to rally behind their workers in this difficult time…” Isn’t this the responsibility of employers? Why state the obvious?

MWC had to put in some good words for PAP grassroots-linked companies because it is also PAP-affiliated: Chairman of MWC is former PAP MP Yeo Guat Kwang.

MWC is modelled after NGOs like HOME, ie the government decided to address foreign workers’ issues after years of neglect

Pretty disgusted with people like Yeo Guat Kwang and his organization praising PAP grassroots-linked employers after their employees were killed and injured.


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.




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8 Responses to “Disgusting PAP Migrant Workers’ Centre praises PAP grassroots-linked company after their employees were killed and injured”

  • more dangerous than cobra:

    Pretty disgusted with people like Yeo Guat Kwang and his organization praising PAP grassroots-linked employers after their employees were killed and injured.

    pap double standard lah.

    if Mr LHY and Dr LWL accuse in public, no sue sue but only discuss in parleement, and cry say papa said must take care of brother and sister and so no sue sue because good nama of papa and mama will be affected.

    if ngerng, han, and any such unconnected even mutter something obviously true but remotely accusing depending on which pap mouth is speaking, then, sue sue to maintain integrity.

    so pap grassloots connected folks no worries lah. national day medal besides, fine also small potato which can recover from next project easily by cutting corner. so happen this time the corner cut too much and collapsed quick quick. otherwise all pap grassloots happy happy when looking at bank accounts.

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  • LIONS:

    this and other INCIDENTS point to SERIOUS LACK OF DUE DILIGENCE BY GOVT AGENCIES and should not be further tolerated.

    construction companies with former and/or current ministers or MPs on their BOD SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO TENDER FOR PUBLIC PROJECTS as there will surely be some form of ‘influence’,NO MATTER HOW WE TRY TO SAY NOT.

    some of these former MPs/ministers apply pressure or use connections unethically.

    all this should be stopped!


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  • MarBowling:

    It’s NOT IF BUT WHEN KARMA will sooner or later catch up with that MF ex-PAP MP Yeo Lampar and the Or FAMILEE of that MF Contractor OKP. Heaven has eyes. 10 innocent workers are badly injured and 1 Kenna killed. Never say sorry, just felt sad that it shouldn’t have happen, but it has! No apology but just Wayang. WTF!

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  • rukidding:

    Watch out,….next in line to be “brought” to Public’s attention ( via karma’s way )….b will be Lee Beeb What ?… “strings” of “related” businesses.

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  • Change We Must:

    The last count of Yeo Guat Kwang directorship was more than 50, I don’t know how many he is holding now? All this PAP idiot knows that talking good about their master would land them with lots of wealth.

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    But 70% majority Stinkies voted for PAP….so no one to blame.

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  • 陈大婶:

    Philip Ang , 关你屁事啊 ? 党懂得怎做 。别做小人,又要做好人。

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  • GS:

    It is the height of cynicism to put a man of a 100 directorships in charge of the MWC. Who knows, he may be well intentioned, but we can say his affiliation must be with those who feed him ? The MWCs first impulse is to praise employers ? This is no natural disaster. They should be asking what happened.
    Singapore cannot continue to accept this sort of manipulation. If we do we will deserve all that’s happening in our country.

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